Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Willie ~ Love; Esther (31 March 2011)

"Come live in my heart, and pay no rent."
~ Samuel Lover

Esther was my ex-student at IKM, she'd always been a bright & enthusiastic student in class. That was few years back. I do still keep in touch with them, my ex-students of matriculation program, UiTM, IKM, Open University and just in case you are wondering, yes I've been doing a lot of lecturing here & there. I yearn for different experience & yes i did & do learn a lot from my students in return. Seeing them grow to be successful doctors, engineers, pharmacists, lecturers, teachers and such.. is the greatest satisfaction one educator could ever experience.

I've just started a new semester with my students at UiTM and for the very 1st time, I get an all-girl class! Hahahaha.. I can just imagine how 'lively' our sessions would be.

Now, dear Esther had ordered this chocolate moist cake with strawberry filling and strawberry fresh cream.. yummy! It's for her boyfriend, Willie's birthday last 31st of March 2011. It's nice to know that she's in love, as I've posted before, it's a gift from God & no money can buy that wonderful feeling. So, cherish your love ones while time still permits. You don't want to feel sorry waking up one day and realizing.. it's all too late. Esther dear thank you so much, and don't forget to beep me for any good news.. hehehe.. *wink* *wink*

Monday, June 27, 2011

From Fariza to Khairul Amilin with Love

"Love is a great beautifier."
~ Louisa May Alcott

This is one of my fave quotes of all time. When you are in love, you'll glow.. inside out. It's the greatest feeling one can have, a gift from God. Agree? Good.. let's get to business hehehehe..

This particular order came from miss Fariza of Pahang? Please correct me if I'm wrong for I'm glowing too much that the light emitted is blurring my memory.. hahahahaha! These 25pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes topped with creamcheese were meant for her love one; mr. Khairul Amilin of Petronas, KK. As I told you before, I love watching the surprised glowing happy face of our customer's love one(s) upon receiving the goodies. Whether it went as planned or not, that's a different story hehehe..

Life is short, don't waste it on hatred, envy and what not. These just drain you out and most importantly these negative qualities make you ugly! No amount of collagen can fix that hahahaha! Dear Fariza & Khairul thank you so much for adding more colors into our lives and keep glowing!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Adzry Rafique ~ 27 March 2011

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

How do you measure happiness? Is it in the amount of wealth you have? or just simply by just being surrounded by your love ones who love you in return? To be realistic, I would say both. Hence, it's not surprising when one can go unexpectedly far to achieve their 'happiness' to the extend of sacrificing his/her dignity.

We are given the freedom of choice, but no amount of freedom can give you the excuse to stomp on others, especially those close to you, in a desperate attempt to achieve your goal of happiness. It's just wrong. Well, at least that's my opinion & I'm lucky enough that most of the people around me share the same conviction. You are free to have your own.

Hehehe.. at least I'm happy, my hubby is & so are my parents. Not forgetting my expecting sister and my brother. Nothing else matters. This is what happen when I'm 'free writing' hehehe.. so much to write so little time. Owhh.. where is my manner, this entry is supposed to be for Pn. Aida of UMS. Sorry puan hehehe.. I'm a literature graduate by the way hope you'll understand ekekeke..

Pn. Aida ordered 40pcs of fancy cookies as party favours for her son's 7th birthday party held at KFC Likas. The cookies were chocolate butter & vanilla butter flavored. She requested for Ben10 & Barbie edible images to adorn the cookies. From all of us at Simply Chantique CupCakery, thank you so much Pn. Aida & Happy Birthday dear Adzry Rafique! May you grow up to be a respectable character who bring happiness to all those around you. Amin. Tataa!

A text message from P. Aida;

"Tq so much for the lovely cookies I very much appreciate it"
<27/03/2011; 11:58 AM>

Happy 10th Anniversary Joe & Linda

26 March 2011 ~ Our regular customer, Liza, had again for the umpteenth time ordered 40 pieces of chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate cream filling and buttercream topping. Viva Liza! Hehehehe..

It was so sweet of her to get the cupcakes for her sis; Linda's 10th wedding anniversary last.. last.. lastttt.. March ehem.. hihihihi.. as Bryan Adams would say; "Please forgive me..." lalalala..

I admire the closeness Liza and her siblings have. In fact, two of her sisters; Linda & Faridah are now our regulars as well. There was a funny incidence once when Faridah ordered our promo-RM10 chocolate moist cakes. They were sharing the cakes among them without Faridah informing them that she ordered the cakes from me. Liza suddenly blurted out that the cakes tasted familiar, just like "Tisya's" and asked Faridah where she bought them from. Well, of course from Tisya! Hahahaha!

That was nice to know that at least one of my customers could actually identify Simply Chantique's signature taste in our products. I'm truly touched Liza.. isk.. isk.. it's raining outside, just the right melancholic setting. Hihihi.. Thank you so much for all of your endless support. I truly appreciate everything especially the friendship that we've formed. Inhale.. exhale.. come what may, we are here to stay and we vow to be stronger than before. Thanks to our customers, or friends & most importantly our beloved family. Banzaiiii!!! Muahahaha...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Thea; 2 & Nelia; 1

26 March, 2011 ~ 55 pieces of Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese topping were ordered by Mdm Ruziana Tiking for Thea's 2nd and Nelia's 1st birthdays. Wah so serious! Duhh... did this freak you out? Hahahaha!! I was just being sarcastic to myself here for being so lazy in updating my blog. Come on Tisya, it's almost towards the end of June & you are still writing on orders in March?? Ehem..

Ruziana requested for every letter in the wordings; "Blessed Birthday Thea 2 & Nelia 1" to be 'fondantly written' on every piece of 30pcs of the cupcakes. Well, not on exactly all of them actually, for the extra three pieces, of course I had my way hehehe..

For the other 25 pieces of RV cupcakes, Ruziana requested for simple garden theme deco, so.. I got carried away yet again! Hahaha.. I truly hope that she's happy with the cupcakes, I strongly felt she was for the very same day, her cousin ordered the same flavor with the same topping with exactly the same deco. Occasional vanity is good for your health muahahahaha! Til then, thank you so much Ruziana & Happy Birthday darling Thea & Nelia. Mmuuaaaxxx!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Niya~ from all in the family of Kelana Jaya

Amyza or Amy as she's fondly called by friends, used to be the English subject coordinator for IKM & KKTM (correct me if I'm wrong Amy.. errr.. am I making it too obvious how oblivious I was? ekekekeke). She had been having this idea of ordering from me for quite some time until it finally materialized on the 25th of March 2011. It was her niece; Niya's 12th birthday and she's in KK for mummy is attached with SIRIM, Sabah.

Amy's choice for Niya was the infamous Red Velvet cupcakes, 25 pieces of them topped with buttercream istead of the normal cream cheese. I added some royal icing bunnies and chocolate ball wafers.
Thank you so much Amy & sorry for the late upload, well as cliche' as it may sound; better late than never right? hehehe.. see you all in a munch!

More Cakes for Matron Mariana! Wowweee!

I'm back! Hehehe.. even though all four of us; mummy, dad, hubby & me are all down with fever, flu & cough but we totally enjoyed our quality time together during our 5-day vacation in Beijing. It's summer there, the sun was up at the wee hour of 5am & only set at around 7.30pm. Luckily it's not Ramadhan (Muslim's fasting month) yet or else I would be famished hehehehe..

Right will upload on that later, I won't promise but will try to. Ehem.. hehehe.. now where do I begin. Once upon a time ago, on 25th of March 2011 to be exact, ekekeke.. Matron Mariana of JKNS Penampang, another regular customer of ours ordered four of a-kilo each cakes of three different flavours.

She ordered two yam cakes of a kilo each covered in butter cream. Next on the list was a kilo of carrot walnut cake topped with delicious cream cheese & finally a kilo of chocolate moist cake covered in the most mouth watering chocolate ganache. From what I heard, the cakes were all for the staff of JKNS Penampang to share among them. That was such a noble act & came just at the right time because the next thing I knew there was a malaria outbreak and they all had to be on their feet on 24-hr alert. KUDOS to all in the team! Thanks for your support matron.