Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Engagement Day 20.11.2011~Nazri & Noreen!

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
Dr. Seuss

20th of November 2011 ~ Another lovely date! Once again our cakes traveled far, by road, all the way to Ranau for Nazri & Noreen's engagement day.

Luckily both cakes were single tiered fondant-covered. So the possibility of them getting damaged 'on the road' was quite low unless intended.. hehehehe..

Noreen had ordered two cakes for their hantaran. The first one was a kilo of round vanilla butter cake with strawberry filling. The theme color for this cake was supposed to be light yellow with black damask decorations. But instead of light yellow, the color came out very bright instead! Hehehehe.. forgive me Noreen.. apparently the color had 'matured' overnight. It was light before but cake decorators out there would know that, the secret to get bright & dark colored fondant, is to mix the color at least a day before using & let it 'rest' overnight for the color to develop.

In saying that, I never thought the color would decide to 'show off' that much. Could be to share Noreen & Nazri's happiness hehehehe...

The next cake was a kilo of square classic fruit cake, covered in off white fondant and pastel green ribbon. Satin pink roses were arranged around the cake with their initials on. The quilt like effect was achieved by using embosser.

Noreen was also kind enough to share with us some of her lovely engagement pics. Congratulations Noreen, even though it's already very late hehehe..

Well tomorrow we'll be flying again, this time to Bangi for a Mara sports meet. It's been a while since my last badminton & netball tournaments so hope I still have that agility, accuracy, stamina and what not. Otherwise... errr does anyone know the nearest shopping complexes please??!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday Mdm Dayang Lauyah ~ Love; Hisyam

16th of November 2011 ~ This was the second time Hisyam ordered from us, the first being the heart shaped cupcakes for his sweetheart. He's based in Miri, being offshored most of the time.

This time around, Hisyam had ordered yet another cake for the love of his life, his mummy. Awww... sweet! You men out there, show your love more please! err... and dial my number or email me hokeyyy! Hehehehehe...

Okay the cake Hisyam chose for his mum was our best seller chocolate moist with chocolate ganache frosting & additional deco with white buttercream. Thank you so much Hisyam.

Well.. that's kinda short for an entry right?? Hmm.. those who know me would know that more is more! Errr.. okay, okay, will refrain myself from yapping any further BUT! Will have an entry on one of our favorite weekend getaways here in Sabah right after. Toodaaloooooo!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday Suri!

14th of November 2011 ~ Oh my.. if it's not for the system that my hubby 'developed', I would have lost track of my customers' orders especially the small lil detailed personalized requests. God did His job well pairing us up; the techno geek & the grammar geek.

This particular order made by Diya was meant for one; Suryani or Suri's 24th Birthday. Diya had ordered 25pcs of.. errr.. here we go; 10pcs of Vanilla Raisins cupcakes, five of them were filled with chocolate paste. Another 15pcs of chocolate raisins almond cupcakes with chocolate paste filled in five of them as well. Then, 10pcs of everything were frosted with chocolate ganache & the rest with buttercream. Fuh! I told you the system came in handy hehehehe... Thanks Diya.

My body aches, my right arm hurts, all because of the rigorous training for the upcoming MARA sports meet in Bangi. I'm actually against this last minute prep, when I represented MSSM & MASUM last time, the finale week was a 'cooling-down' week for all the athletes. No heavy workouts were allowed for fear of injuries. Tried to voice out my concern but to no avail.

Well, I guess I'm gonna have to invent my own 'hiatus' this week. No promises for free spa or massage sessions from the organizers afterwards so.. here me loud & clear; I'M GONNA SPEND THIS FINAL WEEK REJUVENATING and will compete hard next week hokey. Pray that I'll be able to defend the women's badminton single title y'all! Ya..ya.. surprised? Hehehehe.. yes I play badminton. Cheers!

Majlis HUDPH 2011 ~ S.K Tagas-Tagas

13 November 2011 ~ Okay ask me where is S.K Tagas-Tagas actually? Coz i just googled hahahahaha! After almost seven months now. It's somewhere in Beluran, Sabah. Owwhh.. now I know that my cake had traveled some 200+km by road. Say what?? You read right people.. yeah!

Wow.. and it survived the journey?? Salute to teacher Hana who ordered our chocolate blueberry cake topped with chocolate ganache and an edible image of the school's badge. I was told that it was for this Majlis HUDPH (which I've no idea stands for what hihihihi... forgive me dowh) cum her farewell event. Err.. correct me if I'm wrong on this Hana.. err.. Hana? Are you there?

I'm still in awe knowing the cake survived the grueling journey. Let me tell you something, the road here is unforgiving. Long winding double lane, going uphill, downhill, sharp bends, graveled stretch, landslides, you name it, we've got it.

Nevertheless, we Sabahans have been very fastidious and super patient coz the view along the road here in Sabah is simply awesome especially along the road from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang. Or maybe coz we r PATIENT.

Anyway, thanks Hana & enjoy your new workplace dear. My tummy hurts.. I'm craving for Buddy's, the Cake Boss, cannoli...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Adina & Hussin ~ 11.11.11~ A Wedding to Remember

"Sometimes you just need that one person
who will let you talk and ramble,
listen to you complain and look like an idiot,
but still love you all the same."

11 November 2011 ~ What a date! The date that was mostly sought after for couples to get married on. We, at Simply Chantique CupCakery could not cope with orders hehehehe... we rather go for quality than quantity. So, the lucky customer that we chose for that date was Adina Aucasa who's based in Johor but truly a Sabahan.

She also happens to work with MARA, it's a small world after all as we also have the same circle of friends. Her husband is a Singaporean.

Dina, as she's fondly called, had ordered firstly, 100pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting & some sugar flowers to complete the lovely picture. The cupcakes were then packed individually in our dome packaging, with ribbons & individual thank you tags.

These were to be given away as doorgifts for their wedding reception here in KK.

Next on the list were another 100 pieces of sugar fancy cookies. I simply love them! The vanilla & chocolate butter cookies were covered in fondant and came in several shapes.

I had fun making them and the best news I received from Dina was, our cookies traveled all the way to Singapore y'all for their second wedding reception! Yeay! ... and they received loads of compliments! You go Tisya!! Gurlll you rawkkkk! Ehehehehehe... please bear with my vanity ya..

Anyway, I hope it's not too late to congratulate Dina and her husband, Hussin on their wedding. As I quote Tony Heath and he wrote; "Be president of each other's fan clubs". Sweet! Thanks Dina.

JPKA Papar ~ Happy Birthday to all the Novemberians!

10 November 2011 ~ Another order by one of our regulars, Liza Mailin whose name is also all over my blog! Hehehehehe..

This time it was 30pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate paste filling & fresh cream topping. It was understood that the cupcakes were meant to celebrate her Novemberian-colleagues' birthdays.

So being me, an anti-minimalist, hehehe.. I printed out individual cut-outs for each cupcake.

Once again, thank you so much Liza, for choosing me yet again. Come on Tisya! Step up your game please.. you're seven months behind! Thesis + work + baking + blogging = Blissful insanity. Blah! Cheers..

Happy Teacher's Day! ~ Luv; Teacher Jay :-)

9 November 2011 ~ Yeah yeah shoot me for being such a procrastinator but make sure it's with a water gun hehehehe.. I know another round of Teacher's Day had just made its march past, and guess what?? For this year's celebration I was voted by the students as "The Most Presentable Teacher".. hahahahaha! Seriously?? Even after rounds of nagging, endless assignments & presentations?? You must be kidding me kids! But anyway, thank you guys & gals.. but dateline is still on hokey..

Okay, teacher Jay, yes the one that I've mentioned throughout my blog literally, had for the umpteenth time ordered 30pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes, in their individual casing to be given away as gifts for her sons' teachers. Wish I was one of them...

So what I did with the cupcakes was to swirl colorful buttercream on each cuppy konon-kononnya macam garden giteewww... hehehehe.. Well since Jay permitted me to buat "suka hati kau lah Tisya!" so that's exactly what I did. Hope you won't be sorry dear.. hihihihi..

Then we printed out individual personalized thank you tags for all the teachers. I wish my students' parents are as thoughtful as Jay ~ errr.. jangan kau kembang Jay! I remember a colleague once said, during our "4.30pm-after working hour sharing session", it takes a parent who's a teacher to understand another teacher.

Thanks Jay and Happy Teacher's Day to you and to me, ma'self! .. and not forgetting to all my teachers as well.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Alam Khan!

9 November 2011 ~ Another secret mission commissioned. Hehehehe.. felt like Agents 007 & make that 008 as well minus the guns and the impossible stunts. Jeng jeng jeng jeng.. tenenengg.. tenenenggg (make believe it's the soundtrack playing on hokeyyy!)

Armed with our trusty Toyota Rush, off we went to Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah, Federal to deliver 16pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with fondant deco for Mr. Alam Khan. The sender wished to remain anonymous until today.. errr.. seriously??

Hehehehe.. anyway, hope he's happy with the cupcakes.. and maybe by remaining mysterious, it keeps the fire burning.. or so to speak. Hehehehe...

Thanks dear ANONYMOUS.