Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Beach-Themed Wedding for Liza Borhan

5th May 2012 ~ Once upon a time ago.. on the same day as the previous entry, two years ago to be exact, we were commissioned to handle this particular order.. ekekeke... saja nak menyindir diri sendiri!

Liza of Kg. Pasir Putih, Putatan had ordered a kilo each of our choc moist & carrot walnut cakes and a 2-tier beach themed choc moist wedding cake with buttercream deco. There must be an interesting story behind the choice of that interesting theme, I'm sure.

Now Liza requested for the choc moist & carrot walnut cakes to be cut in small bite-sized squares. They were for the dessert table I was told.

As for the wedding cake, as you all know me by now, the theme given was 'beach' and of course.. 

I got carried away & went all the way underwater hehehehe... No no.. not to the extent of 'Spongebob' deep. Just close to the surface deep.. you can still see the seaweeds or so I meant to pipe ekekeke..

Anyway, thank you so very much Liza. Hope all of you enjoyed the cakes, that is if you could still recall tih tih tih..

Back to work, back to reality. Baby wasn't really happy during the first few days in the office. Mummy was everywhere, up & down staircases.. he was restless all the time except for when mummy's seated.

By now, I already know how to calm him down.. or so I think hehehe.. The kind of touch, caress & voice that he likes. It's quite an experience when he would 'surface', arms, fists, head, legs & what not, wanting to be held and sayang-sayang.. and only works when mummy does it. The moment daddy tries to do the same.. he would come to a complete standstill hehehe... kwai-kwai!

Til then, do take care. Hugs & kisses.. Be thankful with all the gifts of life bestowed upon us.. mmuuuaahhhh!!!

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