Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Nazwan Haqimie

10 December 2011 ~ I'm so used to getting questions on how I can juggle my full time job as a lecturer & at the same time doing this small thing that I just adore, my baking. Simple. Coz I love what I'm doing.

The most important thing that keeps me going is the friendships that I make along the way. It has been a wonderful journey. I've been making it clear, it's not really about the monetary value of the whole picture, it's more for the joy in sharing & spreading the happiness. Suffice to say, alhamdulillah.. almost all my customers are now my friends and returning customers. We talk about life and it all started with Simply Chantique CupCakery. I know, I may not bake the best tasting or the prettiest looking cakes & cupcakes, but at least I'm sincere & very honest in my 'rendezvous' as my sayang calls it hehehehe...

Recently, I received an MMS from previous customer, Sue of Kota Belud. We did her wedding cake and also the doorgifts for her baby Myeisha's aqiqah recently. Yes!! Sue & Mubin had welcomed an adorable baby girl. Congrats you two proud parents! I'm sharing you Myeisha's pic here. Isn't she an angel??

Okay now, let's get business hehehe.. This particular entry is dedicated to Nazeeha Ivy of Penampang. She had ordered 3-kg of chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache frosting and edible images of Spongebob Squarepants. Err... the 'sponge' in yellow pants? Along with his friends the octopus and the starfish in yellow boxer? Remember?

Well.. I went ahead creating my own version of 'underwater world' or so I thought hehehehe... I'm not a good swimmer hokey! I'm the paddling sort of a swimmer who doesn't stay afloat more than 20secs the most! There. The cold hard truth. Ekekekeke...

Anyway, thank you so much Nazeeha & Happy Belated 1st Birthday darling Nazwan Haqimie. May you grow to be a handsome young formidable man, and a successful one too. Amiiiinnnn...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wedding of Dewi & Maswan ~ Part 2 ~ Green Apples On Your Cake Anyone??

11 December 2011 ~ Okay, how cool is this?? Fresh green apples on your wedding cake??!! Super kewlll... indeed. That's why I like this couple.

From the moment I met them for the first time to discuss their cakes, I knew it that we're in to some fun. Major ones! Hehehehe.. I saw them giggled together, and they gazed at each other, they even completed each other's sentences. They're meant for each other.

So, previously we did Dewi's engagement cake & also the wedding cake for their solemnization. We're also commissioned to do the 2-tier wedding cake for the reception at Maswan's place here in Likas.

This time the couple chose pandan sponge cakes with chocolate fudge filling. Yummy! Maswan had the opportunity to 'design' his own cake & he requested for sugar figurines of them both on the cake. Errr... his version was quite chubby hahahaha! Cut me some slack people! I never went for any formal training before hehehehe.. I did things by heart and of course readings. Lots of 'em!

Anyway, my deepest gratitude goes out to this lovely fun couple. Thank you so much Dewi & Maswan for your utmost trust in us and for sharing your lovely wedding. Congratulations on your wedding. I bet junior is on his/her way hehehe... insyaAllah. Cheers!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Wedding of Dewi & Maswan ~ Part 1~ It's Raining Hydrangeas y'all!

10 December 2011 ~ Dewi had ordered her engagement cake from us earlier on and we were honored once again to be chosen by her & the then fiance', Maswan to share their most memorable moment, their wedding.

Not one wedding cake for one reception, but TWO! Yeah baby! TWO wedding cakes with TWO totally different themes for TWO of their wedding receptions. Ooohhh... it feels good to brag some time hehehehe.. masuk bakul!

So this first part will focus on their first reception at Dewi's place right after the solemnization. The theme was turquoise.

...and I gotta say, I owe Dewi a big THANK YOU for challenging my cake decorating skills, which are nothing much to be proud of to begin with... Compared to the other established cake decorators out there.

She ordered a 3-tier cake; the bottom being 3-kilos of chocolate & vanilla sponge cakes with chocolate paste filling. The 2nd tier was 2-kilos of yam cake and.... the top tier was a DUMMY cake! Which is becoming more famous now, especially for those who would like to keep part of their beautiful n quite expensive wedding cake hehehehe...

The cakes were then frosted in steamed off white buttercream. The picture was completed with my first ever sugar paste hydrangeas!! Yeay!! Well I gotta say, it took me three long days to complete the bunch but it was all worth the time, effort, money, tears, sweat, sugar paste, lustre dust etc etc just look at the result... Well please cut me some slack hokayyy... I've never attended any formal course on making sugar flowers before. I learned by the book & heart. Hehehe...

I would like to thank Dewi & Maswan for being such a good sport and for getting very much involved in the making of their dream wedding cake. I'll see you in Part 2 people!! Hear me Roaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! In capital RRRRRRR....! Hehehehe... Ok out!

Happy Engagement Day ~ Fiza

10 December 2011 ~ This was a very last minute order that came from Fiza of Taman Bersatu, Putatan. She was supposed to order from another baker friend of mine, but due to some, shall I say 'unprevailing circumstances' hehehehe... she asked Fiza to refer to me instead. Kan Syafiq kan? Kan? Kannn???

So Fiza asked for only a small & simple engagement cake with pink & purple sugar flowers. No wordings and such on the cake. Simple. But my tangan just couldn't stand the simplicity hehehe... so I added some fondant ribbon around the cake. Thank you so much Fiza!

Alhamdulillah, I did very well on my first day of puasa. No gastric attack. Or maybe coz I just came back from my shopping spree at my fave M.A.C outlet in 1Borneo hehehehe... So here's the catch of the day! Cheerios!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Kurnia ~ Love Jiza

9 December 2012 ~ Those of you who have been following me, ehem.. mode perasan kejap hehehehe... should know by now that Jiza is one of regulars here at Simply Chantique CupCakery having placed her orders countless number of times.

This time around, she had ordered a kilo of our chocolate moist cake for a very dear friend of hers. It was for Kurnia's birthday, of Yayasan Dakwah Islam (YADIM), Tg. Aru Plaza here in KK.

The cake was topped with an edible image of Kurnia. Laughing happily. Hope she had a great time on that day.

Thank you so much yet again Jiza. Thanks as well for your never ending support throughout our wonderful journey. Cheers!

Mia Hannah is 4!

7 December 2011 ~ I received a very heartwarming text message yesterday. One from a mother, whose 4-yr old daughter has just been discharged from a hospital in KL. She was not expected to be out this early after her surgery. So the parents decided to throw her a birthday party tomorrow (21st of July 2012).

Mum had tried to contact several bakeries but no body was willing to take her last minute order. I didn't even blink to say yes. I made her happy, and I'm the happiest. One of the reasons I ventured into this small business of mine was to share my happiness.. and it's a form of sadaqah. That's why I don't really mind in giving more to my customers. It's not the money, it's nothing compared to the time, energy, sweat put into. The happiness emitted counts the most.

I'll have an update on this particular order soon.. hehehehe pray for me darls!

This particular order of carrot walnut cake with fresh cream & fresh fruits deco was made by Nur Halinna of Putatan. It was for her darling daughter, Mia Hannah's 4th birthday. She chose 'Smurfette' to accompany adorable Mia's pic on the edible image for the cake.

Thank you so much dear & Happy Belated Bithday dear Mia Hannah. Hugs & kisses from aunt Tisya! Mmmuuuaaahhhhhh! One sloppy kiss for you. Hmm... make it two!

I would also like to wish all our Muslim relatives, friends, customers and readers out there, a happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak. May Allah gives us the strength to endure this holy month and may only the best of His blessing be bestowed upon all of us. InsyaAllah...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Whom I Would Like to Call ~ Lady Ira

6 December 2011 ~ This is going to be a very short entry to mark my respect for the nature of this particular order.

I would like to focus instead on this one formidable gorgeous young lady, who has earned my respect on how strong a lady can be in times of challenges & difficulties.

She used to be a customer, now she's a friend of mine. She's purdy. She's strong-willed. She doesn't let anything to get into her way. Yes she had her days but she's back on her feet in no time. She's a lady.

I would like to dedicate the poem above for Ira. Stay true to yourself dear I will always support you in whatever you do. You only deserve, nothing but the best. InsyaAllah..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy One Month Birthday Baby Eden Isaiah!

4 December 2011 ~ Yeay! Finally.. my entry is coming to the end of 2011 now...hehehehe... oh my, God please give me the strength and endless flows of ideas for my upcoming updates. Amiinnnn...

Right, this entry is especially dedicated to Edna Lunchi of KK, an FB friend of mine as well. She ordered 2-kg of chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache plus 20pcs of cupcakes of the same flavor as well.

All these were then donned in fondant deco with of course; baby theme! Milk bottles, teddy bears, baby rompers, strollers etcetera.. Adorable!! These were all meant for baby Eden Isaiah's one month birthday party held at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Bundusan Square, Penampang.

I just miss my childhood.. who doesn't? Diving head first into the river right in front of my grandparents' place. Climbing up the rambutan, cempedak, mango and whatever trees in view for that matter. I was a tomboy being the first grand daughter on my mum's side, I was exceptionally closed with my late Nek Sai (grandad) & Nek Yun (grandma). I would tagged along when my Nek Sai went out at dawn to hunt for deers, birds, partridge and even porcupines!

We hardly bought our veges, fishes and poultry as they were basically available all around us. Life was so simple back then yet I was surrounded with so much love. Gosh... I miss my Nek Sai & Nek Yun. They loved each other so much that they passed away within months apart. Al-Fatihah...

Thank you so much Edna for the order & may baby Eden grow to be the most handsome, formidable & successful man who loves his parents dearly and loved by many in return.
Picture courtesy of Edna's FB