Thursday, May 31, 2012

I See Red!!

4 November 2011 ~ Not literally actually hahahahaha! but.. literally I guess when it comes to this particular order by Liza Mailin. See! She ordered again hahahahaha! She's one of our regulars.

This time, Liza had ordered 25pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with fresh cream topping and.. she wanted a red theme. So I did some sugar cut-out flowers in red.

I love my cutters, my moulds, all my baking tools. Some are cheap some are deliriously expensive from the UK, Australia & so on. Okay, why delirious? Coz I would be super excited everytime I received them regardless of the price. Blah! That was haimishly conveyed right??

Anyway, thank you so much Liza, for the umpteenth time. See you in the next entry. Bubyeee!

Happy 6th Birthday Hurin!

3 November 2011 ~ Come June, as we speak or in this case, as I'm typing this, it's my conferences month. Yeay!! NOT!

I loathe conferences, outstation meetings, as I'll be away from my love ones & my baking. I will sink down..down.. down.. Come on Tisya! At least I'm getting my 'away' time right. Need to psych myself up. Huh! Fuh! Don't mind me.. I'm just doing my breathing exercise here hehehehe..

This order came from my collegue, my uni-mate Mr. Ben. He's one of our regular customers. The cake was for his eldest daughter, Hurin's birthday. She asked for the powerpuff girls' edible image.

Had a very productive day today. It started off with a wedding cake delivery to Pacific Sutra Hotel then off to 1Borneo for our mini family gathering cum lunch. Dania was the star of the show, literally howling her heart out much to the attention of the other guests. All we could do was to give them a big "thank-you-but-mind-your-own-business-come-on-she's-a-baby-with-no-'STOP'-button" smile. Hehehehe.. the restaurant was quite humid despite being indoor.

So Dania's mini concert was expected being an AC baby. Born in AC. Been sleeping in AC room & house. She's sweating when the rest of us are shivering. Okay done. I've explained Dania's behaving badly today. But just like mummy, shopping made her beaming like a newly purchased diamond bracelet hihihihi... Enjoy the holiday peeps & thanks Mr. Ben!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Boboiboy Birthday Cake for Pak Boi Junior hehehe..

3 November 2012 ~ Hasdi is my uni mate, he used to be my colleague in KIK & IKM last time & now he's a successful businessman. A free-lance motivator to be exact. Good things come in small package hehehehe... He's fondly called "Pak Boi" by friends & literally everyone who knows him.

So this is the story of a "Pak Boi" who had ordered a "Boboiboy" chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache for one of his sons' birthday. Err... which son?? Oh my memory!! Please spare me a slot in one of your motivational sessions okay Boi. I badly need it :-P

Thanks Boi hope you all enjoyed the cake. I'm unbelievably watching a Hindi movie on TV2 tonight. For your info, this would be my 3rd Hindi movie after Kuch-Kuch Hota Hei & Devdas. I find this particular genre as too unrealistic, linguistically incompetent, emotionally disturbing and.. and a mock to my wardrobe hehehehe.. but this particular movie; the one that I'm watching at the moment, is somehow unpeculiar. I kinda.. like it..and I cried watching it. It's heartwarming, simple & uncomplicated story of honest sincere friendships. Watch it. Highly recommended. Hopefully the CDs shop is selling. It's entitled "3 Idiots".

Watch it! I insist. Luv you lots!
Pic courtesy of Boi's FB

For You Faridah Mailin ~ 100pcs of Mua Cupcakes!

3 November 2011 ~
We are almost towards the end of the year.. errr.. I'm talking about my entries for 2011 hehehehe...

This time around Faridah, Liza's sis had ordered 30pcs of Carrot Walnut cupcakes topped with pink buttercream and edible images of Barbie. Along which, she had also ordered 30pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes topped with white bc & sprinkled with chocolate rice & chips, and finally 40pcs of yam cupcakes with purple bc.

I've not been feeling well lately. Could be the weather :-(

Mood is down. Morale wise still okay I guess. I've been asking myself, am I being too nice? I'm a member of this one home bakers' discussion group & I was browsing then I noticed a posting;

"Ada mana2 bakers pernah ditipu? Pls share.."

Judging from the responses; DEFINITELY! Look, I just need to get this out of my system! I'm kinda on the greener side of the 'fence' here as most of my customers are educated ones, who value my work. Not that I'm saying I never got bullied by customers before but.. hey! Why allow in the first place right??

Online business is all about mutual trust on both sides; the seller & the buyer. That's why I insist on a deposit unless the customers have long standing good 'record' with us hehehe... then again in saying this, let's go back to my main concern here; AM I BEING TOO NICE..??


Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday Mawi!

31 October 2011 ~
Hahahaha! Lately, the titles to our entries can give some of our rivals' BP shoot up the stairs! Hua! Hua! Hua! Kids, please mind your English hokeyy! Don't ever use this hihihihi.. unless circumstances prove it to be conducive for you peeps to do otherwise.

No lar.. not the infamous Malaysian artist aka king of SMSes, "Mawi". This one is our very own , Taman Casa Palma's Asthmawi hehehehe..

Siti Sarah of KL had commisioned us to surprise him with these 16pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with fondant deco topped with cute figurines.

Sarah was very cool about the deco, she just asked for bright colors. So.. as usual I got carried away la hehehe... It's like as though I was in a trance state. I was in la-la land..and suddenly all the fairytale books that I read came to life! Hehehehe.. if only I had the money, I would have bought MJ's Neverland estate ler... If only ya..

Anyway, back to reality dowh.. Thank you so much Sarah & hope Mawi liked it. Being in love is just like being in a fairytale kan.. everything seems so magical.

TLZSM.. Cheerios!

A Royal Engagement Cake

28 October 2011 ~ Whoaaa! Like seriously?? hehehe.. just pulling your legs laaa! Mudah-mudahan... Amiinnn...

Actually, I was trying to tell you that the cake was covered in royal icing. It's ordered by Rozanna of KL, whose relative was getting engaged in KK. So the cake was meant as a hantaran. It was a rich fruit cake and that was the first time we used royal icing to frost our cake.

Waduhhhh... I tell u one aaa.. I was literally pulling my hair. It wasn't easy sista! I had to apply several coatings of the royal icing in order to get the right thickness. That would only mean, I had to wait for hours for each layer to dry up! Grrrrr.... Gaban Black potong dua!!! Hiarrghhhh!

Hehehehe.. but that was a good experience for me. Salute to the queen of royal icing, my idol; Mitch Turner.

Anyway, I'm kinda feeling a bit down as my husband lost the pics of three entries for October :-(

You all know how I appreciate my customers a lot & each and every entry is meant to convey just that. Pray that my husband can redeem his mistake in deleting the whole file with that software of dunno what. Fingers crossed! Thanks Rozanna.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Jennie!

12 October 2012 ~ Sandra Lim of Damai had ordered this best seller chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache topping for Jennie's birthday. Maybe a friend of hers?

Just want to yap a bit here please... bear with me. Kinda feeling a bit down lately. Can't really tell what's the culprit.. or who's for that reason. It could be work, family.. hmm.. it could be me. Well.. the weather is not always sunny & bright right?

We did some experiment with a cake bought from a very established bakery, and we choose not to disclose the name as we can't afford a legal suit hahahahaha!

Okay, here it goes, we left a slice of the chocolate cake on the dining table at room temperature, and another slice, later with the air-cond on. Guess what?? The cakes were as dry as bread crumbs. Please DO this at home.

So I guess, when we received, shall I say some complains on how our choc moist cake was a bit dry when left outside for quite some time.. please be fair to us. Yeah we don't have big name but we offer cheaper price with the same quality ingredients and we've been quite generous with the choc at no extra charges! Muahahahaha!

That's all for today, I'll see you in the next entry. Pray to God, that my hubby will act faster in 'preparing' the other blog for me to write my essay on. Thanks Sandra for the order! Adios amigos.. Ariba! Ariba! Oh God.. I need my spa retreat!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Angry Birds for Jay's Faiz!

12 October 2011 ~ Errr.. did I just membebel in the previous entry again?? Alahai.. hihihi.. I remember a restaurant owner somehow told me & my colleagues, he could tell if one is a teacher. It's the VOICE. Hahahahaha! You're spot-on lah pakcik! Hmm.. come to think of it, was that a compliment or was he merely being cynical?? Either or, thank you lah pakcik.. susah-susah saja.

Okay, talking about teacher, this particular teacher Jay, who doesn't take 'NO' for an answer tu, ya she's the same one who ordered countless number of times had ordered this fruit cocktail cake topped with fresh cream & the ever angry group of birds.

The cake was for Faiz's birthday. Jay's kids literally grow up with our cakes & cupcakes, thanks to teacher Jay hehehehe...

Happy Belated Birthday dear Faiz.. the angry birds had been safely consumed by Faiz's friends (quote ~ Teacher Jay) hehehehe..

The Blue Danube Cupcakes Waltz for Zaza

8 October 2011 ~
I love my jobs; teaching & baking. Combine both= MAGIC! Never have I thought that this will be a channel for me to reunite with my ex students from KPM matric, UiTM, Open University, Unitar as well as IKM.

I have very fond memories of my matriculation students in particular as they were the most polite, hardworking, very down-to-earth, regardless of backgrounds, students I had ever taught. So it didn't come as a surprise when they realized it was me, their ex English lecturer who's actually making their wedding cakes, birthday cakes & cupcakes, they made it a point to meet me in person, and despite being busy, made time to catch up on things.

I should say, I'm VERY.. VERY.. proud of them! They are doctors, engineers, Phd holders, lecturers, architects, lawyers etc but most importantly; successful! Alhamdulillah.. the greatest gift a teacher, lecturer, an educator could ever get.

I had the privilege to deliver the 80pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with blue buttercream and sugar flowers to Zaza herself in Kampung Inanam Laut. When I first saw her, her baby face immediately rang a bell. When I asked her, she straight away confirmed that she's my ex student by giving me a hug. Oh my.. the joy of holding back tears... hehehehe...

She's a bit apprehensive at first worried that I was not the 'Miss Tisya' she thought I was when she first saw me. My oh my.. she has two lovely kids now, descendants of her baby face.

Thank you so much Zaza. It was nice to meet you again. Enjoyed the talk with your dad but most importantly, I enjoyed telling him how much joy I had in teaching you & in seeing what a wonderful and successful lady you have become today. Best of luck in everything that you do. Love ~ Your 'Miss' Tisya :-)