Friday, October 28, 2011

A Tribute to Mothers Day ~ Series 4

I remember when we were small, my mom used to get all three of us; me, my sis & mom, the same fabric in similar color tailored in the same style.. and we would parade around hand-in-hand laughing our heads of anything.. Anything at all. Life was fairly simple & humble back then, but we're contented. I love my mom..

To continue with our tribute series, we've Belinda of KL, yes another long-distant order (thank God for technology hehehehe..).

She ordered a kilo of our irrisistable blueberry cheesecake with blueberry topping and fresh cream for her lovely mother, Mdm Wong Ngik Ming of Asas Sinar Enterprise, KK. Yummy to the max! Hehehehe.. and Belinda sent an sms stating that her mother loved it as it wasn't as sweet, just nice for her liking. She also asked Belinda for my shop! Aww.. please pray that our dream to own a shop will materialize one day, insyaAllah. Thanks Belinda.

Descriptions of order;
~ 1kg of blueberry cheesecake
~ Blueberry & fresh cream topping

Then there was Mirna, one of our regular customers. She ordered a kilo of our chocolate blueberry cake topped with fresh cream for her mommy. Thanks Mirna.

It's so nice to know that there are many out there who are still embracing the the spirit of Mothers Day, thus putting extra effort in making the most special person in their lives the happiest on that day. No words can describe the sparkles in their eyes, the everlasting smiles on their faces, the blushes on their cheeks.. knowing that they're remembered, honored & most importantly loved. The best thing was; I got to witness these. Thank you to all our customers who had given us their trust to convey their love on behalf. I love u mom! Mmuuaahhh!

Descriptions of order;
~ 1kg of chocolate moist blueberry cake
~ Freshcream deco

A text message from Belinda;

"My mom say the cake vy delicious. She forget to ask which bakery, but i told her is homemade one. Next time find you again. Thanks for this time..hehe.."
<09/05/2011; 1:53 PM>

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Tribute to Mothers Day ~ Series 3

How I wish I could have my mom's lap everyday to sleep on.. Hahahaha! Don't get me wrong, I do love my husband's but who could disagree, mom's the best!

By the way, I'm typing this on my shocking pink new lappy hihihihihi not so much to brag about but hey it's PINK! Call me old school but I'd been having this "love-and-hate" relationship with the previous Acer, I just couldn't let go of it. It was literally on 'life support machines' with depleting memories & wrecked keyboard with the weight of a preggy cow! Okay, I was just exaggerating hehehehe I'm a junk addict! But I so loved it as it was a gift from my dad.. I guess that explains huh?

So when I was technically forced by hubby to get a new one, he had to drag me to the shop. So ya, I'm still trying to 'get to know' my pink lenovo ideapad. Wish us luck!

~ Right, the next order came from Joiee, another long-distant order (KL) for her dear mother also of Penampang. She ordered a set of 25pcs of vanilla cupcakes with buttercream topping and fondant deco. The good thing was, she really knew what she wanted specifically by emailing me the sample deco.

Now, for those of you who are following us, you should know by now that we get lost easily finding ways to our customers' places hahahaha! So below are the exact notes on our order form (part of them actually} for security purpose hihihi) on how to get to Joiee's place;

"fr ..?... - small roundabt - 3 o'clock - shop lots left & right - ....?.... left - go til e end o ....?.... - turn left go straight til e end - Y junction - left hand small slop - turn right straight to e end - end lot double storey Semi D right hand side.."

How's that?? Hehehehe.. we managed to find the place, don't worry hence this entry :-). Joiee's mom was at home as well to receive the delivery. She just couldn't stop smiling.. I was touched. You know what? This is part of my joy in doing this business. It's not the money. It's the happiness in witnessing others' happiness and knowing you hold a share} PRICELESS! Thanks Joiee.

Descriptions of order;
~ 25pcs of Vanilla (M) cupcakes
~ Buttercream & fondant deco

Next, we have Maszetta of JKNS Penampang, who ordered a kilo of our Carrot Walnut cake topped with creamcheese } YUMMY! Thanks Maszetta. No problem in delivering as they are our regular customers. Hundreds of our promo chocolate moist cakes had been ordered almost weekly by staff of JKNS Penampang. From the bottom of our hearts} A BIG THANK YOU to all of you.

Nothing much can be said when it's finally proven that the 'bait' we'd set up, to see whether those 'stalkers' have indeed been 'stalking' our blog, had finally served its purpose = TRAPPING them. Caught red handed. Alhamdulillah.

We have never once pry into their lives but they claimed so. They claimed so many hurtful things, one of them being JEALOUSY. Errr.. of what actually? We are both earning triple fold compared to you! This baking business?? It's really just our passion, not intended to make us billionaires. Hehehehe... Allah works in a mysterious way, it's proven now.

Alhamdulillah, Allah is fair. What they did to us, has in fact makes us grow stronger. For those who never stop believing in us, who have been giving us moral support. May God reward all of you and bestow the best of what life can give to you. Cheerio!

Descriptions of order;
~ 1kg of Carrot Walnut cake
~ Creamcheese topping

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Tribute to Mothers Day ~ Series 2

Let's continue with series 2; Tribute to all the orders on Mothers Day 2011. Love U Even More Mak! .. err.. and mak, good news; your daughter is famous enough to be STALKED on her blog! Hahahaha.. I feel good tarararararara! Keep it coming STALKERS, it's good for my traffic; a BIG thank you to "all of you".

Melissa, another regular customer of ours ordered a set of 25pcs of chocolate moist & pandan flavored cupcakes. Topped with chocolate ganache for the choc moist, and fresh cream for the pandan ones.

Icing on the cupcakes} Happy Mom's Day ~ Love; tito, cici, bb, a.p, win, benot, joy & dad. Thanks Melissa, hope all of you had fun!

Descriptions of order;
~ 25pcs of Chocolate moist & pandan (M) cupcakes
~ Chocolate Ganache, freshcream & fondant deco

A text message from Melissa;

"Got the cuppies already :-) thx! It looks cute n yummy"
<07/05/2011; <3:13 PM>

Moving on to the next order, it's a long-distant one. All the way from Bintulu, Sarawak was Sheila Gilbert. She ordered for a kilo of the sinfully moist Red Velvet cake with fresh cream and sugar flowers. Wait, I'm not done yet, along with her lovely mom's pic. Edible that is hehehe..

We had to deliver the cake to her mom's place somewhere in Penampang and my.. how I was so excited! Never felt as excited in delivering orders before.

Upon reaching her lovely house, we were greeted by Sheila's younger sister I assumed. I was praying hard let her mom be at home. I so wanted to see her surprised & happy face upon receiving the cake from her daughter. YES! She's at home.. and YES she's so visibly happy thanking us several times and managed to interview us before we left hehehe.. That really made my day.

Thank you so much Sheila, I wish you could see how delighted your mom was on that day. She's so lucky to have a very thoughtful daughter like you.

Descriptions of order;
~ 1kg of Red Velvet cake
~ Freshcream & edible image deco

-------> To be continued.. XOXO

A text message from Sheila;

"Awww... Sangat cantik! Mesti my mama very happy.. Thanx soo much kak.."
<08/05/2011; 11:20 AM>

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Am 1 ~ Mia Rafhanah

I just love this cake, I just don't know why. It could be the milk bottle, could also be Mia.. owhh.. it could just be me. I just have a soft spot for babies. Well, who can resist those innocent smiles & longing eyes.. and of course the endless babbling and crying.. the cooing.. and the list goes on & on.

We are reaching our 4th year in marriage and we are still praying and trying for babies. We've been very patient in handling insensitive comments & queries. We also thank those who sincerely are praying for us. Don't worry we are not suicidal yet hahahaha!

Well at least my niece is coming in December and all in the family said that I'm more excited than my sis is. If stocking on baby dresses, jeweleries, shoes, headbands, and everything baby girlie is called excited } then I PROBABLY AM. So what? Hihihihi.. she'll be the luckiest baby girl. I'm already planning a vacation for us.. Hopefully the parents won't mind :-)

This particular cake was ordered by Sharifah Nurafizah of University Apartment. It was a kilo of chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache topping and fondant deco, all for the 1st birthday of baby Mia Rafhanah. Happy Belated Birthday darling.. Hope you all enjoyed the cake. Thank you so much Sharifah for sharing the moment with us at Simply Chantique CupCakery.

Descriptions of order;
~ 1kg of Chocolate Moist cake
~ Chocolate Ganache & fondant deco

A Tribute to Mothers Day ~ Series 1

This is a tribute to all the orders during Mothers Day 2011. I Love You Mom!

~ Pn. Anis of Jabatan Alam Sekitar, a returning customer, ordered a kilo of our mouth watering Carrot Walnut cake, with strawberry paste and topped with Lemon Cream Cheese. She asked me to refer to my previous work for the deco.

Okay, they may look like strands of spaghetti laid around hahahaha..!! But come on, cut me some slack. It's all in the name of 'art' hehehehe.. Thank you so much Pn. Anis.

Descriptions of order;
~ 1kg of Carrot Walnut cake
~ Strawberry paste filling
~ Creamcheese topping

~ Next in line is the order made by my ex student, Esther Kath. A lovely, bubbly girl and bright as well.

She ordered two sets of our Mothers Days cupcakes, a set of which consisted of four L sized cupcakes with fondant deco, all nicely tucked in beautifully decorated boxes.

Thank you so much dear Esther. I pray for your future undertaking. Please proceed with your plan in furthering your study okay dear.

Descriptions of order;
~ 4pcs/each set of Chocolate moist (L) cupcakes
~ Chocolate Ganache & fondant deco
~ Packaging } Clear window box inclusive of ribbon

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 41st Birthday Daddy! ~ Love; Erica, Ischa & Mommy

It's supposed to be a "wordless-Wednesday" day for bloggers today. It's a day when a picture-says-a-thousand-words kinda day & we are not supposed to write anything to explain or anything similar for that matter. Not even a clue. Why Wednesday? Don't ask. I just found out about it anyway and decided to play along.

But hey! I just can't help it hehehehe.. Anyway, I do have something amusing to share with you today. Was 'forraging' with hubby somewhere in Lintas, then we came across this;
Translation } VACANCY ~ Fried Banana Fritters

Got it?? If not, then I'm totally "wordless" ekekekeke...
Ok this particular entry is dedicated to Elizabeth Luan who ordered a set of 41pcs of vanilla cupcakes with yummilicious white chocolate topping and edible images of MU; her hubby's fave football club. The cupcakes were meant for her husband's, Erica & Ischa's dad's 41st birthday last 6th of May, 2011. Hope they all were happy with the cupcakes! Thanks Elizabeth :-)

As a mark of respect for this "wordless Wednesday" thingy, I'll end this entry here. I'll make up to it in the next entry grrr.. grrr... hehehehe well at least I tried to be almost "wordless". NOT!

Descriptions of order;
~ 41pcs of vanilla cupcakes
~ White chocolate topping & edible images deco