Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Garden of Cupcakes for Faezah!

27 January 2012 ~ Nothing beats the ecstasy when you are doing things that enjoy the most. Well in my case; baking & decorating. Teaching, lecturing, driving, vacationing, badminton'ing' hehehe.. bowling & netball'ing' well.. just to name a few...  

When I do all these, things just fall into their places. All my worries seem to fade away. I'll be in a trance.. I just wish I could enjoy sleeping more.. Not that I don't want to, but my body system just seems to reject the idea. As a result, I become a cyborg. One that functions the best when the whole world is asleep. Believe it or not, some times I don't sleep at all! Creepy eyh?? (X-File's soundtrack playing in the background....)

Anyway, let's get back to business. Faezah of KK had ordered;

~ 13pcs of vanilla & 12pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes frosted in buttercream & decorated with sugar flowers & heart shaped fondants.

~ 15pcs of our moist Red Velvet cupcakes & sinfully delectable Carrot Walnut cupcakes frosted in fresh cream. Yummilicious!
Thank you so much Faezah! Hope you enjoyed the cuppies.

I need a VACATION. Calling all my besties out there!! Urgent!! Hahaha! One is on its way insyaAllah.. Will make one pwetttiieeee snow angel for all of you sweetiesss...!! Cheerio!

In the mean time.... there's no harm in embracing the child in you.. Jangan selalu haaa.... hehehehe! Luv ya!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Teaser! ~ Dare to Do the 'Un-sangka-rable'....

 My 1st love...

27 January 2012 ~ Alahai...! Oh my I'm terribly sorry darls.. My sincere apology, I didn't mean to worry you with my previous entry;

Thank you so much for the kind concerns in the forms of text messages, IM, YM, phone calls, impromptu lunch 'dates'... hehehe.. What can I say. I'm touched. Owww.... Thank you Allah for bestowing me this sublime rezeki of friends and family members who love me unconditionally.

Thank you as well to those who saw & read the entry and jumped at the opportunity to theorize typical negative opportunistic perceptions; i.e

"ooohhh.... Tisya ada buat something-something ni.." OR

"aaahhh... dia rasa bersalah ni, macam tak tenang je.." OR

"Aha! Kan aku dah cakap! Betullah apa orang-orang tu cakap! Aha! Aha!!" OR

"...hmmm... aku dah agak dah.. kami golongan-golongan yang bertakwa yang confirmed ahli syurga ni dah agak dah.. dah agak dah.... memang berdosa perempuan ni! Berdosa...berdosa..." (echo... supaya effect lebih sikit..)

Hehehehe... no puns intended. I deliberately exaggerated the above for an added after 'entry' effect.

Well to those who love me.. good news for you. For those who hate me, sorry to disappoint you coz whatever that I wrote in the previous entry was meant as a 'teaser' for my upcoming piece of writing. Taraaaaa!!!

Hihihihihi... if you could recall, I told you that I've been offered this 'unsangkarable' post as a guest writer, which details I will only unveil once all negotiations are on 'confirmed' stage. Savvy?? Good...

Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah... Praise to Allah for everything. InsyaAllah, I seek for His enlightenment in whatever I do.. and whatever decision I'm about to make.. whichever road I'm about to take.

In the midst of all this chaos.. I tend to overlook those who really care & love me.. Some are quite unexpected really.. You never knew how much impression you've made on others' lives til it's evidence.. isk isk.. terharu..

One text message from a student;

"Mdm.. y u look so sad today..? We miss u.. we always laugh2 together-gether in class."

} Ignore the tongkang pecah English it's the message that counts hokey! Hehehehe... okay lah, I'm sharing another one just for the sake of conveying my appreciation;
"Salam mdm, we heard a lot but we want to know from u. Sharing is caring mdm slalu told us. Pecah kaca pecah gelas, lepas baca mesti balas, dont b turtle2 in the boat mdm.. Love u!!

} Again.. please ignore the linguistic value of the text. When love & hate collide... remind me again why I love these 'kids' so much despite late submission of assignments...? I must have done something right to deserve their remembrance... isk.. isk.. sedeyyhhh.... Just look at them..

May all my students excel in their lives... Remember what I told you in class; Jangan nak berhadith, bersabda, berayat Qur'an, quoting Bible on FB & Twitter then the next thing you know, you are cursing all over like there's no tomorrow with your terrible 'Ingrish'! It's insulting. Ingat tu. Among all other things I yapped on lah kan... hehehehe...

See you in the next entry insyaAllah.. Let us all begin & end our day with bersangka baik aka husnuzon fil lughotul 'Arabiyyah ya.. then only we can notice & appreciate the beauty around us... Cheerio!!
Tomeiii kann???

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Forgive Me.. Ya Allah...

I found this on Maher Zain's FB page.. worth sharing..

"You must stay away from thinking badly of others; and whenever you see someone who thinks badly of others and looks for the faults then know that he is evil on the inside, and his evil is coming out through trying to find faults in others, and he only see others as evil because of the evil inside him. A true Mu'min (believer) tries to make excuses for people's faults (instead of judging them) whereas the Munafiq (hypocrite) looks for their faults, and the Mu'min doesn't hold any ill-feelings in his heart towards any of Allah's creation." Imam Al-Ghazali

.. to Him I put my trust on, for the next move I'm about to make in my life. Ya Allah.. Ya Rahim.. Ya Karim.. please.. please bestow upon me patience & perseverance with what little strength that I have left in me... Amin ya Rabbal alamin..

Saturday, October 6, 2012

This Is For Mua Sweety Pies~ Rhea & Ian!

26 January 2012 ~ Faridah, the gorgeous mummy of the two adorable munchkins; Rhea & Ian, is the cousin of one of our regulars; Kak Salmah.

It was a joined birthday celebrations for Rhea & Ian at Runway Cafe, Tg. Aru. Mummy had ordered two different cakes to suit the two different personalities of her kids. Mummy knows best *wink* *wink* } Now where's the 'winking' smiley when I need it the most aaaa..???

For darling Rhea, it was butter cake topped with buttercream and her fave Barbie donned in fondant.

Whereby for the handsome Ian, it was chocolate moist cake frosted with ganache and topped with edible images of the characters in the movie 'Cars'.
We are sharing the pics of Rhea & Ian, courtesy of mummy Faridah. Just look at how minta cubit punya pipi these two cherry piesssss have!!! Oh my.. kids are my weaknesses.. kissing them the moment they wake up.. heaven!

Thank you so much Faridah & my greatest appreciation for following my blog.. Ada jugak yang nak baca my yapping here hehehe... yang baik tu ikut, yang I merapu-rapu tu well.. anggap merapu kerapu je la..! Kalau ada yang kena mengena antara hidup & mati, then please accept my sincere apology. 

Oh ya, am sharing this good news!! Just got an offer to write. Write??? Yeah to write.. hehehe really unexpected but alhamdulillah... On what?? will let you know SOON... insyaAllah. Thank you Allah for this rezeki. In the mean time, see you in the next entry. Stay gorgeous uolllsssss!!!

.. an extract from Harry Potter that holds a very sentimental value to me.. All of you must have at least one movie that reminds you of one special episode in chapters of your lives right... kan? Correct? I do.

Friday, October 5, 2012


22 January 2012 ~ Nadzeerah, who is based in Putrajaya, first contacted me via phone calls regarding her orders. Since we both have (, xìng), we clicked straightaway! Hehehehe...

She'd placed her order for her family's CNY get-together last January and she was back in town for it.

Nadzeerah had ordered;

# 2kg of our best seller carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting. This was then decorated in pink based fondant with cherry blossoms & firecrackers. Very "Gong Xi! Gong Xi!" indeed! Hehehe...

# She had also ordered 30pcs of M sized the very moist Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting alamak... heaven!

# On top of that, another 30pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes with ganache frosting completed the picture.

She was darling enough to share two pics of the gathering with me. Thank you so much dear & please do keep in touch. Thanks to the warm early 'subuh-ayam-belum-berkokok' welcome by your lovely mum hehehehe...

Alhamdulillah I've been brought up in a very close-knit family. We get along very well regardless of race & religion. We don't get judged by our differences, it all only makes us all more special. So I guess at the end of the day, maybe we should focus more on the beauty of life rather than the flaws.. After all.. we all live only once so let us all 'glow' from within and spend less time holding grudges. InsyaAllah.. Take care darls!

~ Pictures courtesy of Nadzeerah ~ 
.. indeed it is ...

Yet Another Order from Fui Fui.. Oopppsss!! It's Dr. Fui Now :-)

21 January 2012 ~ I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my dear regular customer, one of my greatest supporters ever since we first took this wonderful journey, & a dear friend, on being conferred her doctorate degree recently from Kinki University, Wakayama, Japan. You rawk gurl!!! Errr... how's the mutant grouper dear? Still alive & kicking I hope... hehehehe..

This time around she had placed yet another order for her sis' engagement? Aiyooo... I forgot Fui!! My bad.. huhuhuhu... too many formulas to retain hihihi... alasan kan!

For this particular 2-tier square shaped cake, again our delectable chocolate moist cake was chosen by Fui. It was covered in light powder pink fondant with white sugar flowers. I really hope that Fui's sister managed to 'transport' the cake to the venue in one piece..

Thank you so much Fui! Oh ya, if you need help with the fishy-fishies everytime it rains.. do let me know.

* Mental note: Gonna get myself a pair of that Phua Chu Kang's electric yellow boots. Macam serious kan??? Hehehehehe... aiii.. serious ni Fui! .. but just give me the baby ones only aaa... don't want the dinofishies aaaa....

The human mind is complex.. so complex that it's capable of 'conjuring' so much hatred for total strangers. Boiling up hypotheses & theories so as to support the so called blind vindiction.. to the extend of scheming on destroying the strangers' lives. Suddenly you are occupying your life with ill thoughts of those strangers.. nothing they do seem good to you & on the other hand, everything that you do seem to be divine. MasyaAllah... then.. what's next? You'll surely get what you want? Allah knows what we do not. His will is not to be challenged.. if it's meant to be then Allah will show the way. Don't get 'lost' with your faith in Him, in getting what you want in this world.. yet asking the ones you hate to let go of what you judge as worldly. Ironic.
Eyyhhh... apa sedeyhhh sedeyyhhh nehhh??? Tamau.. tamau... tamau sedeyhhh... Hehehe.. JJ & Ean are in town and gonna meet them up in a bit, backstage. Come one come all to KDCA, Penampang tonight and let's celebrate all our furry and errr.. non furry friends alike hehehehe... Gonna get myself an orphaned kitty. To keep me company, we decide :-).. Have a nice weekend dearies!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rahim & Zuraizah are Married! Yeayyyy!!

Hehehe... they've been sweethearts for ages! So when we finally received the good news, everyone was ecstatic especially me coz I'm kinda close with these two love birds..
Too bad I couldn't make it to their wedding, but my cakes did. Hehehehe... Zuraizah just asked for a simple 2-tier fondant cake with garden theme. So I came up with something sweet befitting the adorable couple. The cakes were all pure chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache.. the bride & especially the groom's fave!

Guess what?? Zuraizah, whom I fondly call Mack, is heavily preggy now! They are going to welcome their first bundle of joy come October which is... anytime now. Alamak.... syioknyaaaa... can't wait to see the junior version of them. InsyaAllah hopefully everything will go as planned...

Double congratulations for the two of you and many more good news to come. In the mean time.. look at what I received.. 

... even though it was so past tense but still.. this is really disturbing. Coming from one of the major retail companies.. they should really look into this. Malu lah..! I seriously think they really meant 'stemmed' rose instead of 'steamed' right... and even that was misspelled! Didn't they proof-read before releasing the email to customers?? Where's my green tea?? Green tea please!! Oh ya, see you in the next entry. Hugs & kisses.

..kan? ...kan? ...kan???