Sunday, December 16, 2012

OMG! OMG! Hahaha.. please read on to understand my madness! Thanks all.

All Good Things Must Be Shared Continuously!!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response from all our customers, our Promo Chocolate Moist Cakes were selling fast & hawttt!! During the promotional period last year, we reached a few '*k' in total sales of these heavenly goodies. I know! We ourselves couldn't believe it but.. alhamdulillah. That's the DELICIOUS fact.

Therefore, as a token of appreciation for all of you, we are proudly relaunching, yet again our Promo Chocolate Moist Cake but due to the hike in prices of ingredients, we have no choice but to slightly increase the price to RM12/box for purchase of 1-9 boxes.Hmm.. then what if you buy more than 10 boxes? Are you ready for this?? The price will be RM10/box! Yeyyyy! So group up & order in bulk coz you'll get the discount of RM2/box. Good bargain if you asked me :-)
What can you expect from our Promo Chocolate Moist Cake ? Hope these will help you;
  • Each cake is splashed with generous irresistible Chocolate Ganache & sprinkled with roast almond,
  • what's more, each heavenly delectable cake weighs 700g. YES! Almost 1kg (a fully decorated 1kg chocolate moist cake costs RM45).
  • delivery charge of RM5 is still applicable but for order of more than RM100 you are entitled to FREE delivery! (Applicable to Kota Kinabalu area only).
  • The cake measures 7" x 7" and packed in a square clear box.
No, we are not crazy, nor out of our mind. We just feel like sharing. Sharing is Caring. It's just one of our ways to let our customers taste one of our best kept secret recipes ( or so we think ekekekeke...).
So have you decided yet? Are you sure you want to let go of this ridiculously great offer?? Hehehe.. it's all up to you, but if you are interested this is what you should do;

1. Place your order at least TWO (2) days before through;
  • email }
  • sms (7am - 4.30pm) / call (5pm - 10pm) ~ 016 849 1289
2. Provide your name, address, contact no., details of order &
pick-up or
delivery time.

3. For order of RM12-RM96, you may pay cash upon delivery.
For order of RM100
& above, please pay a deposit of 50% to confirm your order
(we will provide
you with our account number later).

DON'T FORGET: Buy 1-9 boxes } RM12/box
Buy 10 boxes & above } RM10/box

Grab our Promo Chocolate Moist Cake while you still can. Good things don't come to those who wait for too long! Thanks a bunch. Mmuuaaahhh!


  1. hello..
    any special price for door gift?may i know ur shop's location?

  2. Hi, I'm currently based at home only~no shop :-) Special price will b given for bulk order (more than 100pcs) Tq

  3. for the promotion .. how much is the price? i would like to make an order for christmas celebration actually.. but i dont know wheres ur location . do u make a delivery at sepanggar?

  4. tisya,please check ur email later,tq.. ;)

  5. Hi Marlene, the price is already stated = RM10 only :). I'm home based at Bandar Sierra, very close to Sepangar so maybe can self pick up? ..but we can deliver for rm5 as well.

  6. Please check ur email.

  7. Ms tisya, can you let me know about my enquiry. can you confirm if u are able to do that since i haven't receive any reply from u.

  8. I've replied your messages stating I couldn't accept the order as I'm not familiar with the payment method. Sorry & thanks

  9. Ms Tisya,can i make an order for the cake?

  10. Hi there, yes pls email me for the details at @ text me at 0168491289. Thanks

  11. slm tisya...nak order moist choc cake blh?

    1. W'salam dear, so sorry as for the time being saya tak terima order dulu :-). May nanti baru start balik. My sincere apology ya. Thanks

    2. Hi there,

      Kalau I nak order for late Feb2014 boleh ke?
      About 10 boxes or maybe more! :)

      Also, how long do your cakes last? Must be refrigerated?

    3. Hi Neza,

      am so sorry for the late reply. Just got the chance to check my blog..been not well :-(. That would only mean, I'm not able to take any order at the moment.

      Really am terribly sorry for this ya. Do take care

  12. Hi Tisya, are you still taking orders?

    1. Hi Lauryn,

      first & foremost thanks for the inquiry & am terribly sorry for this very very late reply. I'm not able to take any order at the moment as I've not been well. We are expecting a new family member :-). Please do take care ya. Thanks once again