Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!! Yeay!!

Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah.. Syukur to Allah for another year of excellent friendships & love, memorable events, rezeki in the forms of never ending tests, not to mention acknowledgements, recognitions... Keep 'em coming for 2013! Insya Allah...

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my utmost gratitude to all my family & friends for the lovely wishes... for the most memorable birthday ever. Four celebrations with one impending!! Couldn't ask for more.. Thanks.. many thanks to all of you. Hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas.. We are young again beybeh!! Hehehehe... ngek!

My friends, you see, they didn't actually say "make a wish", they instead demanded; "What's your wish?". Duh.. like I was telling! Hehehe.. but they knew alright.. Despite their endless begging, coaxing & forcing, I kept mum. I don't negotiate with terrorists you know! Hehehehe... awww... you are all my lovely terrorists bah.. terrorize me more pliz! By all means.. hehehehe..

We shared jokes & memorable moments during one of the birthday dinners they organized for me.. Had hearty laughs. Humiliated at some points but hey! Who needs an enemy when you have friends like mine. Alhamdulillah...

It doesn't take a mountain of wealth to gain happiness.. just a little bit of compassion & love, and I think.. we are all good to go. Life is too precious to be occupied with so much anger & grudges. Count our blessings... and we will learn to be more thankful to our Creator. 

I leave you with my two feet hehehe.. will continue to soar. Am already late for my New Year Zumba Parteeyyyyhhh 2013! Gotta go! Til then, cheerio! Hugs & kisses...See ya next year!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Johari Ho Abdullah!

13 February 2012 ~ I was in my best of mood when I did this project for the lovely Azrina Ho. Remember? The pretty pilot? The 2nd project she commissioned us after the cupcakes for her adorable munchkin, Pingy's birthday some time last year.
Coming from a close knit family myself, I adore any orders of this nature. To know that our cakes & cupcakes would make a loved one the happiest... sublime.
When I received this particular order of 25pcs of RV cupcakes with cream cheese frosting & another 25pcs of banana & chocolate moist ones, I was all smile. Especially when Azrina or Ning as she's fondly called, requested for some personalized 'items' for the decorations which somehow reminded me of my own daddy.. especially the 'durians', mangoes and the hardware tools bits.
It was so funny when Azrina texted me saying none of her dad's staff dared to take the cupcakes with his 'edible' photos on them hehehe... You rawkkkkk uncle!
..and Azrina's mummy.. oh my. She's one of the nicest, most friendly, bubbly, charismatic, gorgeous ladies I've ever met. She picked up the cupcakes from my place all the way from KK ya.. with the driver. I really appreciate that... and the best thing was.. she gave me an ang pow as well! Muahahaha...!! Alamak seronoknya. Malu I dah tua-tua dapat ang pow.. but anyway, thank you so much auntie.. tih tih tih...*blushing*
Thank you so much yet again Ning.. as well as to all in the family. Another project coming soon for Pingy's birthday.. can't wait! Am already excited about it as that would be my very first project after my long hiatus.. Thanks Ning.. can't thank you enough for your continuous support & love as well as understanding throughout my trying time. Alhamdulillah, I'm bestowed with loving friends & family members. Thank you Allah..
2012 is coming to its end.. are you ready for 2013 people?? My deepest gratitude as well for the 109 birthday wishes on FB. I made it a point to reply each & every one of them. Another 56 text messages wishing me the best on my recent birthday.. alhamdulillah for all the do'a as well.

No no no.. don't get me wrong. It's not that I emphasized on the numbers.. it's the thought that counts kan.. That's just to say how much I appreciate the remembrance & the little time they were willing to spend to wish me. I'm touched.. 

Okay, get me a cake minus the candles plizzzzz!! Hehehe... Happy New Year everyone! Hugs & kisses

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Would You Be Mine Gurl...? ~ Love; Boy.

11 February 2012 ~

Love is the air,
Everywhere I look around,
Love is in the air,
Every sight and every sound..

Aha! Anyone who can beat Tom Jones' resounding deep manly voice?? Hehehe.. It's really an honor to be chosen, to be part of something that evokes so much happiness & love all around. It transcribes into nothing but positive vibes.

As in the case of this particular proposal cake, I couldn't help but smiling throughout the decorating process. Well, complexity put aside, lite FM on.. ambik mood bah!

Thank you so much to Sabrina of Taman Teluk Likas for the order of this Red Velvet cake.. a wise romantic choice indeed. Hope the proposal; went as planned, in syaa Allah..

Thanks as well for emailing me thorough & detailed instructions of the things you particularly wanted for the cake. That helped me a lot. At the same time, she gave me the freedom to come up with my own creativity.

Come January, I will start taking up orders again. Yay! In syaa Allah.. thank you so much for your continuous support, for the emails, text messages & calls. I will try my best to cater to every request amidst my 'konon-kononnya' busy schedule hehehehe....

In the meantime, care to share with us your memories of your own marriage proposal? Take care!

Happy Birthday Armizan!

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

11 February 2012 ~ Amy Dzulaiqha of Likas Hospital had trusted us with this particular order for the love of her life; Armizan. Duh... that sounds so "Buletin Utama" like aaa... Hehehe...

Come on, I've to deal with formalities in my everyday work.. so cut me some slack. Even my students who read my postings would say something like,

"Mdm, can use aaaa.. 'the mostest'??" errkkk... or

"Mdm, so, we can use BM lor.. just italicized and 'apit' with open-close inverted comas kaaaa??" alamak...

My alarm went off when few of them actually used 'the bestest' in their essays... Aisemennnn... Hahahaha!

Kids, I've been asking you to read not for the technicalities of the language but more for the sublime linguistic property of the entries. Remember what I told you. Language, regardless of its origin, is used to communicate the overt & covert properties of it. It's for that very same reason that I never penalized you for any of your entries on your blogs. I enjoyed reading each & every one of them. Keep on writing my dear students. Who cares about the traffic. Let us top up each others' hehehehe... syok sendiri kan!

Amusing when I chose any of your entries to be shared with the class, you were over the moon. Padahal.. it was meant to be analyzed. Hehehe.. bah who cares kan? You all happy, I pun ikut2 happy lah.

Okay now, Amy had requested for these chocolate moist cupcakes to be decorated with edible images of her & Armizan, the DBKK logo (I bet that's where Armizan's attached to) as well as with some fondant figurines of ties, teddies, and baby milk bottles.

Thank you so much dear Amy. Hope he liked the cupcakes even though it's like 10 months ago.. tih tih tih... Sorry dear.. you are dealing with a major procrastinator here. Keep the fires of love burning beybeh! 
  Nah! A so-called poem for you. Owww...No hay por qué! Chau! Adiós!

Enjoy the holiday peapollllllsssss! (Haish! Strictly for the use of licensed linguists only haaaaa.. hehehehe..)

It's Daniel's 5th Birthday!

5 February 2012 ~ Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. it's not even 2013 yet but many good things are coming. Received several very tempting offers.. Hijrah? I think it's about time.. will istikharah on my choices but am so excited about it!

Had a long talk with mum just now over dad, the family business, the upcoming plans... and me, of course. Along which, I'd received several text messages from students conveying their gratitude on being 'conferred' good grades in English subject hehehe... You all deserved it dearies, all for your hard work. To those who failed.. bah, tu lah.. confident gilak. Cursing jak lah kamu. Kan dah ketulahan... Tuhan bayar cash. Malas mau nag dah, just see me lah with your slip. Don't let me see you again next semester. To all undergraduate students at UiTM, good luck in your upcoming final. Cut down on your FB & Twitter hours please... Owh.. you all should know better.

Anyway, sebelum terbabas lagi, this entry is dedicated to Dina of Donggongon, Penampang. She had ordered 50pcs of carrot walnut cupcakes frosted in buttercream and then topped with edible images of "Thomas & Friends" along with pics of Daniel & lovely mummy.

All for the apple of her eyes, Daniel's 5th birthday. Happy belated birthday darl, may you grow up to be a handsome & loving young man, one with a formidable strong character and successful in whatever you do.

I received an email from one of my customers turned friend; Ann. I was touched by her simple but very meaningful gesture which came just at the right time.. when I was at my lowest point. Alhamdulillah.. love is also a form of rezeki kan...

I would also like to congratulate my uncle cum partner in crime cum boxing opponent since we were kids.. one of my besties, on being conferred his Darjah Kebesaran of I dunno what & I couldn't be bothered with. Hehehe... soweyyy pakcik, I couldn't make it on that day. I malu lah dengan DYMM Agong... allergic I when it comes to protocol-protocol ni. Next time aaaa.... Bah! Don't forget KL Festival. You rawkkkk pakcik! Err... so when can I meet the ATM football team?? You dah janji aaaaa....

I feel like having sushi. Hmm.. jom! Cheerios!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Octonauts for Alif's 3rd Birthday

3 February 2012 ~ How could I miss this one particular order?? Ya Rabbi... please accept my sincere apology dear Habibah. I was browsing through the folder when I noticed I'd skipped this Octonauts' cake of yours.

Gorgeous mum, Habibah of Taman Inanam Laut, had commissioned us to do this chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache frosting for her son, Alif's 3rd birthday.

The cake was then decorated in baby blue fondant with edible images of Alif's fave; the Octonauts. Hehehehe... frankly speaking, that was the first ever time I got to know about these adorable 'creatures'. Thanks to Alif & mum!

I'm sharing with you here a photo taken during Alif's 3rd birthday party, courtesy of Habibah's FB. Thanks once again dear..

Five days more and it's the end of 2012. What have we achieved so far? I don't know about you, but I'm so looking forward to 2013. No. Not saying that I can foresee what's coming but in syaa Allah, I believe so much in what Allah has planned for all of us. Trust Him. Whatever He has in store for us, it's nothing but to solely improve & upgrade us.. if we are able to see the beauty in every pain and to be thankful with every happiness bestowed upon us.. that is.

Husnuzon.. bersangka baiklah.. Just because things don't go our way, we become our own worst nightmare. Occupying our life & mind with all sorts of ill thoughts on other people. That's very tiring.. don't hold grudges against others as it may take a toll on you. I know.. these are all easier said than done. It's so tempting to just go with our hearts and see no wrong in our own doings.

Alhamdulillah.. I've made mistakes, countless of them.. I've flaws, a long list of them.. But I'm willing to acknowledge, to forgive & forget.. and most importantly.. I'm willing to move on. Sacrifices are eminent. Hmmm... I contribute this solemn mood to the windy cloudy weather.

I don't really go for Malay songs, not to appear unnecessarily arrogant, but I've my own reasons. But I think this one particular song by Anuar Zain is worth listening to.

"Distance is to love like wind is to extinguishes the small and kindles the great!"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Zydane!

4 February 2012 ~ It's Christmas eve.. and am updating from the comfort of my sofa. It's been a while.. yet again. Sigh... the road seems super-extraordinarily quiet tonight.. where's everybody gone to?? Did I miss anything?

I love the cozy ambience & decorations especially the ornaments on Christmas trees.. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Muslim but hey! What's with this sensitive labeling of Muslims who have nothing but good intentions in wishing their fellow Christian friends as unbelievers?? Too much.. I guess. I thought we should spread the love regardless of religions & beliefs. There are other more important issues to be addressed other than lame one like this BAH... Use your discretion wisely BAH! Naahh kan... BAH! 3x a charm... hehehe..

Okay.. okay.. let's get back to Zydane's birthday cake here. His gorgeous mum, Yessica, had ordered 2-kilos of chocolate blueberry cake with fresh cream frosting & topped with an edible image of Zydane's favorite animated characters; Upin & Ipin.

The cake was delivered all the way to Windbell Seafood Restaurant, Tg Aru, that serves the best steamboat in the city. The freshest, most sumptuous seafood. Eat all you can, just my kind of thing hehehe.. Zydane was so lucky to have celebrated his birthday there. Say thanks to mummy & daddy, darl!

Just came back from a short pleasant getaway, to wind down before the new semester starts and it will be very much back to routine again. Alhamdulillah, I bumped into a gorgeous friend whom I haven't met in seven long years. A true beauty, literally inside & out. Brainy as well. All in one package.

When she addressed me, I was paying at the counter. We were so caught up in reminiscing that I totally forgot about the books & the rest of my money. Nasib baik the cashiers were patient enough to wait for us to be done with the huggings, gigglings and more huggings. Dear Afzan, please stay just the way you are and I wish you nothing but the best in your career & of course iboh lupak kamek mun the time has come for kitak & your prince charming okay!

Isn't she gorrrrgeeeoouuussss....!

 One of the many modelling jobs she did.. errr baju tok lah dear! Kacak gilak..

As for the rest of you out there, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. I did & can still feel the warm rush of love in abundance. It gives you the natural glow. No beauty products can beat that. Ngeh ngeh ngeh...

The following message is brought to you by Julia Child wannabe :-)

Instead of going for turkey this year, why don't you all go for goose, duck or chicken instead. Be innovative & creative! Hehehe.. It's fun to catch your own chicken. Free range ones are proven to have extra moist & more flavorsome meat.

Garner the help & support of all in the family & satu kampung for that matter, that will be fun especially for the kids. Coz you know, maybe you can't beat one chicken with your own two hands. 

Don't get too over excited just yet people. A chicken can be very tough you know... Don't underestimate & think you can easily catch it by going behind its back. Typical strategy. It knows...

Play fair and well.. just in case you give up running after it or trying to trap it, or maybe things don't go as planned and you feel desperate to catch one, fret not. There's always the cold storage. They have ones that are oven-ready.. Again, just in case you chicken out on the taxing preparation that is. Don't ever let the chicken brings out the worst in you.. That would be very..very sad... Afterall.. the intention is to share love & happiness kan!

Chickens are very versatile, maybe that's why they are loved by many. Don't loathe chickens for no reason, before you know it, you'll turn into one yourself! Hehehehe... naahhhhh.... ignore the last bit. I might share with you my family's all time favorite recipe for honey glazed roast chicken soon. Good luck in catching your chicken, and goose or duck.. or whateverrrrr! Hehehehe.... Happy Holiday everyone! That's the end of the chicken story. Assalamualaikum...

Live, Love & Learn.. then Sleep.