Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Engagement Day Roy & Mas

14 April 2012 ~ Now who would have ever thought that orange, grey & pink; combined = worked!

 Thanks to Muli who was daring enough to suggest. I was a bit sceptical at first but hey! Life without adventures is as boring as sambal belacan without the cili padi. Boleh?? Hehehe.. my blog, my analogy.

I mean how do you think those top Michelin starred restaurants earned their stars?? By being adventurous of course. Never mind the paragraph-long names for dishes on the menu or the ridiculously expensive priced small-portioned serving..

One 3-star Michelin restaurant in Holland; Restaurant De Librije, which is located in a 15th century monastery library, is serving -20 degrees Celsius cooked egg yolk,  acid bomb, rabbit kidneys, and cod stomach among their much raved menus. Errr.. did I just type '-20 deg Celsius cooked egg yolk'??

Now that's dedication at its max. So what are you waiting for?? Any quirky recipes for cakes & cupcakes that you want to share? "Seafoodvaganza" cupcakes maybe? Why not?? Hmm.. hehehe.. am having some funny thoughts now. At least I already have one person who would volunteer ever so willingly as the taster. Love you in advance sayang!

Aisemen.. this diarrhea just wont go! Sorry Muli.. okay kembali ke jalan yang benar. Muli had ordered 50pcs of vanilla & chocolate moist cupcakes with buttercream deco for the engagement of Roy & Mas.

...and.. I forgot Muli's address! Ekekeke... sorry dear. Thanks for the order.

Pic courtesy of theStar online

It's been raining here in KK but that fails to dampen the Kaamatan spirit. I would like to wish all my Kadazan Dusun friends a Happy Harvest Festival; Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan! The new Unduk Ngadau was crowned just now. Congratulation to Miss Immaculate Lojuki who represented KK itself. My personal faves were miss Tuaran & miss Ranau.. and miss Putatan and.. oh my they're all gorgeous! The sumandaks will literally melt your heart with their beauty, grace & intelligence. 

 Pic courtesy of Google image

I'm sharing with you the beauty of last year's winner of Unduk Ngadau; Miss Melinda Louis of Telupid. I was spot-on last year. Yeay! Can't wait for my very own Kaamatan reunion with my bestest buddies tomorrow. Happy holiday everyone! Hugs & kisses mmuuuaaaahhhhhh!

Having said that.. DWPKOYWSL my hubby! Love you.

Courtesy of our wacky but brilliant wedding photographer; Zul of ZSUPERC

Monday, May 27, 2013

2nd Majlis Aqiqah for Nur Izz Dania ~ Kg. Melaka Pindah, Melaka.

My bucuk is one lucky girl.. she got two Majlis Aqiqah.. Now hmmm... where should I add the 's' to show the plurality??

We had one in Lahad Datu and I had a posting on it here and... another one in Melaka, the dad's hometown. You super lucky munchkin! But not without a price to pay... daddy said, the hair had to go. All. Not a single strain. Against the mum's muncung sedepa.. Dania went bald. Huhuhu....
Still.. she's a happy baby. In fact she's happier being bald hehehe... angin lebih sikit. Sejuk. Just look at her!

Now, in Lahad Datu, I made cupcakes 'bunga telur' as door gifts. For the ceremony in Melaka, my sister requested for fancy cookies as the door gifts. So this 'Mak Long' of Dania, got carried away.. as always.
I made ones with edible images on them.. purple flowers as it's my sis' fave color. I can't recall how many pieces I made really.. hopefully all the Melaka folks who came enjoyed themselves.
Jauh-jauh my fancy cookies 'flew' to Melaka. Alhamdulillah they all survived the journey but unfortunately Dania's hair didn't survive the aqiqah... hihihihi.. huhuhuhu....

Anyway, my munchkin, my dearest bucuk.. My Nur Izz Dania; Cahaya Kekuatan yang Hampir, menerangi menceriakan hidup kami... dekat di hati selalu...
Hiasi akhlakmu seindah akhlak Siti Fatimah Al-Zahra, puteri kesayangan Rasulullah s.a.w,
Yang membersihkan belakang tubuh Rasulullah apabila diletakkan najis oleh kaum musyrikin...
Yang memangku baginda Rasulullah s.a.w di saat menjelang kewafatan baginda….

Menjadi penyeri dunia akhirat, melengkapi sirah manusia agung. Ingat sayang; Kelembutanmu bukanlah kelemahan. Jaga lidah mu, teduhkan pandanganmu terhadap kedua ibu bapamu..  murka Allah tidak terkira tanpa kemaafan dan keredhaan mereka. Jangan kau megah berjalan di muka bumi Allah dengan sombong dan bongkak.. sedangkan hatimu keras memohon ampun & maaf dari ibu bapamu yang membesarkanmu dengan kudrat mereka. Darah dagingmu adalah hasil titik peluh mereka.

Semoga hati mu celik menerima setiap ujian Allah dan bersangka baik ke atas segala sesuatu dariNya.. itu semua adalah rahmat kasih sayangNya untuk menjadikanmu lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Mengangkat tinggi martabatmu, bukan untuk mematahkanmu, cuma untuk melenturmu.

Usah sombong mengeji saudara-saudaramu seolah-olah Dania manusia sempurna.. boleh jadi mereka lebih mulia di mata Allah. Jangan meludah ke atas langit.. takut-takut jatuh ke muka sendiri pula. Allah pemilik rezeki, segala yang di langit juga yang di bumi. Dia berhak untuk memberi dan menariknya sekelip mata.

Nia.. kesayangan maklong.. "fihinna khairaatun hisaan"; Baik akhlak, budi pekertinya dan cantik wajahnya. Semoga berjaya dunia & akhirat hendaknya.

Oh ya.. it's never too late to wish all momsies out there a Happy Mother's Day & to all educators; Happy Teacher's Day! You are all FANTABULOUS!! Til then, hugs & kisses! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flo Beybeh, Here Are Your Chelsea Cupcakes for Your Laling!

5 April 2012 ~ I am so thankful that I've been blessed with loving, honest, caring & sincere friends. Many of 'em too! Alhamdulillah... when the 'so called' friends around me have so much time bad-mouthing other 'friends', which gets me thinking; "Goshh... I could be their next topic sentence!", I don't have to worry about that with my real friends.

Flo is one of my buddy-buddy hehehe... my 'ging', my 'fren'. Even though she's literally at the other end of KK in MRSM and I'm at the opposite end, we still do keep in touch & share things. As far as I could remember, she's one of my friends who's always been there through happiness & sorrow.. alahai.. macam wedding vows pulak kan Flo kan?? You feel me Flo?? Hehehe...

Anyway, Flo had ordered 40pcs of L sized chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting for her beloved husband's birthday. The cuppies were then topped with edible images of everything that had got to do with her hubby's fave football team; Chelsea.

The cupcakes were then delivered to his workplace in UMS and the message to the husband from Flo was, I quote; "Kasi tinggal sikit untuk sia..." unquote.

Guess what?? Hihihi... not a single cupcake was managed to be rescued from the scene. Owww... Flo.... I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry upon knowing this... hehehehe... soweyyyy ging!

Moral of the story.. never ever make your man promise to save Simply Chantique CupCakery's chocolate moist cupcakes for you. Hah! Not in any given circumstances. Not even when it's your birthday!

Thanks Flo! Next time order banyak-banyak... XOXO

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This is for you Sofie!

4 April 2012 ~ Sofie of Politeknik KK had ordered two cakes from us.

The first of the two was a 1.5kilos of choc moist cake with choc ganache frosting. The message was; "Happy Bornday to My Beloved Hisyam". You're one lucky man. Yes you are!

Hehehe.. I love surprises. Minus the nasty ones for that will keep my lawyer friends busy. Hehehe.. good business.. good ones. There's a limit to everything I must say but keep the good surprises coming!

Sofie had also ordered another yam cake with fresh cream frosting. Yummy! Now you see.. our yam cake is not any of the typical ones that you can find in some bakeries. Instead of using mere yam paste, we take pride in adding steamed yam bits & cubes for that extra texture. 

Believe me when I say that most bakers rarely eat their own cakes hehehe... but me, this one humble baker, I can't resist my yam & choc moist cakes.. add the carrot cake to the list.. with walnut & pineapple chunks. Alahai... Tapunnn... tapunnnn... (ask any Sabahans what 'tapun' means. If they're real Sabahans, they should know it).

This 'Writer's Diarrhea' just won't leave me alone.. where was I again? Oh yes. The message on the cake; "Happy 9th Anniversary Sofie & Syamz". Sweet! 

So instead of green leaves.. I decided on purple ones with green & pink handmade sugar flowers. All added up to the elements of romanticism.. or so I thought. Hmmmm... as I am typing this, the sky is gloomy, birds are chirping happily pooping all over my balcony. Will deal with them later as that is nothing near romantic at all. NOT AT ALL ROMANTIC.

Thank you so much Sofie & I really hope that you both had a great & wonderful time celebrating, even though it was so last year. 

I was overwhelmed by the inquiries & orders for Teacher's Day, but I'm terribly sorry dearies... mum & I have not been that well, so with a heavy heart & head & might as well make that arms & legs.. hehehe.. I had to turn down the orders. Alhamdulillah, my situation was well understood by my lovely customers & friends.

Happy Teacher's Day to all & to me. Yeay! Thanks for all the wishes & gifts. I pray that all my ex students as well as current ones excel in their lives. Some have actually.. alhamdulillah. That explains how I can get free consultations with my then students now doctors & specialists as well as pharmacists. Not to mention free legal consultations, free memberships to ***** (in the interest of 'safety' I refuse to mention it here hehehehe...). Allah works in a mysterious way.

Enough said. Adios! Hugs & kisses for everyone and... Happy Monthsary to my dear hubby. Love you to the bones. Keep the ovens hawttttt... & runninnnnnn beybeh!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! ~ Anwar's 16th!!

31 March 2012 ~ Wowweeeee!!! I'm touched.. deeply touched by the overwhelming responses that in a way 'welcoming' me back to the business. Yeay!! Thanks for the lovely emails, text messages & phone calls. I will try my best to fulfill each & every request ya.. Kalau tak dapat tu.. please accept my sincere apology. Memang tak cukup tangan kakilah maknanya tu. I wish I could have one of those Doraemon's magic window & pouch..

As for the time being, I have two part-time helpers but being me.. adeh! I don't trust easily when it comes to baking & decorating.. I don't care how ugly & unsightly my cakes will turn out to be but it has to be my hands. And this.. this.. just proves to be my perplexing dilemma. To let or not to let. That is the question. Duh!

Okay.. still suffering from that writer's diarrhea.. I'm excused. I yap & I get paid for it. Yeay! Hyperbolically speaking.. I don't mind the so called ailment at all. Nope.

Congrats Azrina Johari Ho aka Ning!!! You're one hawt gorgeous pilot darl! Pics with the hat please! Apa pulak tiba-tiba ja si Tisya ni?? I'm so proud of you beybeh!

This was another order made by Ning for her beloved brother's birthday last year. Yes. Last year. Muahahaha! Me sorry.. me want cookies!!

For this particular order, Ning had ordered 20pcs of choc moist cupcakes frosted with choc ganache and topped with sugar & edible images figurines of Anwar's favorites; pizza, iphone & everything MU (bubye Sir Alex Ferguson... huhuhu...). These were then individually boxed & dolled up with black & red ribbons.

As for the cake, it was a choice of the sexy & luscious Red Velvet cake with cream cheese topping.

Hah! Jangan nak ngumpat kek haku dulu.. the request was for something rustic & manly. So I splashed & free-handedly piped the cream cheese. Therapeutically speaking, it felt good! Okay now you can ngumpat ekekeke.. that's the closest I could get to the given themes.. ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Anyway thank you so much to you dear Ning. I pray for nothing but the best for you with your new career. Fly high girl!

To all my readers out there, puasa dah nak dekat ni. Jangan buat-buat lupa nak ganti hokey.. Hugs & kisses! Muuaaahhhhhhhhhh!