Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa

My shot..

Assalamualaikum... I'm back!!! Hehehe... alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah for all the bounty rezeki from Allah swt. I'd been receiving numerous queries from friends, family & customers on why they couldn't accessed my blog. Oh my.. I'm so touched. Ramai yang sayang rupanya... hehehe... elelelelehhh.... 

Thank you so much for your support & do'a dearies. Things are back to normal now alhamdulillah.. just can't stop smiling.. & can't utter enough syukur. InsyaAllah, with every tear comes strength.. So what happened really? 

Well to begin with, dad just had his review recently & the cancer is back. The doc detected a 3cm tumor where the previous one was removed from. His left leg & arm are semi paralyzed now. It's disheartening to see my once very mobile & active dad in a very sorry state now, but in Him we put our trust. InsyaAllah we will be strong. Please pray for us.

There are so many changes & new stuff at work that I've to deal with. I also have to divide my time managing things back in my hometown. InsyaAllah, we've something coming up soon... :-)

InsyaAllah, things are getting & will be better. I believe in Allah's plan for me.. I'm in good hands.. It feels good to know that He did listen to my prayers.. alhamdulillah. Allah knows best.

So, since I'm extra happy today, am gonna share another fave spot for my sesi melarikan diri hehehehe... Situated on top of a hill overlooking the majestic Mount Kinabalu, at approximately 5,000 feet above sea level, is yet another fave spot of mine that holds a very dear place in my heart; Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa, formerly known as Perkasa Hotel.

 The blue main building, one that I always dreamed of..
The suspension bridge connecting the main hotel building with the chalets

When I was small & very very young hehehe... whenever we drove past this particular hill, I would always looked up to the tall blue commanding hotel building and I would tell myself; one day, I will work hard and earn money, lots & lots of it.. and splurge on this place, staying & eating there, guling-guling and do whatever I feel like doing there lah! It has this romantic rustic charm to it that is capable of evoking all your senses.. chewahhhh!
One of the breathtaking views taken from our chalet

 An evening misty walk down the staircase

Just don't know why I like this place so much and been dreaming of staying there for ages. It's not a five star hotel but the views, the clean cool air, the romantic atmosphere ahhhhh.... too bad I'm not a millionaire hehehehe... I would have bought the place.
 The semi-d chalet tucked among the tall lush pine trees

 Your own verandah, overlooking the gorgeous greenery right outside your room.

The moment I received my first salary way back in 2001, I fulfilled my dream. It's funny how my parents never thought of staying there before. It used to be very very cold in Kundasang. So cold that me & my sis would be vomiting profusely the moment we reached there. Oohhh... maybe that's why!

 The humble interior of the chalet

It used to be just the blue hotel building standing alone, now the resort has expanded with another 12 units of semi-d chalets built amidst tall pine trees just opposite the main blue 'elder brother'. I love the chalets. I adore the privacy and the 'fairytale' like atmosphere. I always prefer the ones on the top most. It's like you're whisked off to an enchanted world. It's almost surreal.. with the cold mist and fresh smell of pine trees and varieties of flowers..
 My beloveds, literally 'chilling' out in the lobby
 Tinompok Restaurant
 Dinner and...
 breakfast of again.. my fave Nasi Lemak

I love having breakfast and dinner at the resort very own Tinompok Restaurant with a full view of the picturesque garden or just hanging around at Topion Cafe in the lobby sipping hot coffee, having a slice of cake, people watching.
The suspension bridge joining the main hotel building and the chalets
 "Staircase to heaven"
A 'sulap' with FREE wifi!

I adore the garden.. especially in the evening when I would take a walk, 'visiting' my fave 'bunga lonceng', white & pink ones, the 'sleeping' morning glories, and other unknown species but equally gorgeous.
My fave bunga lonceng
 The 'sleepy' morning glory

I miss just sitting quietly at the view point platform, right after subuh.. watching the sun rises while admiring the majestic Mount Kinabalu... subhanallah.. no words can describe the serenity and peace.. How minute you feel compared to Allah's bounty creations and power.
 View Point ~ for an ultimate full scale view of Mount Kinabalu in all its glory
Sharing moment.. dad.. once upon a time ago.. :-(
My fave..

I think.. I need to give this place a return visit in the near future. It has such a sentimental value to me..and...
 Another mini suspension bridge to the 'Enchanted Forest'
 I dream of taking a long walk with my love one here..

You'll be welcomed in 'tall', 'commanding' order

... someone special is visiting.. yeay!! Will definitely stay here and bask in the beauty of nature. Hopefully our skin will be tout and youthful thanks to the free pure oxygen in abundance. Will guling-guling here. Hehehehe... check out the website y'all! Cheers.

This flower is huge! As huge as a helmet and yeah! I'm super exaggerating! Hihihi...

I conclude with this..yet again.. will never get tired of it.. 


One is never enough.. Owwhh.. dream of this..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Cake & Cupcakes Survived An 8-hr Bus Ride??

14 January 2012 ~ Oh my.. I just couldn't believe my ears when Ednah, of Taman Bukit Sepangar told me that she would be traveling to Lahad Datu by bus & the cake & cupcakes that she had ordered would be 'traveling' with her. On the bus! Yes! The bus! Sorry, I just had to exaggerate & reiterate. I mean, do you know how grueling the road can be here???

When she texted me stating that they had all survived the 8-hr journey, I was so relieved. Hat's off to you Ednah!

So here are the survivors! Hehehe... the first being a kilo of banana cake frosted with pink & blue buttercream and topped with an edible image of the couple who got engaged. I believe it's Ednah's sis in law or something? So sorry dear, my memory fails me. I've been heavily engrossed in lectures, talks, seminars, conferences, my baking of course and the list goes on.. hehehe.. but life has to go on right. I'm lucky enough though I've a bunch of loving supporters who keep me going.

Next on the list were 16pcs of M sized banana cupcakes decorated in fondant meant for the hantaran. The colors requested by Ednah were pink & white.

Finally, 84pcs of chocolate moist, orange & vanilla cupcakes frosted in colorful buttercream completed the picture. When I asked Ednah, what's the theme color for the engagement, she said "rainbow colors".. hehehehe... that would be easy. Just got carried away!

Thank you so much Ednah, for enduring the 8-hr bus ride with our cake & cupcakes. Thank you as well to all my readers, friends & haters alike hehehe... what can I say, alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah indeed..

Here are the pics of the lovely moment courtesy of Ednah. Thanks dear!

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Cupcakes for Zaza!

14 January 2012 ~ I had an entry on Zaza's previous order. For those who have been following my blog closely (mode perasan kejap hehehe...) you should know by now that she's my ex student in matriculation KPM last time.

I miss my matric students.. they were the most diligent, hardworking & polite group of intelligent students I'd ever taught. It's no wonder that most of them are holding prominent posts now yet they remain very humble.

This was the second time Zaza had ordered from us; 50pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes frosted with buttercream.

She had also requested for some to be placed in a window box and decorated as hantaran. Thank you so much dear. I really appreciate your continuous support.

Just reached KK from spending a very short weekend with my parents. Still missing mum so much .. :-( Can't get enough of cuddling, kissing and sleeping in her embraces.. Yes! Am still very much active in doing all those with mum ya... hehehehe... no reasons to stop anyway. I will always be her baby despite being the eldest and I'm proud to admit that.

When was the last time you kissed your parents? Do I hear a long pause there..? Go then. Do it now. Cheers!