Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Fairytale Wedding ~ Ruby & Affendy~19 March 2011

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."
~ Germaine Greer

I just love a happy ending. Don't you just adore this picture-perfect couple? Hence the equally picture perfect cake, a topsy-turvy black and pink one. The best part was, they get to keep the cake because it's a dummy. Hehehehe.. brilliant idea for those who would like to 'preserve' their lovely wedding cakes.

I would have to admit that this was one of the toughest cakes I had ever done, and I admitted to Ruby that I never made a topsy-turvy cake before. She was such a darling to trust her instinct that I could do it. I was touched dear.. for her confidence in me doing her wedding cake, a once in a lifetime affair. I straight away told myself, that it's my responsibility to do my very best and there should be no excuse for that.

Working with a dummy cake proved to be more challenging than working with a real cake. It's very dry, it's a 2-tier polystyrene for God's sake what do you expect? Hehehehe.. I had to trim the sharp edges as they would easily tear the fondant. It took me & my husband quite a number of frustrating attempts in coating the dummy, and it was a huge dummy cake, as you can see on the photo courtesy of Ruby. The fondant had just got to be of the right consistency, I had to use CMC to help me achieved that but had to work fast. The geometrical patterns on the side of the 'cake' almost made me clawed my face ekekekeke.. but alhamdulillah we managed.

I also provided the gorgeous bride and handsome groom with a mini version of the topsy-turvy cake for the cake cutting ceremony. A chocolate moist cake; pure chocolaty heaven.

Other than the topsy-turvy 'cake', Ruby had as well ordered 400 pieces of chocolate mud brownies cut into small pieces and packed nicely as their wedding favours, complete with personalized thank you tags. Sweet.... From us both; Tisya & Hizzol, we would like to wish you two a wonderful journey being married. Thank you so much Ruby not only for your confidence in me but most importantly the friendship. XOXO!

Noor Faihah's Engagement ~ 13th March 2011

We started our email exchange on Saturday, February 5, 2011 to be exact. That shows how organized and detailed Noor Faihah is.  

I really appreciate the early preparation and thorough discussions that we had; helped me a lot in coming up with the exact products that our customers want.

She ordered a total of 116 pieces of cupcakes with different flavors, toppings and decorations. Okay, first & foremost let me inhale hehehe.. right here we go. 

The first were 16pcs of XL sized chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate cream filling. These were decorated in purple based fondant meant for her 'hantaran' or gifts for her fiance to be. She wanted to keep it simple and sweet with just two colors. I strongly agreed with her choices.


Next on the list were 25pcs of M sized vanilla flavored cupcakes with yam filling and topped with fresh cream, simply "yummy bummy" as quoted from one of my fave celebrity chefs; Laura Calder (French Food at Home, Asian Food Channel) hehehehe.. The cupcakes were also in purple & white topped with fondant hearts of the same colors as well. Silver dragees were added to enhance the 'magic'.


Oh my, this is just getting better hehehehe.. next in line were my fave Red Velvet cupcakes, all 25pcs of the RVs were swirled with fresh cream and some of them were topped with fresh strawberries. 

Need I write more?? I could imagine how lucky her guests were to have tasted all these delectable cuppies! I envy them.. literally!


Now where was I? Oh yes, the fourth choice were what else other than our best seller chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate cream filling and topped with.. are you ready for this?? 

Hehehehe.. the cuppies were topped with heavenly delicious chocolate ganache with strawberries and purple fondant flowers. My oh my.. come to think of it, why wasn't I at the function?? Why?? This is so depressing..

The final choice of cupcakes by Noor Faihah was Banana Chocolate Chips, another best seller. Purple and white fresh cream were swirled on top of all 25 pieces of them. 

Silver dragees were again added to complete the picture. Oh dear, I think I just need to sit back and enjoy my own baked goodies.. some day.. make it today please!! Hehehehe..


Thank you so much Noor Faihah, and congratulations on your engagement. Now bring on the cakes!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Adorable Munchkin Airis Arrisa!

Don't you just feel like hugging and kissing her??? Hahahaha.. these are the photos of baby Airis, my kak Yatt's youngest munching or more like devouring the cupcakes her mommy ordered from us hehehehe...

Kak Yatt was my colleague at Kolej Ibukota Kinabalu last time. I, most of the time miss the time we spent together in honest friendships. That's why we still keep in touch even though we are working at different places now. As the infamous Oscar Wilde once said;
"A true friend stabs you in the front."

I dare say that I really treasure the time when we used to 'stab' each others in the front rather than being stabbed in the back nowadays by most of the people I'm working with.
We appreciate honesty among us, we know that when one of us is 'stabbed' in the front it's for the betterment.. and when we are stabbed in the back by others, the whole bunch would feel the pain and come to the rescue hahahahaha! Gosh I miss my friends a lot.

This time around, kak Yatt ordered a set of 30 pieces chocolate moist cupcakes topped with fresh cream, strawberries & kiwis. Yummy! It's such a joy to see how happy Airis was munching on the cupcakes. Thanks, yet again kak Yatt, first and foremost for your support and most importantly, your unconditional friendship. Luv ya!

A text message from Kak Yatt;

"... cupcakes are delisioso... Bellisimo!!"
<08/03/2011; 2:21 PM>

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Golf Retreat for Erfy's Birthday

It's been a while since I last blogged, God how I miss pouring my heart out! Hehehe.. I'm back! Touched down at KKIA at 1am last Saturday from a 3-day course at Sungai Petani, Kedah. Sorry for those orders that I had to turn down, didn't mean to. Don't fret, there's always a next time :-)

Oh my, I lost count of how many times my friend, my regular customer Liza had ordered from me. Even her siblings; Linda & Faridah are now officially "Simply Chantique CupCakery" addicts hahahaha!

This time around, Liza ordered a kilo of chocolate moist cake with fresh cream and fresh grapes as well as cherries topping. She once told me that her niece fell in love with the golf-themed cupcakes I did before for my cousin Aysha. So she ordered another 30 pieces of chocolate moist and vanilla cupcakes. Everything was edible except for the flag poles.

I'm still fatigued from the tight scheduled course & a horrendous experience with a hotel in KL but have to put all these aside as I've loads of baking to do. It's going to be a long weekend since Monday and Tuesday are public holidays here in Sabah,
wedding bells are ringing! Thank you so much Liza and to all Sabahans; Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan! Happy Harvest Festival everyone.

These are the pictures of the birthday girl MMSed to me by Liza. Happy Birthday Erfy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes for Ana

What's with all this rage about the infamous Red Velvet cupcakes? Apparently, the 'RV fever' has just reached this part of the world only recently. Where elsewhere RV has established quite a reputation of its own. Could it be the alarming red color that contributes to the hesitation? Just take a bite of the soft velvety texture, you'll ignore the rest hehehe..

Now this was the hmm.. 3rd? 4th? Wait.. was it 5th order by Ana? Hahahaha.. I lost count dear. Please forgive me. Ana ordered these 25 pieces of Red Velvet cupcakes topped with luscious cream cheese and shaved dark chocolate. I deliberately munched on some while 'painstakingly' stopping myself from snatching more while arranging the RV cupcakes on the board for Ana.

For those who haven't tried or have been 'procrastinating' to try out these delectable Red Velvet cupcakes, please, wait no more. Or else you would continue to wonder just moments longer.. tick tock.. tick tock.. hehehehehe.. Thank you so much Ana!

"Happy Birthday Hubby" ~ Love; Syahmi

Yet another long-distant order from Syahmi of KL as well, for her beloved husband's birthday. The cake was intended as a surprise for Syahmi's husband during their vacation here in KK. So we were requested to deliver the cake to another famous seafood restaurant in KK; Nelayan Seafood Restaurant, Bukit Padang last 6th of March, 2011.

Syahmi ordered a kilo of heart-shaped chocolate mocha moist with chocolate filling, which I ended up making 2kg instead hahahaha! A birthday gift I supposed as Syahmi was surprised to see how unexpectedly big and heavy the cake was. It was donned with edible images of her hubby's fave football team; Arsenal. Come to think of it, I never really thought of what's my hubby's fave football team! Hahahaha.. he's not really into burning midnight oil watching football games so I supposed I'm forgiven ;-P

Anyway, there are so many things I would want to share with you but so many impending entries to be uploaded hehehehe.. so be patient.. especially me! Thank you so much lovely Syahmi, and remember love is what keeping us alive!