Thursday, November 24, 2011

Moments to Share~ The Wedding of Ervie & Sheldon

Picture courtesy of Thress

"We can do no great things;
only small things with great love."
~ Mother Teresa ~

04 June 2011 ~ The wedding was held in Tambunan BUT the 3-tier wedding cakes literally 'traveled' for hours from KK to the location. Well to be exact, the bride's sister; Thressie (whose recent wedding was 'cakely' covered by Simply Chantique CupCakery as well hehehe..) drove the cake there. Yes, the cakes survived the grueling journey! How she did it, I've no idea but KUDOS to Thress!

For those who are familiar with the road to Tambunan would understand what I meant. The long winding, zig-zaggy road could prove to be treacherous at times presenting hidden and unsuspected dangers. Yet again, the views.. my oh my.. the picturesque views are beyond words. Pray that I'll have the time to update on my beloved Sabah Land Below the Wind, just to prove my claim hehehe..

Thress ordered the 3-tier pink wedding cakes on behalf of her sis; 3kg of Vanilla sponge cakes, 2kg of Yam cake & 1kg of chocolate moist cake. All covered in fondant with sugar flowers.

I was so worried when I got to know that the cakes would go on a long distance journey. Furthermore they were stacked instead of using pillars. Thess was more confident that I was. When she tagged me the picture of her lovely sis & hubby in their traditional costumes, cutting the cake, then only I felt relieved. Even though the cake looked slightly tilted, but it remained strong hehehe... thanks to the very important wooden dowels inside.

Thank you so much Thress for transporting the cake & also for your support. Congratulations to Ervie & Sheldon and.. wait for the updates on Thress & Bobbie's wedding. Cheers!

A text message from Thres;

"Thank God madam, slmt jg, wlupun ada dtk2 mencms kan hehe, cntk itu kek dorng bilang, trima kasih bnyk madam,"
<04/06/2011; 11:56 AM>


  1. Hi there, what a nice cake! My bff asked me to make a wedding cake for her but i am worried of the same problem, mind to share where you bought the wooden dowels in KK? Did u stack your cakes using straws and dowels? Or only dowels? Pls help. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jue, u sent me a text message just now right? I'll reply k.