Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Lahad Datu to Kunak ~ Seafood Hunting!

We just returned from my home town in Lahad Datu for the recent Chinese New Year holiday. My dad is recuperating & rejuvenating alhamdulillah. I wish to say the same thing for my mom but she just looked so fatigued. My father has turned into this reclusive 'baby', who demands attentions all the time. I just couldn't understand what phase is my dad going through now. Is this normal?

Through readings, surfing the net & asking around I find solace in knowing this is typical among cancer patients. But demanding everyone around him especially mom to be as depressed as he is.. is just too much! Please don't get me wrong, we love him dearly but what he's doing is not doing him any good. I'm not going into details to prove my claim. Rest assured, we know our dad.

I have to be strong, for mom & for my sister.. and of course for dad as well. So whenever I'm with them, I have to pay a great cost of multi-tasking; a daughter, a joker in the family, a woody woodpecker who chatter non-stop just to break the eerie silence hehehehe...

Attempts after attempts went to the drain. Then one fine day, I finally managed to literally drag my dad out of the home & went for seafood hunting! I want him to remember how we used to enjoy this as a family. I want him to reminisce how closed we're before. I want him to be the husband & the father we used to know...

Tears aside, so off we went with hubby as the chauffeur to Kunak, about 1 1/2- hour drive from Lahad Datu. Dad was silent all the way except for some occasional sighs despite me yapping away and singing along to the CDs . Mom was extra happy to finally get away from things.

Just after Kg. Silam, amidst all the palm trees we reached our first destination. Don't be fooled with the quaint look of these wooden shacks. We've been 'patronizing' them like forever! Hehehe.. why?? They've got the freshest, biggest, most gorgeous mud crabs! .. and they're so cheap! I mean just look at our catch on that day, they cost us RM35 ONLY!

Need I exaggerate more?? They never sell the crabs in kilos, they use wooden boxes instead. So if you are lucky, as we were :) you may get 7-10 crabs in one box with just RM35. How much do you think they will cost in any seafood restaurants in KK? ...and that's not all. Did you notice the rows of plastic bags hanging? Those were seashells; RM1/plastic. Yes you read right. RM1 ONLY! Argghhh... We bought three bags of those hihihihi..

About half an hour later, we stopped by at Pusat Sejadi Forest Reserve Madai Baturong, Kunak. It's famous for it's waterfall, ginormous trees & equally larger than life giant yam plants. Seeing is believing. We managed to frolic with the giants before getting a 'warning' call from dad tih tih tih...

Just another half an hour later, we finally reached our destination; the humble town of Kunak. It still maintains some of the wooden shops built in the 60s & 70s. We decided to drive all the way to the 'end' of the town hehehe... actually this is one of the main attractions. You get to see the fishing boats/ships docking right next to the wet market selling the catch. Talking about fresh produce. Literally!

The pretty & unique sighting was a bit marred by the existence of a few illegal immigrants both young ones & adults who persistently harassed the workers on the boat for free fish. We took off when the scene became worse and was welcomed with a 'buffet' of fresh seafood and very cheap too! Tuna, mackerel, sardines and all the other unknown species.

I was singing my happy song when I saw my fave 'species'. The blue prawns or maybe baby lobsters or maybe just overgrown prawns. Blah! Who cares I just love them! The price? RM35/kilo. Yeah it's our "RM35-day". This lady was drooling all over... hehehehehe and the seller was a polite man as well despite seeing me tangoing around with the prawns.

We stopped by at some of the stalls selling bananas at RM1/bunch. Aiyoooo! Why can't we get these back in KK?? Ignore the unhygienic side of the 'location'. These are small traders. An RM1-sale means a lot to them.

Mum said it was our lucky day. We managed to buy all the seafood on our 'wish list'. Dad was extra happy to see us all busying around in the kitchen. He even managed to force his weak hands cracking up a crab's claw for me.. it's tradition.. and that just got the best of me. Thanks dad! Thanks crabby mr crab!

..and yeah start googling for Lahad Datu! Cheerio!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Velvet with Lemon Cream Cheese for Shana

21st of July 2011 ~ Another RV rolling out from Simply Chantique Cupcakery's kitchen all the way to one of our regulars, Shana of TM Net, KK.
It was frosted in my fave lemon cream cheese. Who could ever resist that??!

Thank you so much Shana for your continuous support. This is going to be a very short entry. Yeah! Believe it or not.. hehehehe just to prepare you for the my 1st entry on my beloved Sabah, Land Below the Wind. See ya!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kinabalu Golf Club Staff Party!

15th of July 2011 ~ Siti of Kinabalu Golf Club or KGC for short, Tanjung Aru had ordered a 3-kg chocolate blueberry cake. The cake was frosted in buttercream & topped with an edible image of the club's logo.

It was a huge cake, but hubby managed to deliver it safely despite the traffic jam hehehehe..

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, reader, friends & family out there, a Happy Chinese New Year! May the utmost prosperity, happiness & harmony be bestowed upon us. One thing for sure, this 'DRAGON' will roar this year! Yearghhhh!! err.. or maybe roaarrrrrrrrrr!!! Hehehehe... thanks Siti!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Airis & Happy 4th Birthday Yaya!

10th of July 2011 ~ Another order from Kak Yatt, a dear friend, my ex colleague when I first taught at Kolej Ibukota Kinabalu. She's with UMS now.

She had ordered two cakes; a kilo of chocolate moist cake for lil Airis' 1st birthday & a 2-kilo Vanilla Butter cake with edible image of Dora for Yaya's 4th birthday. They're so adorable!

The chocolate moist cake was frosted in chocolate ganache whereby the vanilla butter cake was covered in fresh cream.

Gosh how I miss our KIK days.. Like I'd stated before we've been having mini reunions whenever time permits. I missed a few really hehehe.. but the people I'd worked with were some of the best people I've known all my life. It was pure honesty & sincerity.

I'd also bumped into my ex matriculation students and I'm so proud of them. Some are doctors, engineers, lecturers, Phd holders at such young age and some are even my customers :) Regardless of the occasional cases of ex-students turned snobs hehehe.. I remember one who told me, she's a certified translator now simply for the 'advise' that I'd once given to her. Aww.. how thoughtful of her..
With some of the best people I've known in my life

I thank Allah for the beautiful things in my life.. to be surrounded by kind hearted people who have managed to splash colors all over my canvas of life. Whoaaa! Hahahaha.. I guess my literature degree still has its prominent effect here. Cheers!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Raining Blue Cupcakes for Lorna!

10th of July 2011 ~ Lorna is my friend; June's cousin. It was her engagement if I'm not mistaken :) hehehe.. correct me if I'm wrong June!

She had ordered 50pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes along with another 50pcs of carrot walnut ones as well. All of these were frosted with simple blue buttercream with sugar flowers.

I'm updating this from the height of 24oo feet above sea level. Hehehe.. we are still on solid ground though. It's a last minute getaway with hubby, more of an impulse decision, one that we didn't really give a thought really.

We are regular patrons here as it's just minutes away from home. How convenient is that?? Still wondering? Google this heaven on earth; Will have an update on this.

My spa session is scheduled for tomorrow, early in the morning 7am.. yawnnnn!! It's back to work for me after four long months of unpaid leave and that will only mean back to routine. I hate routines. Need to rejuvenate. Refresh. Reformat. Revamp. Retaliate?? Err... Cheers!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Congratulations on Your Engagement ~ Cikgu Jesz

8th of July 2011 ~ My previous design for Nor Faihah's engagement cupcakes had once again, inspired the next project. I told you so, the design is contemporary, simple yet elegant.

This time around, it had caught the attention of Miss Jesz who's teaching in Menumbok (at press time hihihi.. :)).

She'd ordered 25pcs of L size chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate paste filling. Donned in turquoise color fondant which proved to be a challenging color to 'conjure' hehehehe... sounds like a witch's potion there. Thanks to Wilton edible colors! Swear by the collections.

Now cikgu Jesz is originally from Tawau, so the cupcakes, which were arranged nicely in a decorated window box, were 'flown' there.

We didn't have the chance to meet her in person. Thanks to the left luggage facility at KKIA and also the staff on duty that day. He's such a helpful chap, very patient with my requests on how to handle the precious box, on not to leave the box out of his sight, on contacting me should there be any problems yada yada yadaaaa.. Good job Mr. errr.. should have asked his name.

Thank you so much Jesz & congratulations once again on your engagement. Cheerio!