Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Iron Man for Arthur's 7th Birthday!

Another order by one of our regular customers, Mdm Dulipa. This chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache as the topping was for her son's 7th birthday. This time around, I didn't have to google to find out who on earth was this 'Iron Man' anymore. Muahahahahaha!! Kudos to me!

Being in the business for almost two years, I could say that we are quite well 'exposed' now to various cartoon/animated characters, thanks to our lovely customers. Born in the 70s, I grew up with of course the Disney's characters, Sesame Street, the little blue Smurfs, Woodie Woodpecker & the gang, Winnie the Pooh and many more.

Technology evolves and one can never avoid it regardless of what. As much as I still miss Big Bird, Tigger, Cookie Monster, my 1st "Soup a la Smurf" video cassette, I have to give way to Ben10, Dibo & friends, Handy Manny and of course the Iron Man hehehehe.. Speaking of which, anybody knows how to convert the video to CD? I terribly miss the Gargoyle!!

Thank you so much Mdm Dulipa for your ongoing support & Happy Birthday dear Arthur, may only the best of things happen to you. Please wait for my next posting as I will give certain someones a taste of their own medicine... Muahahahaha!! I just love blogging.. don't you??

Monday, March 28, 2011

Congratulations to Aizar & Mimi On Your Engagement ; 22.01.2011

Intan was a returning customer. She ordered her engagement & wedding cakes from us last time, This time around, she ordered these chocolate moist cupcakes with fondant deco for her dear younger brother's engagement last January. I really appreciate Intan's trust for choosing us again to be part of her family's happiest moment. Thank you so much Intan!

Allow me to deviate a bit please.. it's not as if I never did hehehehe... So many things happened for the past few weeks I didn't update this baby blog of mine. We just got back from Melaka for the annual Malaysia 8th inter-IKM/KKTM Sports Meet and I'm heavily burned! Hahahaha!! Literally. We were told that it had not been raining for quite some time there until we came.. a blessing? Yes it rained in the morning and in the evening, but at noon, my gosh.. can you imagine the humidity?

I have been representing IKM Kota Kinabalu Sabah as well as MARA Sabah in badminton & netball and we were the reigning gold medalists in the badminton event and were gold medalists for netball in the previous game until we lost in the final, this time. It was a huge upset, what more when I didn't even have the chance to play having lost the first men singles & doubles already.

Well, winning & losing are the essence of life & I don't mind losing having competed my best.. sigh! It's different really when you are in a team, it's no longer singular possessive pronouns.. it's 'WE', 'US', 'OURS'.. Some couldn't just comprehend that, thus depleting their fighting spirits. Hmm.. let bygone be bygone.

Okay let's go back to the main topic sentence, Aizar & Mimi's engagement cupcakes. They were in blue color arranged neatly in a beautifully decorated basket in the same theme. I adore creativity. Like I said before, no amount of money can buy one's creativity. So copy as you wish, but one can never copy creativity.

That's why, whenever a customer asks me to refer to a design by others or my previous ones, I will explain nicely that I will do so but I will still inject some originality to the design for each customer. Unless, of course the customer insists on 100% resemblance. Nevertheless, I truly appreciate my customer's opinion, without you, who are we to stay. Thanks Intan, and congratulation Aizar & Mimi. XOXO!

A text message from Intan;

"salam Tisya. Thanx a lot ya making my bro's cup cake 4 hantaran so sweet.. all my sedara impressed ba.. btul2 ngam tu color.. once again thanx my dear"
<22/01/2011; <8:24 PM>

Monday, March 14, 2011

Congratulation On Your Engagement Mirna - 22.01.2011

"Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love."
(William Shakespeare)

A poem, by my favorite author & poet; Mr William Shakespeare is with what I choose to begin another entry for today. If I were to paraphrase the poem in today's modern English, maybe, just maybe it'll more or less read like this;

"You may question that the stars are fire, You may question that the sun does move, You may question that truth is in fact a lie, But never question my love for you.."
(Tisya Chung's version ekekekeke... 14 March 2011)

Hahahaha.. sorry, I just miss my uni days so much. Heavily engrossed in literary work, assignments & readings. I just long for those carefree days, where we couldn't care less of what others would think, we ended each semester with poetry recitals, play, theater etc.. I was Portia in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, I read & analyzed Emily Dickinson's Because I could not stop for Death, I got an A+ for an assignment on that particular poem mainly for my hypothetical theory on why Miss Dickinson opted for capital letters only for three words in the title whereby my other classmates went on and on on the content & literary devices. It was by luck I guess come to think of it! Hahahaha.. God how I miss simile, assonance, hyperbole, alliteration just to name a few..

Well, don't turn your attention away, just yet hehehehe.. I do pray that all my ex lecturers; Mr. Tim Marshall, Dr. Adrian Hernest, Mdm Aishah Wong, Ustaz Emran, Dr.Nora, Dr. Riyad Jazzar and so many more, are doing fine. You all had taught me more than what I could bargain for. Thank you so much.

In the case of Mirna, I'm sure every love story is a poetry in motion. It takes just so much love and care, trust and sacrifice to make such a commitment. I hope it's not too late for us at Simply Chantique to congratulate you on your recent engagement.

Mirna ordered a kilo of chocolate moist cake with fondant deco of several shades of pink. She provided me with the flowers to match the other hantaran which was very convenient for me. The lady definitely knew what she wanted & I just executed her vision of the cake. Thank you so much dear, I really appreciate your support & trust. Have fun being in love..

"My Dear Beloved Sasai" - Sue

"May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn't live a day without you."
(quoted from the movie Leap Year, 2010 - starring Amy Adams & Mathew Goode).

I would like to begin this particular entry, with a quote from the bride in one of the scenes in "Leap Year", one of my fave movies. It just touches the deepest part of my heart. It was uttered nonchalantly by the bride as a matter of fact, but the effect.. it hits just the right spot.

Ohh.. forgive me for being so melancholic hihihi.. We've been receiving numerous orders from customers requesting us to surprise their love ones in the sweetest way possible, literally!

Now Sue, ordered this lemon flavored mango chilled cheesecake for her beloved fiance; Mr. Abdul Mubin aka Sasai (I'm sure there's a wonderful story behind his nick name ;-)). It was delivered to his workplace in KKIP on his birthday last 20th January 2011 with a greeting card to accompany the cheesecake.

Well, as I told you before my home-baked cheesecake doesn't go anything near 'perfect looking' but guess what?? Don't judge the cake by it's cover ekekekekeke!! Well at least Sue's SMS says it all; "Thanks! My fiance luv it..." (dated 20/01 09:43am).

The ragged looking outer lining of the cheesecake was made of lemon sponge cake and traced with delectable chocolate ganache..

As I was typing this, the world was still shocked with the news of the most powerful 8.9 earthquake ever recorded in Japan followed by a devastating tsunami that killed hundreds of people which occurred last Friday. Let us all pray for the people there, especially for those who had lost their love ones. For us who are still here to stay, appreciate what we have while we still can. Sue, thank you so much for the order & you two stay in love forever ya!

A text message from Sue;

"Thanks! My fiance luv it..."
<20/01/2011; 9:43 PM>

It's A Black & White Love Story; Anisah & Firdaus

Another long-distant order coming from Anisah of Pahang, to surprise her beloved fiance; Firdaus of Petronas Carigali, Sabah. Anisah's choices of colors were not typical, but they worked! Beautifully! Hehehehe.. although I must say that I was a bit sceptical when I first saw the sample emailed by her, but hey! Life is all about experimenting right??
No fun in always going with the flow .. except for traffic rules, I am, admittedly a die-hard helpless fan of traffic rules ekekekeke! That explains why I never get traffic summons in my 11 years as a licensed driver. God forbids! So don't hate me either for giving signals all the time or for driving miles away only to look for a designated 'U' turn junction. There, I deviated again!

Okay, back To Anisah & Firdaus' love story. Luckily, it was not difficult to find the place where Firdaus works at and luckily he was there to receive the special delivery. Too bad I wasn't there to witness his surprised face as I was occupied with work. I asked my husband, how did Firdaus react? Being my husband he answered; "Surprised!" duh! Hehehe.. what more can I say?? That's why I love this man so much.

Dear Anisah & Firdaus, I truly pray for your happiness. Love each other for as long as one can, keep on surprising each other, for not knowing what is in store means the chemistry is still there... Cheerio!! Thanks Anisah.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday Iyah!

Oh My Gucci... don't you just want to sink your teeth into these luscious juicy red strawberries??!! I literally had to stop myself from munching them while decorating these 36 pieces of chocolate moist cupcakes ordered by Hartini Jun of GNC Live Well, 1Borneo, KK.

Hehehehe.. that's the joy of baking, you get to 'devour' the extra bits & pieces. Hartini asked for chocolate paste & blueberry fillings for the cuppies. As for the topping, well as you can see; fresh cream with fresh strawberries & grapes, sprinkled with shaved chocolate. Simply heaven!

The cupcakes were supposed to be brought back all the way to Kota Belud, but just a few minutes after they were delivered, I received an sms from Hartini that she couldn't helped to peek into the box and she was so happy with them! This is the exact message that I'd received from her; "
Mdm Tisya! It's so beautiful! Thank u so much it looks perfect! Thank u...thank u..." awww... the short message surely made my day!

Later in the evening of the same day, I received another sms from her that read; "The cupcakes were fabulous! Gudnite mdm Tisya!". Well thanks to you dear Hartini, I surely had a very good deep sleep that night. Hope you all had fun celebrating Iyah's 27th birthday. Me & husband had fun finishing up the extra strawberries & grapes dipped in chocolate.. yummy!!

Text messages from Hartini;

"Mdm tisya! its so beautiful! thank u so much it looks perfect! thank u... thank u.."
<09/01/2011; 3:18 PM>

"The cupcake was fabulous!.."
<09/01/2011; 9:26 PM>

Ustazah Alyng Linda; One of Our Loyal Customers

Actually she's my colleague and never stops ordering from us. There are always occasions for her to celebrate hehehehe.. Her faves are our chocolate moist cupcakes & yam cake, just to name a few. I've known her for almost eight years now. She's a jolly character who's laughter can be heard from miles away! The students call her 'ustazah rock!' & she lives up to it. Hahahaha..! She's always been an optimistic person regardless of circumstances. I truly admire her for that.
She ordered a kilo of yam cake with fresh cream topping and a kilo of chocolate moist cake topped with our yummy chocolate ganache, both with edible images. They're for her sons; Hafiz & Hakim's combined birthday celebrations... and of course, it wouldn't be complete without her fave chocolate moist cupcakes, but this time teamed with vanilla ones but all were filled & topped with chocolate ganache.

The chocolate moist cake looked a bit sloppy here because she asked us to double-coat it with the ganache. Well.. that's the beauty of home-baked cakes right?? They don't have to look perfect but they taste perfect! Hahahaha.. a bit of vanity won't hurt anyone would it?

Anyway, thank you so much Lynn for your support all this while. I really appreciate it. Words can't describe the joy I feel baking for those who enjoy my home-baked goodies. That's why I always give more!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Damien to Clarisa with Love..

As the saying goes; 'Absence makes the heart grows fonder", which best suits this sweet couple. Damien, if you are reading this, I want you to know that you're the first guy who ordered from us asking us to surprise your beloved girlfriend! You've made history at Simply Chantique bro! Ekekekeke... it was so sweet of him to have really thought about the plan.

Well of course, again we got lost. Both husband & wife. Hehehehehe but we had fun witnessing Clarisa's happy surprised face upon receiving the cupcakes ordered by Damien all the way from KL.

He ordered eight pieces of mocha chocolate chips cupcakes & another eight pieces of carrot walnut cupcakes all in XL size and topped with fresh cream. He asked me to refer to one of my previous job for the deco but I deviated a bit, just to give it originality.

Damien was really helpful & very involved in coming up with the designs as well as the wordings. I would like to sincerely congratulate you both on your 7th Monthsary (which was way back then hehehehe..).

Clarisa may you adore & cherish Damien as much as how he adores & cherishes you. Auwww... so sweetttt!! Ngeh..ngeh..ngeh... please forgive me.
It's cloudy here in KK, it affects mood you know.. just the right climate for romance. I wish I was in Venice now... Thank you Damien!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Say It With Roses; Darrel & Diana - A Wedding To Remember

Me & my backlog.. sigh! I'm helpless.. hehehe.. my PA aka husband wants nothing to do with updating the blog. He's afraid that instead of updating on our recent jobs, he could or would and just might update on the current political affairs instead, and as a result will scare our customers away. Worse, he'll be detained under ISA.. ekekeke.. he's imagination could run wild most of the times. So long as he's still willing to go through the long hours of baking & decorating with me, I'm fine. God gave him to me so that we would never have to buy our fondant stock from the shop.. hehehehe.. among other things that is.

Anyway, you might be wondering what makes this one particular wedding kinda special to me. I told you before, I couldn't resist weddings! What more when it's on my birthday; 28 December 2010 (gosh.. and today it's already the 5th of March 2011! Forgive me pips..). Congratulations to Darrel & Diana on your lovely wedding and of course thank you so much to Dexter (Darrel's younger brother) for his great taste in wedding cakes hehehe.. Kudos to you!

I wish I had someone like Dexter around during the preparation of my wedding. He took care of the details of his brother's wedding & I found that very refreshing :-) now where are the smileys when I need them now?? He chose simple 3-tier fondant wedding cakes BUT with fresh roses adorning each tier. Did I tell you that roses don't come cheap here in KK? Luckily I managed to 'kaw-tim' with a florist that I frequent, if not I would have forced Dexter to settle with hibiscus instead! Hahahaha..!

..but my oh my.. Dexter's choice in the colors of the roses; pink & champagne was proven to be a winning combination. What began as simple, looked so elegant on the stage. The cakes looked 'comfortable' & proven that they deserved to be in the infamous Hongkod Koisaan Hall in Penampang.

Nevertheless, don't let the 'simplicity' of the cakes deceives you. With fresh flowers teamed with fondant in the picture, things might get out of hand. You have to work fast & precise or you might end up with battered fondant and wilted flowers.

To date, this is my only project that used the most number of fresh flowers and one more thing is the choice of cake. It was the very bold & non-conventional Red Velvet. Are you up to it?? I dare you.. and once you're hooked, there's no turning back muahahahahaha!! (imagine Count Dracula of Sesame Street's laugh).