Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a Hello Kitty Cake for Phoebe Andrea's 3rd Birthday

23rd September 2011 ~ Another order that came from Melissa J of Wawasan Plaza.

This time it's a chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache topping and an edible image of Hello Kitty.

The request? Darling Phoebe requested for all PINK cake and a pink cake she got indeed hehehehe... Thank you so much Melissa & a very Happy Belated Birthday dear Phoebe Andrea.

We are planning another vacation soon. One of my childhood fantasies really. It has always been my dream to visit all the 7 Wonders of the World but I'm confused now ever since a 'NEW' list of Wonders of the World were voted down against the previous ones.

So, Plan B came into action! Hehehehe.. wait for the updates. Cheerios!

A Peachy Red Velvety Engagement

16th September 2011 ~ Another engagement cake for another regular customer; Mirna. Thanks a bunch dear!

This time she chose a kilo of Red Velvet cake donned in gold, peach & brown colored fondant & sugar flowers. The combination worked indeed.

Alhamdulillah, lately we've been commissioned with bigger projects and get to work with companies, VIPs And some local higher learning institutions. It's all a good bounty experience for us. Thank you Allah.. atas rezeki yang melimpah ruah.

Even though we have to put our biggest dream on hold at the moment due to some family matters but fret not.. it's slowly but surely will materialize, insyaAllah. Pray for us ya!

My Dania is becoming more active each day. She's an expert in making funny faces now. I'll share one pic for the sake of sharing my happiness hehehehe.. Isn't she a darling??? XOXO
That's me & my Dania grinning at her lil 'aunt' Izzlyn

A Red Velvety 32nd Birthday!

16th September 2011 ~ Another delicious & sinfully addictive Red Velvet cake went out of our kitchen all the way to Jiza in Kepayan.

She's one of our regulars and very pretty too :-)

This time around she had ordered a kilo of our Red Velvet cake topped with cream cheese for someone's birthday, someone in the family I guess as no mention of the person's name hehehehe...

Thank you so much for the umpteenth time dear Jiza.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my regular customers, my friends as well; Liza Mailin, her sisters; Kak Linda & Faridah for a very thoughtful gesture. They prepared this local & very popular as well as time consuming delicacy called 'KOLUPIS'.

It's a glutinous rice cake cooked in thick coconut milk and then wrapped with 'daun NYIRIK' that are in abundant in Papar, Sabah area where kolupis is native to the community there. Don't ever think of wrapping the kolupis in other leaves hokeyyy! Hehehehe.. they're quite adamant in using nyirik.

It's then steamed for hours until it's thoroughly cooked. Yup! You read right, it's cooked TWICE. You may eat it dipped in satay sauce or even on its own coz it tastes heavenly! Here they are;

I was so touched with this & I could have updated on this long time ago but I've been waiting for the right time that permits me to convey my gratitude in just the right choices of words coz the siblings deserve them. Believe it or not, I cried when I received the kolupis.. call me soapy, who cares hehehehe...

Another email from the lovely Azrina Ho, a pilot in the making and one of our regular customers & now a friend, struck just the right cord in my heart when she stated;

"Thanks so much for ur help dear. Ur such a nice person, that's what makes people to be in loooooove with u and ur cakes. Cause its fill with love...."
~ via email Thursday, 8 March, 2012, 6:11 AM

Awww.... Someone!! Hand me some tissue plizzzzz!!! Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! Hugs & kisses from me & us at Simply Chantique CupCakery.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Naira!

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."
~William Staffor

18th September 2011 ~ Another order by gorgeous mommy, Shana of TM Net KK. This time, it was for the apple of her eye, her daughter, Naira's 2nd birthday.

Shana had ordered 2 kilos of our chocolate moist cake topped with chocolate ganache and an edible image of Naira's fave cartoon character; Dibo!

Shana was also kind enough to let me 'shop' around for the birthday party's pics on her FB hehehehe... thank you so much dear!
Last week was kinda stressful for me & my team. We're tested beyond our limits but we managed to stay put. Working with people who have low EQ could very much be a demanding & challenging task; physically & emotionally... but hey! Where's the fun being NORMAL right??! Cheerio!
Picture courtesy of Shana's FB
Picture courtesy of Shana's FB

A text message from Shana;

"Salam kak.. tqvm for the cake. Everybody was amazed by it. My daughter didn't want to lepas the cake from her sight. She loved it and so did i! We all loved it kak! tqvm kak for the sedap and lawa cake!"
<18/09/2011; 7:59 PM>

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thank You ~ from David & Sandra~20th September 2011

"I learnt a long time ago that the only two people who count in any marriage are the two that are in it."
~ Hillary Rodham Clinton

19th September 2011 ~ This was our first project using our newly purchased, very expensive imported stencils from the UK for fancy cookies, and the lucky customers were Sandra & her husband David. Yeay!! Hehehe...

Sandra had ordered 60pcs of our chocolate chips butter cookies in L size with pink, baby blue & lilac colored royal icing as the frosting.

These were very time consuming but look at the gorgeous result... (mode = masuk bakul angkat sendiri but who cares hokeyyy hahahahaha!).

She had also ordered our promo chocolate moist cakes which came in clear box, with added ribbons as giveaways for some of their guests who couldn't make it to their wedding. That's very thoughtful of Sandra & David.

Anyway, we have more new designs for fancy cookies so if you are interested, please email/sms us for inquiry.

Thank you so much Sandra & David, may happiness be yours for eternity. Hugs & kisses!

Angry Birds' Cake for the Love of Darren's Life

18 September 2011 ~
I hope this entry is still not too late with regard to the 'angry birds' craze out there hehehehe.. Any new 'birds' coming up??

Darren who's based in Kuching had 'secretly' ordered a kilo of chocolate moist cake with fondant deco of all the angry birds, to be 'secretly' delivered to Grand Borneo hotel here in KK, all meant to surprise the love of his life. Awww.. so sweet....

It was fun to model each figurine out of fondant. Never understood the rage up til this particular project. So, had to google the birds & print out their individual pics & pin 'em up in front of me.

Did try to ask Mr. Hubby to make one, but his version turned out quite 'happy' instead of angry hehehe.. Can't blame him, he's a computer analyst for God's sake.. but then again, I'm an English lecturer! Hehehehe.. I guess years of doing literature do have an effect on my 'artsy' side eyh??

Anyway, Darren had left a message on the cake and it read;

"LOVE U ALWAYS, happy birthday baby."

Thank you so much Darren for getting me in the mood for some serious romance hehehehe... Yuuhuuu.. Mr. Husband dearie.. care to take me to a candlelight dinner? Cheerio!

A text message from Darren;

"Thank you. At least I know how it looks nice. Looks perfect. Tq so much I bet she is going to love it."
<18/09/2011; 7:45 PM>

Watch Out People! Ultraman in da House! ~ Happy 4th Birthday Syahfiq!

16th September 2011 ~
Don't be alarmed with the title y'all hehehe.. the mighty Ultraman had indeed made an appearance. well at least in the form edible images.
Mimi of Ganang Villa, Kepayan had ordered 50pcs of our delectable chocolate moist cupcakes, each topped with edible image of the 'man' in tight suit himself. He never runs out of gigantic giants to wrestle with, does he? He's been around since I was a kid and that's very.. very.. so 'past' tense ekekekeke...
Anyway, we are in the process of revamping our blog to suit the overwhelming market and demand (konon... perhhh!). We have also just finalized our business logo; FINALLY! So expect to see a brand new banner for the blog. Thank you so much for all the love & support we've been getting from you. With this, I solemnly declare, I badly need a manicure, a pedi, spa & facial sessions PLEASE!!!!

Thank you so much Mimi and Happy Belated Birthday Syahfiq!

A Barbie-Birthday for Kama!

10th September 2011 ~ I thank God for giving me the mean, in the form of Simply Chantique CupCakery, to make new friends, to strengthen ones that I have and also.. to reunite me with long lost ones. When you do something from the heart, you'll get joy in return all around. Agree?? Hehehe..

Vien was my ex student in KIK last time. She's one of my matriculation students & one of the brightest ones as well. Frankly speaking, I miss my students back then a lot; IQ & EQ wise. If you get what I mean.. sigh!

Forgive me for being soapy.. too much Korean movies I guess hehehehe.. dang!

Anyway, Vien ordered a kilo of our best seller chocolate moist cake topped with chocolate ganache like so SEDAP. Along which, she had also ordered the cake to be topped with a barbie cake adorned in pink buttercream

The message to go along with the cake;

" Hai adik! Hepi Betday Kama! Hugs; Kakak, Abg Jeban, Ebon, Biri, Rubin, Oyon "

Arghhhh!! It's March, 2012 and I have tonnes of postings yet to be uploaded! H.E.L.P!! Padan muka I. Thank you so much Vien & sorry for the outburst hehehehe.. XOXO