Friday, July 30, 2010

Chocolate Moist Cake with Steamed Buttercream Deco for Hantaran

Donned in my sister's favorite color; lilac, I made this as one of the 'hantaran' for her engagement. I was amused when one of her fiance's uncles thought the cake was some kind of a mini 'pillow'! Hehe.. considering he's a man, I'll cut him some slack ekekekeke

Fancy Cookies for Door Gifts

17 July 2010, it was a Saturday & it rained heavily early in the morning. We just arrived on Thursday midnight after a harrowing journey of 8 hours from Kota Kinabalu to Lahad Datu. The graveled road has always been that way ever since I could remember. We Sabahans are very patient, seriously!

Okay back to business, it was my sister's engagement, my only sister; Sofiah. She has always been the baby in the family hihi.. even though we had our fair shares of 'sisterly' series of misunderstandings in the past, she'll always be my only sister whom I love with all my heart. These fancy cookies were especially made as door gifts on that special day of hers with my soon bro in law to be; Nazrul. Congratulation to the both of you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Intan Rohaizah's Hantaran Cupcakes

Do you still remember my entry on "Intan is taking the plunge"? Just a recap, here's the empty decorated basket for her hantaran given 2 me;

Ok so here are some of the 'before' pics;

and.. here is the result. Tadaa!! A garden theme cupcakes. Congrats to you once again Intan!

The best part, at the end of the day is to read her comments on my FB;
"so sweet cup cake u.. tq so much tisya"
"thanx tisya.. next buatkan my wedding cake.."
and I replied; "Let's make it happen Intan!" ekekeke.. tq so much dear.

Adorable Fondant Cupcakes

These are simply adorable and everything is edible! Feel free to name your imagination & at Simply Chantique we'll try to make it edible ekekeke

Dani finally gets his Ben10 Birthday Cake

Happy 3rd Birthday my dear Dani! Hehe.. mama Farah told me that you'd been asking about the cake every single day.. So here it is! A 2kg chocolate almond moist cake with choc ganache topping & of course; Ben10 as the centre piece with choc blueberry cupcakes as auntie Tisya's gift for you. Not forgetting the 'rumput-rumput' as Farah had requested hehehe.. tq mamanya.. Bestnya dpt mum yg sporting mcm Farah ni!

Auntie Tisya assembling the cake & the cuppies under the watchful eyes of the birthday boy & daddy Din hehe..

Baby Aleena pun 'gumbira' & hampir-hampir mencakar kek Ben10 abg Dani ekekeke..

The final product

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Orange Buttercake with Fondant Deco

Imagine having a slice of freshly out of the oven buttercake with orange flavour.. plus a cup of hot tea.. perhaps Earl Grey? Heaven! It might look plain, couples rarely order buttercake for a wedding but wait til it's covered in gorgeous fondant deco.. a total makeover; Simply Romantically Chantique.. hehe

Novelty Cake

This was my first novelty cake, the term used in the baking industry. God's will, in due time, the boat & the other decorations on top would be edible as well. As for the time being, don't eat them just yet! hehehe..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Serious Chocolate Lovers' Eyes Only

Here's another cake that I managed to finish.. All this while looking at this cake before, I thought it was an easy 'pouring' & 'piping' techniques. Boy how I was wrong.. My hands were literally shaking in the flower making process. Muscles aching.. ekekeke I salute you 'choc-ganache-flower' piper out there! Only when you try to make one will you understand why a certain price tag that is considered 'expensive' to most people is set for this cake. Ok guys this cake was not burnt it the making, it's simply covered by dark choc ganache ekekeke... YUMMY!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birth Uncle Daddy! Wait a minute.. Happy BIRTH??

ekekekeke.. Please excuse the error of a 'budak baru belajar buat kek'. This chocolate blueberry cake was for my uncle's BIRTHday hehe.. Finished it last minute in the middle of packing for our family gathering at DZ Resort Kimanis. Here are my excuses; 

~ I was so sleepy while piping the wordings that I miscalculated or underestimated the length hehehe.. so there's no room for 'day'.. hence the 'BIRTH'. Well.. what's a 'day' without a 'birth' right?? Blah! Nevertheless we had a blast!

Series of Photos Cuppies!

I would have to say, at Simply Chantique of all the products that we offer, most orders were for these adorable & delectable photos cupcakes. I'm lucky to have customers who understood why they had to pay extra for these edible images; they don't come cheap! The printer machine, edible inks as well as the icing paper have to be ordered from overseas as they are not readily available here in Malaysia. I have to order the images all the way from West Malaysia hence the 'two-week-in-advanced' requirement for customers who are interested.

Good news! True to our motto to give the best to our customers, Simply Chantique's is on its way to become the supplier of these edible images here in Sabah! Yes!! No more extra charges everyone!

Here is a compilation of orders for these photo cuppies. Enjoy!

Disney's Princesses; ordered by Aniza for her daughter, Tengku Nur Afifah.

Spiderman; ordered by Laiy for her son, Danish.. last2 katanya gaduh adik beradik tak cukup ekekeke.. Minta order lg lah tu Laiy!

Finally, these were ordered by an anonymous friend from UMS hehe.. no idea why he/she wanted to remain unknown.

A 3-tier Steamed Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Another wonderful creation completed within less than an hour. thanks to Kak Yana's helpful & generous tips on 'short cutting' techniques ekekeke...

A close up of the 'fondant' like texture of the steamed buttercream. It tastes delicious as well unlike the typical buttercream.

Descriptions of order;
~ 3-tier wedding cakes } chocolate moist
~ Steamed buttercream deco

Fondant Cupcakes Frenzy!

I just had to satisfy my curiosity for the right techniques & ingredients for that special looking & delicious cupcakes & cakes. My experiments, books & internet were just not enough. So off I went all the way to Bangi, to 'berguru' with my sifu; Kak Yana of Loveliana Cakes. It was an intensive class & took the whole 10 hours of baking & decorating eight types of cakes & cupcakes! Even though I was totally flat when it all ended but it was truly an awesome experience & all worth it! Here are the fondant cupcakes & the cakes will be uploaded soon. Thanks Kak Yana!

Get Well Soon Zarinah

These chocolate moist cupcakes with choc ganache topping were ordered by Zarinah of Tawau, an ex colleague of mine for her friend's wedding. Days before, she was involved in an accident; a head-on collision. Luckily it was only a minor cut on her forehead. Get well soon Ina, and thank you for the order, accident pun sempat lg order hehe..

Descriptions of order;
~ 30pcs M sized cupcakes } chocolate moist
~ Buttercream & chocolate ganache deco

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A surprise birthday party from an equally surprised boyfriend

Hehehehe... ekekekeke.. It all began as a wonderfully planned surprise birthday party from a colleague; Rahim for his dear sweetheart; Zuraizah. Here's the original cake;

He actually hid the cake in his car bumper & even had time to watch a football match at Likas Stadium! So came midnight, went to Zue's place to surprise her with few friends.. tadaaaa out the cake!! And.. surprise!!! The cake's edges got damaged in the process of 'it hiding in the bumper' :-)

ekekeke.. and.. 2nd surprise; tadaaaa!! Another female colleague turned up at the party not knowing that her friend's boyfriend was actually her colleague! It was the talk of our office for a week or so.. but I seriously think it was so sweet & adorable of him to actually plan all that for his loved one. May your love for each other last forever. Tq Rahim for the order!

Descriptions of order;
~ 1kg of chocolate moist cake
~ Buttercream & edible image deco

Intan is taking the plunge!

What were you thinking when you first read the title? Hehe.. as the saying goes;
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Confucius

I first met Intan's sister at the Sabahan Blogshop Fleamarket at Jesselton Point (will have a posting on that soon) where Simply Chantique's Cupcakes & Cakes were a hit. Kudos to all in the team! She took notice of our delectable cupcakes and promised me to bring along Intan the very next day to discuss with me personally. She intended to have my cupcakes as one of the "hantaran's" or gifts for Intan's upcoming engagement. I felt so honoured to be chosen as I truly understand how important an engagement day is and a wedding day as well to any lady. For this reason i take pride in giving extra personal touches (notice the plurality? hehe) to the order with no extra charge.

As promised, she came the next day with Intan along with this beautifully designed basket (but the one for my cupcakes was not ready yet at that time). Another meeting was set & finally here it is;

The best part of the whole story is Intan leaves it all to me to decide on how many cupcakes to fill the basket with; "Aku mau penuh-penuh aaa..." (quoted fr Intan ekekeke) as well as the deco. I just love what I'm doing.. Wait for the outcome people! Congrats in advanced Intan

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hari Keluarga Jabatan Pengajian Am IKMKK 2010

This time around, Hari Keluarga jabatan kami diadakan di Borneo Paradise, Kinarut, Papar pada 28 Mac 2010. Hari pertama; Sabtu ramai yang joined tp for the second day tu tinggal beberapa family je coz yg lain ada commitment. Nevertheless we had fun with bbq mlm tu, sukaneka, dsb. This cake was for our Ketua Jabatan; En. Khairul Izwan bin Ibrahim's belated birthday as well as for our family day tu jugak la. So memandangkan boss kitaorg ni penyokong skuad kijang hah.. maka kijanglah deconya! ekekeke.. looking forward to the next Family Day!

Some of us on the last day..

Descriptions of order;
~ 2kg of chocolate moist cake
~ Buttercream & edible images deco