Saturday, July 3, 2010


Please place your order at least TWO weeks before the expected delivery date. Bulk orders will need at least ONE month to be placed. Last minute orders will only be considered depending on availability, quantity and design.

Upon confirmation of order, please pay 50% of the total charges (we will email you the account number). The remaining 50% must be made THREE (3) days before the pick-up date. Payment for LAST MINUTE (1-2 days) order must be made in the total amount, otherwise we will NOT be able to proceed. We hope for your understanding.

You may fill in the online order form or email/sms us for inquiries. Thank you!

We would appreciate it if you could sms us first as I'm working in the morning before proceeding to phone calls. Thank you so much for your kind consideration!

Mobile Phone : 016-8491289
(8am - 5pm } SMS / 5pm - 11.30pm } CALL)

Email :


  1. im fascinated by your gorgeous treats! thanks. will order soon... :)

  2. Tq so much. Looking forward to that :-)

  3. Hi there,

    I live overseas, how do I make payment? Can you also deliver? Thanks.

  4. Hi, pls read the post on 'Delivery' & 'Payment'. Tq

  5. akak...lau bulan n bolwh order lg k...rainbow cake ada akak buat x..lau ada boleh email saya