Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes from Rozie for Rinie

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.-- Albert Camus

I would like to begin this entry with this beautiful quotation on friendship. Being surrounded by our love ones; we are lucky. Being surrounded by countless friends; we are the luckiest! I'm truly blessed to have friends who can be my shoulders to cry on. I still keep in touched with my childhood friends & my uni ones.

These cupcakes were ordered by Rozie all the way from Labuan for her best friend's birthday; Rinie in KK. She left it for me to decide on the deco so long as the theme was PINK; Rinie's fave color. So I decided on a garden of pink roses. Gosh.. how I miss my friends; Mimmi, Suzie, Wiwin, Fairoz.. Need to find time for some catching ups ladies!

Thanks a bunch Rozie and Happy Birthday Rinie! May your friendship stands the test of time & distance.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From Jay to Faiz & Afiq with Love..

Jay was my ex university mate so when she called me up to order birthday cakes for her two bubbly adorable boys; Faiz & his lil bro, Afiq. I just felt so honored. She could easily just walked up to any bakeries but no, she trusted me with the boys ekekeke.. My oh my, Faiz, her eldest who turned 7 had a mind of his own. He knew exactly what he wanted & it made my job a breeze. He wanted a fresh fruit photocake with fresh cream topping. He specifically asked for the 'egg' which he happened to hold next to his right cheek to be removed from his picture imposed with the image of Iron Man. Savvy millennium babies!

So here's your cake Faiz. Happy 7th Birthday dear! Say thank you to mummy, she loves you ever so dearly.

As for his little brother's cake, mummy said Faiz chose 'Handy Manny' on behalf of Afiq hehehe... Afiq just couldn't resist. Here's Afiq's Chocolate Blueberry cake with fresh cream topping;

Happy Birthday to those born in October!

Oh my Gucci! So many materials, so little time to update our blog.. Excuses! Hehehe.. can't let excuses get in the way, can they? Simply Chantique has to go on.

This chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache topping was ordered by JKNS Penampang especially for their staff who celebrate their birthdays in the month of October. I say it was very kind & thoughtful of the employer to appreciate their staff even in the simplest form.

This was my 1st time using the combination of pink & chocolate brown and yes it worked! I'm really into this 'pipe & drop' deco nowadays hehe.. and I've to admit it is the best way to camouflage any defects on the side of your cake.

Pure chocolaty heaven..

Chocolate Moist Blueberry Cake for Badrie

Another photocake ordered by lil Badrie's mummy for his 1st Birthday Party. Thanks to all our adorable customers we are now well 'exposed' to most cartoon characters hehehe.. is that the correct term? 'Exposed'?

This time it's Naruto. Dear Badrie, enjoy your Chocolate Moist Blueberry cake with fresh cream topping! Hugs & Kisses from Simply Chantique's Cakes & Cupcakes.

Sinfully mouth watering...


A Chocolate Moist Blueberry Cake for little Faezrul

We've been receiving a large number of orders for photo cakes. Most of our customers did not mind the extra charge, but for those who are wondering why it is quite costly, it's because of these few reasons;

1. The edible image has to be ordered from our supplier who's based in West Malaysia hence the extra postal charges especially for last minute orders.
2. Image that needs to be edited needs time, and time means money hehe.. we are after all a home based business. Nevertheless we do not overcharge regardless of customers' extra special request for photo imposing picture of their love ones with other images of their choices.

Despite this, orders keep coming in! Hehe.. I guess nothing can surpass the happiness in watching happy faces upon seeing the photocakes. This Chocolate Moist Blueberry cake with choc ganache topping was ordered by a very thoughtful mother of Mohd Faezrul Zakwan for his 1st Birthday. An image of the adorable lucky baby boy with his fave cartoon characters, Malaysia's very own; Upin & Ipin the twins. Happy Birthday darling!

Carrot Walnut Cake for a Dad's 69th Birthday

I just couldn't describe the joy in making cakes & cupcakes for our customers who intended them for their love ones. I remember a customer's short text message that read; "Thanks a bunch for the lovely cake. It oozes with love.." It just made my day. Our cakes may not b as 'perfect' looking as the ones in established bakeries but we don't compromise with the taste. All are made with love.

This Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese topping was ordered by an anonymous customer through my sister, for her father's 69th Birthday. She wanted it to be decorated as simple as possible. Hope he loved this!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Series of Raya Cakes

It's been a while since the last updates. We were up to our nose busy with the preparation for my younger, my only sister's wedding on 10.10.10. Yes, the highly sought after date. Everything went well, alhamdulillah thanks to God. Will have some updates on that later for Simply Chantique was drilled to prepare 640 pieces of cupcakes as the door gifts! Hehe.. tiring but awesome experience.

Here are some of the orders by our customers of Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah for their Raya Open House feast.

Carrot Walnut Cakes with Cream Cheese topping, simply irresistible! Got a message from them saying they tasted as delicious, if not more delicious that the ones at Secret Recipe's! Wowww... what a compliment! Thank you so much, we are so flattered! Please don't sue us for this hehehe.. after all; they're HOMEMADE! Who can resist that?

They also ordered our yummilicious Yam Cake with Fresh Cream Topping

Friday, October 1, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1431H

Alhamdulillah.. I would like to wish all of you, my friends first & foremost, my valued customers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! My goodness.. it's been a while since I last updated my blog. It has been a VERY hectic Ramadhan & Syawal for us here at Simply Chantique's since it was our first time taking orders for raya cookies and my.. how I respect my other fellow business counterparts who have been doing it all their lives! KUDOS! I literally sleep walked during the day hehehe.. but it was worth it. We announced on FB that we would take orders in the 3rd week of Ramadhan thinking that possible customers would have placed orders earlier elsewhere and boy was I wrong!
So as chance permits, these are the cookies arranged according to the number of orders they got. Thank you for your support & we are glad to say we will be taking orders all year round for any occasions. These cookies may be given away as door gifts as well.

Drum roll please... ekekeke.. and the winner is.. Simply Chantique's Cerelac Cookies!

Followed closely by; Simply Chantique's Chocolate Treasure, a delectable combination of white chocolate with almond nibs & raisins! Yummy!

In the 3rd place, of course, what is Raya without these mouth watering Pineapple Tarts with homemade pineapple filling;

4th place is shared by our mouth watering Almond London cookies with whole almond filling, and Simply Chantique's Prune Cheese Tart. Cheese rules!!

Next on the list, is our very own Nestum Fruity cookies, with crunchy peanuts, red & green cherries

Chocolate Nutingale, a combination of walnut, choc emulco, choc rice & choc chips.. and topped with white choc my oh my.. what else could you ask for?

not included here are our traditional cookies; the all time fave Ulat Bulu, Makmur as well as Suji. Thank you.. thank you.. and thank YOU!