Tuesday, April 23, 2013


13 April 2013 ~ Alhamdulillah...

.. am in one of those rare moments of sheer laziness.. Forgive me for basking in. Hugs & kisses from us!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Majlis Aqiqah Nur Izz Dania bte Mohd Nazrul

17 March 2012 ~ It was my bucuk's aqiqah! She was 4 month old and already an expert in making funny faces in between her cooing & babbling.

Drumsticks anyone??

She was all so cool throughout the whole ceremony but towards the end, the excitement & pandan scented water just proved to be too much for her to handle. So she decided to let out her shrieking high pitched voice much to the delight of everybody who was present. Hehehe... tak padan dengan keciknya!

After her scheduled nap & 'refuel' hehehe... she was back to her playful self. Just look at her many shots. I miss her baby smell.. 

She's a year & 4-month old now.. and still very much a baby to all in the family. I'm so glad that our late father had the chance to see & hold his only granddaughter. How I miss him so very much..

Anyway, for my bucuk's aqiqah, I've made a special 'bunga telur' except that we replaced the eggs with cupcakes instead. They were a hit y'all! Hehehe.. and my back hurt so much making them. But for my bucuk.. I'll do anything for you beybeh!

May you grow up to be beautiful inside out, loving & loved by many, successful in life and in the hereafter, one who respects & be respected. Amin... 


She's literally an energizer bunny now. The moment her feet touch the ground, she's out & about! Don't even bother to stop her. So she'll be my flower girl on my wedding. Her first ever walk down the red carpeted aisle. I hope she'll resist the temptation to deviate from the path hehehe...

Yes. You read right. I'm getting married. To my best friend.. and I'm sharing this joy with all of you my dear friends & readers. My first marriage failed, but Allah has a plan for each & everyone of us. Pray for us people! InsyaAllah..

Regardless of the much publicized intrusion in Lahad Datu that had resulted in the death of so many, alhamdulillah... the small quaint little town of Lahad Datu is calm enough now to witness our solemnization. 

Our lovely handmade wedding invitation cards by Evelyn of
To marry someone you love dearly is wonderful, but to marry your best friend, one who understands you in so many ways, one who has always been there for you through thick & thin, one who accepts your flaws..

The guest book by http://maidesignstudio.com/

.. that's a blessing from Allah. Will share with you some more in the near future.. 

I leave you with a few glimpse of what's to come on 13.04.13. Hugs & kisses!