Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farina & Ijam ~ An Engagement ~ 23 April 2011

I would like to begin this entry by congratulating the person who ordered these 'hantaran' cupcakes on behalf of her friends. Dear Meck Zuraizah & Ryem Kicik, congratulations on your recent engagement. Sorry we couldn't make it to the event as we're away in Lahad Datu since it was the 5th day of raya.

It was such an irony that Zue, by far had ordered 'hantaran' cupcakes twice and yet for her own engagement, I couldn't make it. I'm so sorry dear. Nevertheless I'm happy for the both of you. Ryem by the way, is my junior colleague. I kinda know first hand what they had to go through in their relationship in order to reach this stage. They've been courting for quite some time now. So, for them to be finally engaged is just awesome.

Zu ordered our best seller ~ chocolate moist cupcakes with fondant deco and the chosen colors this time around, I must say are quite peculiar; brown & pink! Hehehe.. I seriously thought it wouldn't work out but boy how I was wrong. The cupcakes looked stunning!

Dare to be different. It may or may not work but hey! Life is a mystery, don't take away the beauty of anticipation by always going by the book. Rules are meant to be broken. Otherwise there are no rules at all.. duh?? Please, let the equation be understood hehehe.. Zu thank you so much and reserve one invite for us please. Chioww!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Happy 31st Birthday Ayang" ~ Love; Norafizah

Backlogsssss!!! Yawnn... I seriously need an admin assistant. A third right hand please.. I wish! Hehehehe.. So in honoring my one & a half inches thick of un-updated & un-uploaded completed orders since April, this particular entry is going to be a short one. I'll try my best.. ehem.. hehehehe :-)

This particular order of Blueberry Cheesecake with fresh cream topping was made by Norafizah of JKNS Penampang. It was meant for her husband's 31st birthday last 21st of April, 2011.

Thank you so much Norafizah. She's actually one of our regular customers, you may refer to our entry on her son, Badrie's birthday cake.

There, that's kinda short. Em.. err.. grr.. grr.. okay! Just give me a few lines for extras please.. I promise it's gonna be SHORT. Hehehe.. I received another annoying sms this morning after several missed calls. Apparently, this 'lady' was so desperate to place an order that she forgot her manners. She kept on insisting on quotations and delivery charge, and why I didn't reply her email (when in fact I'd answered all her questions via sms.. duh!). She's one very persistent woman I would say and.. come to think of it, I should feel proud rather than annoyed.. hmm..

Being 'bullied' & 'sabotaged' before have made me more cautious of would be 'customers'. Now, this particular lady, kept on asking the same questions over & over again but refused to answer my query on when she actually needs the cake. I asked her politely to refer to my blog for the menu & price (obviously she would have had the time to do so as apparently she'd been 'waiting' for my email reply). But then again.. she refused to let me state my point. So I had no choice but to turn down her order.

Please don't get me wrong. My customers are my utmost priority. Their happiness is equally mine as well. That's the key word; "HAPPINESS". I repeatedly mentioned on my blog, that this is just my part time 'job' and I love every single moment of it. At times, I love baking more than my full-time job. But I'm NOT that desperate for the money enough to sacrifice my dignity & my happiness. No body deserves to be belittled. So don't blame me for being 'choosy' in terms of accepting orders. I believe in 'chemistry' and so far it's proven in the sense that most of my customers are now my friends. So I guess, there's a limit to how far the saying; "A customer is always right" goes.

That's it for now. As promised } SHORT. Yeah right.. hahahaha!

"Hepi Bufday to Papa & Intan ~ U'll Never Walk Alone

16th of April 2011 ~
It was also coincidentally my mom's 55th birthday and she's in KK to celebrate with us! Yey! It's a very rare occasion to be with mom and dad during their birthdays and anniversary as I used to be away. I stayed in my school's hostel since I was 16, then off to do my degree for six years at IIUM. After I'd graduated I immediately got an offer as a lecturer at a private college in KK for matriculation program and now with Mara. I never once missed sending them birthday cards though and wishing them at the same time. So when I missed their 36th anniversary last August, I was aghast. In the midst of occupying our time with my dad's health condition, I became forgetful which is not me at all. Forgive me mak..
Right, let's be fair to whom this entry is dedicated to; Salina Ag. Tuah. She's the younger sister of our previous customer, Kak Salmah. Salina originally placed an order for 25pcs of cupcakes but changed her mind for a chocolate moist cake with yam filling instead.
The theme was; her husband's fave football club~ Liverpool. Hence the "U'll Never Walk Alone" motto. Hehehehe.. I would have to thank my customers for without them I would still be oblivious with all these football thingies as well as cartoon characters. Thank you so much Salina and even though it was months ago but I still do hope they enjoyed the cake.

Now.. what are the names of those players on the cake again? The one in front on the left looks hawwwtttt... ekekekekeke

* A special message for that SOMEONE: use your own creativity laaa.. Don't sneak & peak & copy laaa... It's NOT nice laaa.. Nanti KANTOI laaaa... Dah kantoi nanti memanas sendiri laaaa... Mulalah kempen sana sini laaa.. muahahahahaha! Doa org teraniaya tu makbul.. jaga-jaga... Bubye!

Happy Birthday Jijie ~ from GBJ

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
~ Walter Winchell

It's 12.10am, 20th of September 2011. This particular order was made by Eftty Syzreena of KL for her bestie; Jijie's birthday on the 15th of April 2011. Yes.. it was FIVE months ago.

Apparently, Jijie had just started working at Unit Pencemaran Industri, Makmal Kesihatan Awam, KK. Effty had ordered a set of 25pcs of our best seller, chocolate moist cupcakes with buttercream deco. She asked me to refer to my previous job for the deco. It was a working day so when we asked for her at the reception counter, she was in the midst of attending a course. One of her superiors came out to inquire our business. Well.. being an educator, PR comes by naturally hehehe.. Not much explanation needed, she 'ordered' someone to call Jijie out. Alhamdulillah.. as the saying goes; "We come in peace.." hahahahaha! Thank you so much Effty.
Hmm.. to date this is the longest duration taken by me to update my blog from the last entry. Things changed, drastically since dad was diagnosed with cancer. Time stopped when we got to know the verdict. It's the waiting game that I loath the most.

What started with minor numbness on my dad's left arm & leg, eventually led to him not being able to control his facial muscles particularly on the left side. We all thought it was all just a result of him not getting enough rest being a workaholic. My dad in fact, spent RM10k in traditional Chinese medicines (which he adores wholeheartedly by the way) in Beijing. In July this year, it became worse after his first admission into the emergency unit ward. That's when series of desperate search for the best treatment started. It has been mentally & physically draining for all in the family. We were conned by a so-called well known cut-throat traditional 'alternative' healer who managed to make a full use of our misery. He performed what's known as 'spiritual surgery' which cost RM7,200. When you are desperate, you tend to ignore your 'sixth' sense, which tries to tell you; something is not right. We all did. We ignored.

We decided on MRIs at damai Specialist for his spinal cord and at Sabah Medical Centre for his brain. A 3-cm tumor was detected on his right perennial brain which explained the numbness he's been feeling on his left side of the body. Luckily, we got hold of the best neurosurgeon in KK; Dr Puli quite fast. A surgery was scheduled on the 7th of September just a week after the tumor was first detected. It all happened so fast. Morale was very low especially on dad's side.

Alhamdulillah, the surgery was a success. He's in ICU for only a day and we spent 10 days in the ward taking turn but mom was there 24/7. Thank God it's a private hospital so everything was served 'fast'. Then we'd to wait for the test result for the tumor. It finally came 4 days after. It's positive for cancer. Our hearts stopped. Dad went through another MRI & endoscopy procedure to determine the source but all came negative. It's only the brain. Alhamdulillah..

Come wednesday 21st, dad will undergo his first radiotherapy. He doesn't know it yet that he has cancer. No. We choose not to tell him yet. Wait til he's strong enough. I just wish people around us are more understanding rather than being too selfish. Suddenly everybody came with their own version of "I-know-it-all-and-I-know-the-best" and started to blame us especially my mom for not choosing & implementing theirs. He's our dad for God's sake! Who in their right mind would not want to give the best to his/her dad??! Stop harassing & be more supportive instead. I know you all meant well but don't push it too much. Ya Allah, please give us the strength to go through this very difficult time. To all the well wishers, families, friends & even foes.. thank you so much for your do'a and no.. I'll not stop baking. It takes a bit of the pain away. Just enough for me to go on..

Text messages from Effty;

"Tq so much kak.. Sweet..cantik.. Nnt ape2 inform ye.."
<15/04/2011; 10.04 AM>

"Laa.. Tq so much kak.. Kesian akak kne tanya dgn boss jijie.. Really2 appreciate it taw.. :-) Suka sgt2 deal dgn kak tisya.."
<15/04/2011; 10:51 AM>

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Secret from Miri... Especially for 'Acul'

It was on the 15th of April 2011 that we were commissioned by "E" of Miri to go undercover. 'She' ordered 25 pieces of chocolate moist cupcakes with buttercream deco all for Mr. Acul of Kota Kinabalu.

Mission Impossible's Soundtrack was playing in the background, or so we thought, just to get us in the mood. It's been a while since the last 'surprising'-a-certain-someone assignment.

Off we went to the 'scene'; Bank Rakyat, Harbour City branch, KK. Shades on, game-plan on, plans A & B and err.. plan E just in case, on. Then, out of the blue, mr. hubby decided to take the game up a notch. He wanted to be in charged. All this while I did the 'surprising-a-customer' part of the job, he claimed himself to be too nervous to do it. Wow! Impressive.. or so I thought hehehehe..

Only when we reached there did I get to know the real reason behind his 'chivalrous' act. Mr. hubby forgot to pay his credit card. So he thought might as well kill two birds with one stone. Now why was I nervous? I hope he concentrated on the right 'bird'. So I decided, to sit back and sweat and let him do the job.

Less than 10 minutes later, he's back. So soon??! He went into the car & acted nonchalantly. Aik?

Me: So? How was it?
Mr. Hubby: Ok bah.. mission accomplished.
Me: Which mission?
Mr. Hubby: Both.
Me: Story mory morning glory in detail please..
Mr. Hubby: I gave him the cake & asked him to help me with the payment.
Me: Hah?? Was he a teller to begin with?
Mr.Hubby: When I asked for him, he came to meet me from the office at the back. So, no I guess.
Me: Abangggg!!! So how did he react? Was he surprised?
Mr. Hubby: Maybe, but the best thing was, I didn't have to cue up to pay.
Me: ya ampuunnn...

So guys & gals, mission successful? You be the judge. To my hubby, you are on probation now hehehehe.. To 'E' of Miri, thank you so much & I hope Mr. Acul didn't mind the 'surprise'. Cheerio!