Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A "YellOrange" Affair

9 March 2012 ~ Hi all! In the pink of health I believe... in syaa Allah. It's already the 14th page of 2013. So far so good.. alhamdulillah.. even though it's been raining for the past few days. Could be good sign from Allah that it's going to be a bountiful year ahead kan?? In syaa Allah... husnuzon.

Jesz was a returning customer who ordered her engagement cupcakes from us as well.

This time around, she had placed an order for a relative's engagement. Theme colors; Yellow & Orange. Edgy. Brave. Classy. Ada berani??

I love it when a customer comes up with an unconventional design. I would have to say, so far I've been very lucky to get customers who were mostly opened to suggestions and of course... up to any challenges hehehe...

It's January and alhamdulillah been getting 'interesting' requests from my customers. Some had made early bookings for May, June & even December! Wahhh... In syaa Allah.. mudah2an panjang umur, murah rezeki. Hehehe... so worried to confirm as it's too early to tell.

It's been raining for days here in KK.. the sky is dark, it's windy, breezy.. cooling and evoking.. It'll be so nice to cuddle up in bed.. watching the clouds go by. Not to mention, it's flooded everywhere. Traffic is nasty. Car has always have to be with full tank. Just in case you get stuck with equally nasty songs on the radio.

My friends are in KL attending this Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Award in Sepang. Luckily I'm not so into these Shinee, BTOB, Super Junior and all the long list of Korean artists. Errr... sorry dearies, they all look almost the same to me! Hehehehe... just can't understand what the rage is all about. On top of that, work beats me. Next time maybe. Soweeeey ladies!

One thing for sure, when they sing good, they are good. What am I talking about?? Hehehe.. okay lah, am sharing with you one of my fave soothing Korean songs here, "Winter is Coming" by Siaena. Yeah yeah.. everything sounds alien to me but who cares hehehehe.... Thank you so much yet again Jesz. In the meantime.. let me continue my missing my sunny sunshine... Cheerio!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Princess Qalysha Amani is Two!

24 February 2012 ~ Another order by a returning customer, mummy gorgeous; Ilie Fadilah of Karamunsing.

This time around, it was a choice of fruit cocktail cake with fresh cream frosting. To top everything off, an edible image of the adorable munchkin, Qalysha Amani's fave cartoon character; Winnie the Pooh. Alamak! Can gang laaa... Mine too dear! Hehehe...

My parents used to buy me imported books, and being the Sales & Shipping manager, mum had the chance to literally board every vessel from the UK, US, Japan, etc that docked. Me & my sis would be waiting for her to come home with hard covered story books, toys, chocs & candies.. oh my.. I swear the M&Ms were the biggest, most chocolatey I ever had! What went wrong that they became miniatures now?? Sigh..

Anyway, believe it or not, I still keep the books that my parents bought for me which date back as early as the 1st edition published in 1978! As in the case of this treasured "Walt Disney's Pooh's Schoolhouse" of mine...

 It cost $16.80 only back then!

Tengok lah tu! Punyalah sayang.. you can see the 'bandages' everywhere courtesy of my baby sister's clumsy hands hehehe...

Books are my weaknesses. I got very annoyed & distraught & irritated & depressed whenever any of my books were damaged in the hands of others and my family knows me all too well not to mess with them.
 Happiness can be found in the simplest things...

That only explains why mum will always keep my 'mini library' locked. You see.. I once smacked my baby sis on the head with the book she tore and she cried for hours and as a result she's down with high fever and I got my bottom smacked by dad. Favor returned. End of story. Hahahaha! Everybody learned their lesson on that day.
 Wounded and heavily bandaged.. courtesy of my beloved sis

Anyway, thank you so much Ilie and hope Qalysha had a blast on her birthday. Happy Belated Birthday darling.. Hugs & kisses.. mmuuuaaahhhhhhhh! Cheerio!

Some of my age-old collezione

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Wedding of Rossi & Winnie

24 February 2012 ~ Hahahahaha! Before you go 'whoaaaa!!', let me do you the honor.. like WHOAAAAAA!! Ain't my bride Sexy?? With a capital 'S', so hawwwtttt it sizzlessss.... hahahahaha! Yeah yeah.. she's kinda busty but hey.. embrace the essence of a woman. Every inch of a woman evokes sensuality... waaahhhh!

Forgive my introduction yang agak mengerikan tu... hihihihi.. My friends were so irritating that they just couldn't leave me alone with my busty bride. It was the talk of the clan for weeks! Hehehehe... suka hati korang lah asalkan bahagia. One who's a magazine editor even 'threatened' to feature my bride in her mag. Don't you dare woman! Hahahaha! Putus kawan 1 min. It's a love-and-hate relationship you know..

Talking about magazine, alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah... something fantastic is coming up! Yippie! Can't wait to share with you but.. that has just got to wait. Taknak bising-bising benda tak jadi lagi kan... hehehe...

Okay, the carrot walnut fondant wedding cake was ordered by our previous customer, Stella, whose wedding cake & cupcakes were of Simply Chantique's as well. This time around, it was for a relative's red-and-white wedding. Rossi & Winnie's.

There were also another 50pcs of chocolate raisin almond cupcakes all donned in red & white fondant as well. Sugar flowers & butterflies. Romantic. 

Congratulations to Rossi & Winnie on your wedding. I bet junior is doing good as your all-natural alarm clock now! Hehehe.. cheerio!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Book A Book Cake!

19 February 2012 ~ Jeeda of Luyang Perdana, was a returning customer. This chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache frosting was meant for her sister's birthday.

She also happened to be preparing for her upcoming SPM then.. So the theme given for me to work on was exam lor..

She asked for 8As, books & apples. All items associated with being brainy, excellent and of course being a high achiever.

I truly hope Jeeda's sis did well in the previous SPM exam. With the wonderful support of her family, why not? Thanks Jeeda!

With just the right amount of IQ, EQ & of course blessings from the parents & the Almighty God.. in sya Allah you will excel in this world & in the hereafter. You may think that you can boast having one of the mentioned qualities with the absence of the others and still you did well... Allah works in a mysterious way.

Arrogance & pride will get you nowhere.  

"Do not strut arrogantly about the earth." (17:37)

Only the Creator is deserving of such attributes. We are all mere humans with endless flaws... so don't let any of the 'gifts' bestowed upon us by Allah be gone to waste. They are temporarily lent before retrieved. Don't act as though they are ours forever. A gentle reminder for myself as well.

Isk isk isk... tazkirah lah pulak... hehehehe... Kang ada pulak comment Mak Jemah; "Macam bagus!". No no no... tamau... tamau sombong-sombong! Let's be nice & kind to each other before Allah tarik balik semua nikmat.

Well no harm in  sharing kan. It's a so called 'democratic' country after all. Which reminds me, that a new law by NCSP on cyber security had just been passed. We are all under the watchful eyes of  CyberSecurity Malaysia y'all... Another reason not to be too arrogant on social medias. Errr... *mental note* ~ screen my own blog & FB account. Darn it!

2013... I embrace you! Come what may. SERENDIPITY. That will be my chant. KKians, enjoy the rainy holiday and to the rest of you out there, embrace life. Cheerio!

I quote my daddy, before he went into a coma;

"I made so many mistakes... You're not of them..." unquote

I love you dad. With all my heart. You'll always be my first love.