Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's A Baby-Blue Wedding ~ 8th of June 2011

I'm at my most alert state when it rains.. don't ask me why. When the rest of the world prefers to sleep it off, I would 'psyche' myself around inhaling the smell of the rain.. Have you ever tried to inhale the cold musty fresh smell of the green grass when it rains? Simply heaven.. A classic case of "One Man's Medicine is Another Man's Poison"? Or vice versa?

This was the second wedding cake ordered by JoAnne. The first being the purple 3-tiered cakes for her sister's wedding in Telupid.

The 3kg-2kg-1kg yummy lemon butter cake, were covered in baby blue fondant with off white sugar flowers. Simple yet classic. Since butter cakes are more dense than sponge cakes, my baby blue cakes here were not as 'tall', but I still adore them. Less is more.
Well at least some times hehehe.. Thanks JoAnne & you may keep the cake pillars lah ;-)

It's rainy season here in KK. We had a short trip to Kundasang last weekend just to enjoy the cold rain with the windows down and the trickling of rain drops on our faces. Had a lovely dinner, just the two of us, at the foot of the mountain. It helped to ease the pain a bit.. just enough to carry on. See you in the next entry.Hugs & kisses.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Wedding of Lena Quadra & Neil ~ 4th of June 2011

"You know you are in love
when you see the world in her eyes,
and her eyes everywhere in the world."
~ David Levesque ~

The wedding was held at Promenade hotel, where we had our wedding reception as well last time. So it's a journey down the memory lane hehehe..

It all started with emails exchanged between me & Lena at first then I had the honor to take things to the next level with Lena's mom, Y.A.B Datin Rahimah Quadra, the Managing Director of Sunshine Mastercare Sdn. Bhd., a successful Educationist & businesswoman. Datin had recently received the Sabah Outstanding Woman Figure Award 2011. Congratulations Datin.

Datin had at first ordered a total of 400pcs L sized chocolate moist & lemon cupcakes with buttercream & sugar flowers deco. These were then individually packed in our clear dome packaging.

A week before the actual date, the number had increased to 1000pcs hehehe.. due to last-minute guests' confirmation on attendance. Datin had also ordered cupcakes tier; "just make as many as possible to fit the tiers, Tisya" hehehe..

Lena & her New Zealander husband, Neil's wedding was very unique. The 'akad nikah' was done at the hall adjacent to the Grand Ballroom where the reception took place. Very convenient if you asked me.

We had to 'transport' all the cupcakes in both cars; mine & hubby's. Lena's dad; Y.A.B Datuk Kamal Quadra the former Sabah Education Director, the current Chairman of Kolej Yayasan Sabah, was the first to greet us at the ballroom. Was he a charming character, very down to earth & easy going.

As we were setting up the cupcakes tier, we were suddenly swarmed by the pastry chefs, a number of them asking questions on the tiers, how many cupcakes could fit the 6-tier stand, etc etc. Alamak! So embarrassing hehehe.. they should know better. Err.. shouldn't they?

Us, with Y.A.B Datuk Kamal Quadra & Neil's brother

Anyway, I would like to thank Y.A.B Datuk & Datin & of course the newly wedded couple, Lena & Neil for the invaluable experience. Congratulations on your lovely wedding Lena, it's a pleasure to share some part of it with you & your awesome family. To the banquet team on that day, especially to Mdm Suezanna, thank you as well for being such a great help.

Another day filled with lots of love... what more could we ask for.

The Birthday of Harris Izzudin of Lahad Datu, Sabah.

4th June 2011 ~ Thank God for Tung Ma! Hehehehe.. the cheapest, most efficient & trustworthy mode of courier service. "Tung Ma" literally means "Golden Horse" and it's one of the largest long distance bus companies in Sabah. There are many more out there, but it's always Tung Ma regardless of the irritating harassment by the other companies' thugs at the central station. It could go awfully crazy at times, and ironically the nearest police station is just across the road. Sheeshh!

Thanks to our newly-found friends at the ticketing counters & some of the bus drivers, now we only have to call them & they'll just stop over on their way to Sandakan, Lahad Datu & Tawau. That's the price of 'TRUST'. The best thing is, they will always make sure that our package is given the '1st class' treatment; nicely positioned next to the bus driver so he could keep a watchful eye on it. Hehehehehe! That's friendship.

Let's get back to business, this long distance order came from Ayu Fidura of Lahad Datu, my beloved home town. She ordered 100pcs of L sized chocolate moist cupcakes with choc paste filling & edible images of Mickey & friends.

All were individually packed with our clear dome packaging, inclusive of ribbons & thank you tags. All for the birthday of Harris Izzudin, the apple of Ayu's eyes. Thank you so much Ayu and hope it's not too late to wish Harris a very belated Happy Birthday dear hehehehe...

I leave you with this very amusing quote I found on the net on 'birthdays'. Hope it'll be decades of birthdays before this happens hehehehe.. Chiow for now!

"First you forget names; then you forget faces; then you forget to zip up your fly; and then you forget to unzip your fly."
~Branch Rickey

The Wedding of Queen Afzan ~ 4th of June 2011

Immature love says: "I love you because I need you."
Mature love says: "I need you because I love you."
~ Erich Fromm ~

Whoaa.. Simply Chantique CupCakery is into royalties now.. hahahaha! Alarmed with the title of today's entry? Don't be, just yet hehehehe.. that's just the 'email add' name for our customer, Afzan of Tamparuli. Well, at least she's the queen of her husband's heart :)

Afzan had ordered a 2-tier wedding cake; 2kg-1kg chocolate moist cakes with red & pink fondant deco. She'd earlier provided me with a sample for me to refer to. The cake may look less proportionate but we're just following the sample given hehehe.. come to think of it, if only we added another top tier, the cake would look even better. But hey! Life is about experimenting. Glad everything went well & Afzan was opened for creativity.

Afzan had also ordered a set of 25pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with fondant deco of garden theme in pink as well. I guess they were arranged around the wedding cake? Hehehe.. just wished Afzan could share her wedding pic with us.

Anyway, a big thanks to her then fiance for picking up the cake & cupcakes even though he got lost as well going round and round the roundabout hehehehe... Congratulations to Afzan & hubby. Cheers people! Spread the love y'all..

A text message from Afzan;

"Hi Tisya..luv ur cup cakes.. ;-). Yes all went well.."
<05/05/2011; 3:25 PM>

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Moments to Share~ The Wedding of Ervie & Sheldon

Picture courtesy of Thress

"We can do no great things;
only small things with great love."
~ Mother Teresa ~

04 June 2011 ~ The wedding was held in Tambunan BUT the 3-tier wedding cakes literally 'traveled' for hours from KK to the location. Well to be exact, the bride's sister; Thressie (whose recent wedding was 'cakely' covered by Simply Chantique CupCakery as well hehehe..) drove the cake there. Yes, the cakes survived the grueling journey! How she did it, I've no idea but KUDOS to Thress!

For those who are familiar with the road to Tambunan would understand what I meant. The long winding, zig-zaggy road could prove to be treacherous at times presenting hidden and unsuspected dangers. Yet again, the views.. my oh my.. the picturesque views are beyond words. Pray that I'll have the time to update on my beloved Sabah Land Below the Wind, just to prove my claim hehehe..

Thress ordered the 3-tier pink wedding cakes on behalf of her sis; 3kg of Vanilla sponge cakes, 2kg of Yam cake & 1kg of chocolate moist cake. All covered in fondant with sugar flowers.

I was so worried when I got to know that the cakes would go on a long distance journey. Furthermore they were stacked instead of using pillars. Thess was more confident that I was. When she tagged me the picture of her lovely sis & hubby in their traditional costumes, cutting the cake, then only I felt relieved. Even though the cake looked slightly tilted, but it remained strong hehehe... thanks to the very important wooden dowels inside.

Thank you so much Thress for transporting the cake & also for your support. Congratulations to Ervie & Sheldon and.. wait for the updates on Thress & Bobbie's wedding. Cheers!

A text message from Thres;

"Thank God madam, slmt jg, wlupun ada dtk2 mencms kan hehe, cntk itu kek dorng bilang, trima kasih bnyk madam,"
<04/06/2011; 11:56 AM>

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Love Story ~ Suriantika & Mubin

Picture courtesy of Sue & Mubin

29th of May 2011 ~ Another long distance order that came from Sue of Kg. Pandasan, Kota Belud. She's a returning customer who had first ordered a cheesecake for her then fianc
é, Mubin.

So we embarked again on a scenic one hour's drive to Kota Belud, "Land of the Cowboys of the East" as it's famously known. The sobriquet is derived from the local Bajau Horsemen, who normally ride in their colorful traditional attires. Kota Belud is also famous for its "Tamu Besar" (Big Open Market) every Sunday, too bad it's closed when we got there.

Sue's wedding reception was in the evening so we decided to stay overnight in Kota Belud. It's easier as we didn't have to rush home after setting up the cake & cupcakes. Most importantly, it'd been a while since our last holiday hehehehe.. so it was just the great escape that we needed!

We requested for the Kota Belud Hotel, as last time it was occupied by Shell Berhad. Upon checking in, then only we're told that we would be the only ones staying in the 3-storey building. Err.. come again??

It didn't take us long to decide for the rest house then as the challets were also fully occupied :( . It was already too late to find another hotel. The rest house was in almost a sorry state but still comfortable, we both are not the 'demanding' type especially when we saw to the spectacular view. If only the management could do some renovation, revamping, refurbishing & refurnishing works (they claimed they would). It would be such a waste if they were to neglect the place.

Sue had ordered a kilo of marble orange & chocolate cake along with 100pcs of M sized cupcakes of the same flavor. The inspiration was Sue's beloved mother's yellow "Cattleya" orchids and she got them! Hehehe.. only that they're edible & quite expensive, but hey! It's a once-in-a-life-time event. Your wishes may come true.. hehehehe...

The beautiful green fondant "Cattleya" cake along with the cupcakes were arranged on our "Exora" 3-tier custom made wrought iron cake stand to enhance the magic. It was raining that night, but I managed to sneak in to meet with the gorgeous bride & her handsome groom.

The journey home was very pleasant with a 'buffet' of panoramic views. Congratulations Sue & Mubin on your wedding, it was an honor to be a part of your most memorable day. Thank you so much. Gonna miss our new kitty friend though :( Cheers!