Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jkie's Mummy Dearest ~ This One is for You!

5 May 2012 ~ This WAS for Mother's Day. Two years back. YES! Ya.. ya.. almost qualified to be archived. Ekekeke.. Have some mercy on me please..

Luckily, my years of filing & documenting practices, has helped me tremendously in keeping track of past orders, no matter how much spiderwebs covering them. Huhuhu.. will surely, hopefully, be able to locate them. In this case, the records & the pictures. 

As for the story, I just have to rely on my rusty memory.. for every order is a unique experience on its own. As I said before, I will take it to my personal KPI to give, hopefully, only the best in fulfilling each request from my customers.

There you go. I miss rambling. Okay back to Jkie's order;

It was a choice of our best seller choc moist cake with chocolate ganache for Jkie's dearest mum.

Jkie of Taman Rindu KK asked me to refer to the handwriting on the sample he provided. Okay... errr.. I tried my best hehehe.. have to admit that I'm not really good in forging. I was tempted to, few times in the absence of the superiors but sempat gugur tanduk hehehe.. I was spared from the aftermath.

So I just piped some pink rosebuds on top of the cake. Simple. Yet I love the subtle contrast of the pink against the dark choc. The message on the cake was simply "Happy Mother's Day". Thanks Jkie!

So how was your Mother's Day celebration? At the end of the day, why do you need a specific date to celebrate it right? Mothers never choose days to show how much they love us so why should we?? Hugs & kisses!

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