Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perhaps.. Less is MORE Indeed :)

22nd of July 2011 ~ This was one last-minute favor for a colleague of mine, my senior back in uni, a regular customer of ours; Mr Ben.

An 8-pc engagement cupcakes set for his niece's engagement 'hantaran'. Since he placed the order only a day before, he left it to my so called expertise to come up with the design.

The theme colors were red & pink so here are the results! I would have to say, less does work at times hehehehe...

Thanks Mr. Ben!

Happy 9th Birthday dear Alexander Ritikos

6th of August 2011 ~ Alexander is the son of Mr. Steve Ritikos who is the DOD of Civil for Attorney General Sabah Branch and the mother is Angela Ubu who runs a law firm in Damai. Both are prominent lawyers.

The order though was placed by Caroline who manages the offices, properties & home of Alexander's parents. She had ordered 1 1/2 kilos of chocolate moist cake topped with chocolate ganache and a total of 52pcs of vanilla & chocolate moist cupcakes which were all frosted with buttercream.

Caroline had ordered again from us on two occasions but you'll have to wait for the next updates hehehehe.. yeah yeah.. procrastinator in da house!!

She's kind enough to share with us a photo of Alexander on his birthday and most importantly, this email of hers really made us smile from ears to ears.
"Dear Tisya,
tq for the wonder cakes and cupcakes which was delivered to us last Sunday fro Alexander Ritikos 9th birthday. Really makes the parents proud and happy with the utmost nice, pretty and capable delicious cakes that u have made. Both parents are lawyers, where the father Steve Ritikos is the DOD of Civil for Peguam Negara Cawangan Sabah and the mother is Angela Ubu who runs of law firm in Damai. I managed both office, there property and home. ;-) so should u need any legal matter, do put us in ya..."
(via email ~ Sunday, 7 August, 2011 10:04 PM)

Thank you so much Caroline & Happy Belated Birthday dear Alexander!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Darling Isabelle!

30th of July 2011 ~ Another order from of our regular, Melissa J of Wawasan Plaza, KK. This time around she had ordered a kilo of our best seller chocolate moist cake with delectable chocolate ganache topped with an edible image of Hello Kitty. Simply adorable!

Talking about our edible image, alhamdulillah we are glad to say that we print out our own image and that just means that we are using halal icing sheet bought directly from our supplier in KL. So, you don't need to have any doubts okay ;).

It's just that, we haven't got the chance to launch our edible image printing service as the stock is just enough for our own use. Another main reason is that, the sheets come in a box of 50pcs and my.. they are so heavy! The postage fees cost almost the same as the price of the icing sheets. Hehehe.. but fret not, we stop at nothing to give you only the best insyaAllah.

Am extra happy today as I've received my first 'experimental' purchase of Shana embroidered kaftan top from the much raved and I must say.. they did a very efficient job indeed! KUDOS to all in the team. Am going to be a fan from now on. Til then, hugs & kisses from us at Simply Chantique CupCakery.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hold Your Breath ~ Cute Nurses in da House!

29th of July 2011 ~ Hehehehe.. don't be alarmed with the title, well I didn't mean it literally but I do technically though. Well at least 'sugar-pastily' hihihihihi! Owhh.. you know what I mean..

Azlina, who's on confinement had ordered a set of 25pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with strawberry paste filling. The cupcakes were for a farewell party meant for a colleague of hers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in KK who was about to be transferred.

My oh my, I was so glad that the nurses were all happy upon receiving these. A text message from Azlina ;

" Ok n akan promote di ward sbb mrk smua suka dgn ur cup cake, esp da nurses figure :) "
(Azlina, 30-07-2011, 08:45pm)

... made my day. Thank you so much dear. Cheerio!

It's a Gothic Birthday for Norazura Anne

26th of July 2011 ~ Things are getting groovier here at Simply Chantique CupCakery and we are loving every second of it! Hehehe..

This particular project was commissioned by Norazura Anne of KK for he own birthday. She wanted something different & came out with this topsy turvy design. Cool eyh!

The cake was a 2-tier 1 & 1/2 kilos of chocolate sponge cake and we had fun doing it! All were edible except for the pretty butterflies. The cake was topped with shaved dark chocolate.. heaven! Thank you so much Anne & hope you had a blast during your birthday.


I would like to share some thoughts with all of you my readers out there. I'm not so sure whether the same thing would be the case if we were to have a decent shop officially. It's this small little thing with customers who would ask for a discount. Don't get me wrong. It's the customers' right really but to ask for so much & yet asking us for a discount is just a bit too much don't you think?

If you really read the 'Menu & Price', we would give you discount for bulk orders (more than 100pcs of cupcakes & fancy cookies & even wedding cakes). We even gave our previous customers on-the-spot discounts in forms of pricing, extra decorations & even extra of everything.

Please consider us as a home-based small business. It takes time, effort & money to come up with a creation. We are giving the best of quality with halal ingredients. We will try our best to meet up with your expectations but please try to understand that with every extra request, comes extra charge. The cheapest would only mean the simplest & easiest (by logic).

We thought, if it was only at Secret Recipe, Southern, Strawberry and any other established bakeries around KK, would one be asking for discounts? Feel sorry for us.. in a way :(

Here's the scenario;
Asking price? = RM15 for a full fondant deco with sugar paste flowers plus sugar butterfly figurines for all 25pcs of S sized cupcakes (in which the minimum order is 36pcs).

To all my dear readers out there } you decide. Does it do us any justice? Luv u lots. Cheerio!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday Amirah Saffa Aqilla

24th of July 2011 ~ Haniza of Taman Ria, Lintas had ordered a kilo of our blueberry cheesecake as well as 60pcs of chocolate moist, vanilla & lemon cupcakes. All these were topped with pink & white buttercream. Thank you so much Haniza.

The world is saddened over the recent demised of Whitney Houston. Another great & untimely lost. Drugs abuse does nothing to you.

What was Bobby crying for?? This was expected right..? Hmm.. sorry for the outburst. Well, life has to go on. I just surely hope, many will learn from this.

Our schedule is getting more packed now, alhamdulillah for the trust & support. Despite our image being tarnished by certain individuals who, carry no level of whatsoever importance in our lives but have taken ours as their priority hehehehe.. Thank you. Allah is the Most Compassionate & Most Merciful. He Knows. He Sees. He Gives. Til then, hugs & kisses.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Red-Velvet Moment to Remember ~ Dewi's Engagement

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever."
~Alfred Lord Tennyson

23 July 2011 ~ I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to all my customers for without their 'dreams' we would never have reached ours today.

It's because of you that we keep on challenging ourselves to step up the game & to leave our comfort zone. This is yet another project that I'm so happy with.

Dewi of Inanam had ordered our Red Velvet cake for the 'hantaran' cake and another 60 pieces of chocolate moist & orange butter cupcakes topped with fresh cream and fondant flowers of the same theme as the cake.

Dewi opted for an unconventional choice of color as the main theme; BLACK. It worked! The cake looked elegant but very time consuming as it's not easy to cover a tall cake with fondant. You have to work fast.

Thank you so much dear Dewi and oh yeah, she had also commissioned us to do her wedding cake as well. Expect to see another masterpiece hehehe.. Wait for the update. Cheerio!

A text message from Dewi;

"Kak Tisya, got d cake oredi. Love it so much. Thank u soo much.."
<23/07/2011; 10:32 AM>