Friday, October 2, 2015

There Were Two..

1 October 2015 ~ Assalamualaikum, does my blog have readers still? Hehehe.. oh my.. how long has it been? My last posting was more than a year ago. Should I explain myself? Well for the sake of being 'perasan' that I still have some loyal followers ekekeke.. here we go.

I choose to keep my day job. Yes. I choose to ignore the strong urge to be a stay-at-home mommy to my now 14month-old baby. I just cannot let go of the routine of having to work my sweat out, facing seemingly teenager-turned-adult students day in day out, doing clerical jobs aside from my lecturing as the existing clerks have sworn to solely do the least they could so as to spend more time on FB, online shopping & gossiping, finding the best manicurist & the list goes on. I feel so inadequate as compared to them when it comes to the latest trend in fashion, gadgets,make-ups, you name it, they know it. Iklan. My bad.. hehehe..

I choose to put my love for baking on hold to concentrate on my baby.. "our adorable" as my hubby puts it. Oh my.. every time  I received emails for quotations or requests, I had to fight this strong urge to accept. Had to renung the framed photo of our baby. Not only due to time constraints but also, our baby is so incredibly active, gymnast-like agile around the house.

Blue black tu biasa lah. Berdebab jatuh on the floor, he'll just laugh it off. If he lets out a cry, that must be very painful then & deserves immediate attention. Otherwise, we choose to just let him explore freely. One of his fave items to play with, despite having a basket full of toys, is the oven. Hah! Imagine if mommy were to bake.. adeh! Dah lah my oven is like 5x bigger than him. Nauzubillah min zalik..

So that's another alasan I could think of off the top of my head. Valid kan?? Hehehe..

I keep on telling myself that those moments will never repeat.. I'm sure most moms would agree on this. I would trade nothing for the time spent on looking after my baby hands-on. Am proud to say, I've been doing it for more than a year now... all by myself. 

Alhamdulillah.. minus the time he has to spend at the nursery while mommy works, during which I would sneak out every now & then to check on him, to feed him, to play with him or to just simply watch him sleeping. 

Alhamdulillah as well, our baby has the privilege of having minders who are really dedicated & truly love & care for him. As my hubby always says, "Babies don't lie" especially when it comes to showing their affection & preference.

I was so lucky to have all my loved ones with me on that faithful day. My hubby was with me throughout. It was funny how quick everything happened;

I was wheeled in, done with epidural (this, I think, was the most painful procedure of all. I think), hubby came in & held my hand, within seconds he was whisked off to record the whole procedure.

Terkebil-kebil I not knowing what to expect. I read & watched a lot, so I was expecting a longer 'waiting' time.

Tahu-tahu saja, my doctor; Dr. Sutha announced "Hi baby!".
Uik?? Macam baru saja tadi she started with the incision & could joke pulak "Natisya, you are all lean meat!" adeh..

The nurse came to show my wailing beautiful baby off.. and I just cried louder than my baby.. I was a wreck! Hahaha!

I was so in control throughout, I even drove myself to the medical centre! My husband was impressed on how calm & collected I looked on that day.. and the moment I saw our baby.. there was this warm serene feeling which was so overwhelming enveloping me, telling me; I'm a mother now. I am.

..and my anaesthetist just had to spoil that moment, reminding me to calm down as my bp was going low. Pffhhh..

I just couldn't wait to see my baby that I asked the doctor how long does she need to stitch me up. Well, come to think of it, I should have just kept my mouth shut. Didn't want her to mess up with all my innards kan.. In & out in less that 1 1/2 hours!

I was so thankful to have her as my doc. She actually cried with me when she confirmed (and reconfirmed on every check-up) that it was a boy. My hubby was speechless.. just laughing nervously not knowing what on the screen actually showed that it was a boy. On the next check-up, then only he saw 'it' ekekeke.. Our baby macam tahu-tahu saja what daddy was looking for.

All in all, I have been having the best time of my life. Seeing my baby grows from a fragile tiny 2.95 kilos to 11.2-kilo toddler is the most exhilarating experience. He cooed, babbled, he drooled, he rolled on his tummy, he sat, took baby steps, fell on his tush but just giggled away, knocked his head on everything... his first 'daddy' & 'mommy'...  and for witnessing all that.. alhamdulillah.

Now, there are three of us.

Despite all the sleepless nights, trips to the doctors, unnecessary worries over everything, will I be willing to do it all over again?? Yes. InsyaAllah..

Hugs & kisses!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Very Special Announcement..

Assalamualaikum wbt dearies. Oh my.. this, so far, has been the longest silence. On my part at least hehehe.. Please accept my sincerest apology. I didn't mean it.. it's all for good reason. I promise you. Just read on..

No no no.. am not giving up on this baby of mine, this blog, this humble business, Simply Chantique CupCakery. Definitely NOT. Although there was a bleep moment when I forgot the password to my blog ekekeke.. Sejuk kepala!

Am sorry for the unanswered calls & text messages (the number is no longer in service), the emails I failed to reply.. I'm sorry. Maafkan saya..

I decided to put everything on hold, in my pledge to give only the best, I thought this was & still is the best decision. InsyaAllah it will all be worth it.. I'm sure. We are sure.. God's will..

Well here goes nothing. We are expecting our first baby! Literally. hehehe.. Alhamdulillah..

That's the very sole reason for the long hiatus. The first trimester was a very challenging phase for me. I was caught off guard by the endless nausea, vomiting.. to the extent I couldn't even stomach even a glass of water. I had to be warded on several occasions with rounds of IV.. Adeh...

I started to question, where's the joy of being pregnant that I'd read & heard all this while?? It was during this trying time that I was most thankful with the utmost support from my beloved husband, mum, sister & the rest of the family. I lost almost 10kg during which.. Sigh..!

They kept on reminding me to put baby's needs first before mine.. So I forced fed myself.. again.. adehhh...

... and the moment I reached the 20th week.. when I felt the first ever movement in my belly, the nightmarish first trimester was all but a distant memory. It was pure bliss.. MasyaAllah.. and when we first saw baby on the ultrasound images.. I just broke down & cried.

I thank our doctor for her dedication in entertaining me & my husband's endless enquiries, no matter how stupid they sound; e.g would baby risks being crushed if I were to lie down on my sides? Can baby get angry with mummy? Hence the kicks, wriggles and whatever that baby's been doing in there til mummy rasa senak?? You reckon?

Hehehe.. doc asked me NOT to read & watch so much anymore. That will only trigger my nonsense curiosity. Bah ya lah.. I'll try. I would still though, recommend this book by Dr. Miriam Stoppard. A good comprehensive read for first-time mums.

These websites/blogs have been great guidelines as well.. that I find very useful in shopping for baby's stuff.. and a first-hand experience in baby care & development. Thanks Dr. Halina,

Bought this in preparation of being 'stretched out'.. turns out, alhamdulillah I don't really need it. Still applied diligently though.

Bought this for baby but the moment I applied it on my own skin; HEAVENLY! Will have to restock on this hehehe..

Alhamdulillah I'm in my 3rd trimester now.. Can't wait to hold our baby in my arms. Baby's been more active now that there's less space for him to wriggle in & make mummy geli-geli hehehe..

Anyway, that's the announcement cum the explanation for my long silence. No, am not going to stop baking.. I love it too much to just abandon what I had first started with love. But for the greatest love in our lives, we just have to prioritize now. 

InsyaAllah when I've completed my confinement, I will resume. Thank you so much for all the enquiries, emails especially from my regular customers & friends.. I really appreciate it. Please pray for our well being & safety. I'm finally enjoying & understanding the joy of pregnancy even though semput ya Rabbi dah now. 

Sorry for the long entry, look at it as a compensation for the vacant space since October 2013. Melepas geram... hehehehe... I will also provide you with my new number once I'm ready to bake again ya! In the meantime, you can still contact me through my email add. Til then, hugs & kisses. Happy Mother's Day to all the supermoms out there!

*Note: I'll solemnly resume with my updates on the previous orders as my appreciation for my customers. Please ignore the 'historical value' of the entries ekekeke...

A Beach-Themed Wedding for Liza Borhan

5th May 2012 ~ Once upon a time ago.. on the same day as the previous entry, two years ago to be exact, we were commissioned to handle this particular order.. ekekeke... saja nak menyindir diri sendiri!

Liza of Kg. Pasir Putih, Putatan had ordered a kilo each of our choc moist & carrot walnut cakes and a 2-tier beach themed choc moist wedding cake with buttercream deco. There must be an interesting story behind the choice of that interesting theme, I'm sure.

Now Liza requested for the choc moist & carrot walnut cakes to be cut in small bite-sized squares. They were for the dessert table I was told.

As for the wedding cake, as you all know me by now, the theme given was 'beach' and of course.. 

I got carried away & went all the way underwater hehehehe... No no.. not to the extent of 'Spongebob' deep. Just close to the surface deep.. you can still see the seaweeds or so I meant to pipe ekekeke..

Anyway, thank you so very much Liza. Hope all of you enjoyed the cakes, that is if you could still recall tih tih tih..

Back to work, back to reality. Baby wasn't really happy during the first few days in the office. Mummy was everywhere, up & down staircases.. he was restless all the time except for when mummy's seated.

By now, I already know how to calm him down.. or so I think hehehe.. The kind of touch, caress & voice that he likes. It's quite an experience when he would 'surface', arms, fists, head, legs & what not, wanting to be held and sayang-sayang.. and only works when mummy does it. The moment daddy tries to do the same.. he would come to a complete standstill hehehe... kwai-kwai!

Til then, do take care. Hugs & kisses.. Be thankful with all the gifts of life bestowed upon us.. mmuuuaahhhh!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jkie's Mummy Dearest ~ This One is for You!

5 May 2012 ~ This WAS for Mother's Day. Two years back. YES! Ya.. ya.. almost qualified to be archived. Ekekeke.. Have some mercy on me please..

Luckily, my years of filing & documenting practices, has helped me tremendously in keeping track of past orders, no matter how much spiderwebs covering them. Huhuhu.. will surely, hopefully, be able to locate them. In this case, the records & the pictures. 

As for the story, I just have to rely on my rusty memory.. for every order is a unique experience on its own. As I said before, I will take it to my personal KPI to give, hopefully, only the best in fulfilling each request from my customers.

There you go. I miss rambling. Okay back to Jkie's order;

It was a choice of our best seller choc moist cake with chocolate ganache for Jkie's dearest mum.

Jkie of Taman Rindu KK asked me to refer to the handwriting on the sample he provided. Okay... errr.. I tried my best hehehe.. have to admit that I'm not really good in forging. I was tempted to, few times in the absence of the superiors but sempat gugur tanduk hehehe.. I was spared from the aftermath.

So I just piped some pink rosebuds on top of the cake. Simple. Yet I love the subtle contrast of the pink against the dark choc. The message on the cake was simply "Happy Mother's Day". Thanks Jkie!

So how was your Mother's Day celebration? At the end of the day, why do you need a specific date to celebrate it right? Mothers never choose days to show how much they love us so why should we?? Hugs & kisses!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anne is 30 today!

3 May 2012 ~ In support of the Pink Ribbon Foundation for breast cancer charity awareness program I am fully geared up to post this particular cake! Yeehaawwwwww!! Hehehe...

In KK itself we have a non-profit foundation supporting the movement; Kinabalu Pink Ribbon

Having lost my own father to brain cancer, it's an ongoing battle of physical & emotional levels alike. No words are worthy enough to describe the roller coaster journey, It's an eye opener, heart breaking yet awakening experience. One thing for sure, it has made us all closer than ever, and stronger. Come what may.

Okay now.. this entry has nothing to do with breast cancer whatsoever. Na'uzubillahminzalik.. it's just to sort of 'commemorate' the nature of the entry.

I recall there was this one incidence in which a fellow baker had updated her blog with her creation of a 'bra-cake' in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness program which she took part in.

Oh my.. the readers were all over her discrediting her for being too 'western' in her approach. Now since when did breasts become westernized??

We are too characteristically defined by the typical predictably judgmental & shallow minded society. Things don't go their way} sinful! How easy it is for one to play God. But just when one of their clans did what was deemed by them as unworthy of a human being's deed before, the verdicts would be; "biarlah.. manusia biasa, mesti buat kesilapan," yada..yada.. yada... pfffhhhh..!

Too focused we've been in others' flaws that our own skeleton walks itself out of our own closet! .. and oh ya sparing the so called 'kids' nowadays may not be a good idea as well. They may be biologically young but they curse & flirt like a pro y'all! To make it worse, they think it's cool. When they get told off; ".. but I'm just 15th.." (insert cute duck face).

Now where was I.. hmm.. hehehe.. Thanks Jeffrey for the order. It was a carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting and the request was for a fondant purple bra as the deco. It came with a witty message as well.

I really hope Anne enjoyed the cake & the message that came with it. I'm pretty sure that I enjoyed making the cake, it's just that splurging myself on a good bra is much much easier than making one with sugarpaste.

After few failed attempts of goggle-bra, sunglasses-bra, rice bowls-bra.. boleh laaahhhh... hehehe...

So just to appease those sensitive souls who could foresee themselves freaking out to the sight of a 'bra cake', I've in a way administered some censorship to the photos. Bleghhh... Cheers!

 From a psychoanalytic point of view, why not. Give it to 'em!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Ryan! ~ The Ever Angry Birds Cake

23 April 2012 ~ It gives me chill to still be updating for 2012 orders.. huhuhu.. err.. help?

It at times gives the wrong idea to readers that my entries are backdated. No no no.. the orders are but the updates are not.

Okay without further ado, here's Ryan's second cake. Tadaaaaaa!! Choc moist cake with fresh cream frosting and the adorable group of the ever grumpy angry birds. All edible!

The cake was then requested to be delivered to Ryan's playschool; Jolly Learners at Harrington road here in KK.

Ryan's mommy dearest, Edna was darling enough to share with us a pic of Ryan celebrating with his friends. Awww.. cute lil munchkins!

Now, modelling the birds out of sugarpaste was fun but very time consuming. Some customers just don't understand this grueling process that they start to question the price. What is the price for one's time, idea & energy put into a creation? I say} PRICELESS.

To me, every cake that bears our so called 'brand' is personalized. As I've been making it clear, it's not about the money. That's why I don't dare to bite off more than I can chew. I've been very lucky in the sense that most of my customers are returning ones. That only spells one thing} TRUST.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your support. Thanks Edna for the order & again.. Happy Belated Birthday dear Ryan.

..and a special thanks goes to my beloved hubby for his utmost love & support. Thanks yang.. and it's his birthday today! Happy Birthday my love, my best friend, my hubby. You've been wonderful.  

What?? Eating for two here.. :-)

Alhamdulillah.. can't say enough syukur. For every pain & frustration inflicted, comes happiness in abundant. I will always remember yang.. bersyukur with what little that we have & bersangka baik with Allah's ujian. No mere humans are entitled to judge us other than Allah the Creator. InsyaAllah.

Monthsary at Chili's

Once again, Happy Birthday sayang! Many more to come which we look forward to spending with you. Love you to the bone!