Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Very Special Announcement..

Assalamualaikum wbt dearies. Oh my.. this, so far, has been the longest silence. On my part at least hehehe.. Please accept my sincerest apology. I didn't mean it.. it's all for good reason. I promise you. Just read on..

No no no.. am not giving up on this baby of mine, this blog, this humble business, Simply Chantique CupCakery. Definitely NOT. Although there was a bleep moment when I forgot the password to my blog ekekeke.. Sejuk kepala!

Am sorry for the unanswered calls & text messages (the number is no longer in service), the emails I failed to reply.. I'm sorry. Maafkan saya..

I decided to put everything on hold, in my pledge to give only the best, I thought this was & still is the best decision. InsyaAllah it will all be worth it.. I'm sure. We are sure.. God's will..

Well here goes nothing. We are expecting our first baby! Literally. hehehe.. Alhamdulillah..

That's the very sole reason for the long hiatus. The first trimester was a very challenging phase for me. I was caught off guard by the endless nausea, vomiting.. to the extent I couldn't even stomach even a glass of water. I had to be warded on several occasions with rounds of IV.. Adeh...

I started to question, where's the joy of being pregnant that I'd read & heard all this while?? It was during this trying time that I was most thankful with the utmost support from my beloved husband, mum, sister & the rest of the family. I lost almost 10kg during which.. Sigh..!

They kept on reminding me to put baby's needs first before mine.. So I forced fed myself.. again.. adehhh...

... and the moment I reached the 20th week.. when I felt the first ever movement in my belly, the nightmarish first trimester was all but a distant memory. It was pure bliss.. MasyaAllah.. and when we first saw baby on the ultrasound images.. I just broke down & cried.

I thank our doctor for her dedication in entertaining me & my husband's endless enquiries, no matter how stupid they sound; e.g would baby risks being crushed if I were to lie down on my sides? Can baby get angry with mummy? Hence the kicks, wriggles and whatever that baby's been doing in there til mummy rasa senak?? You reckon?

Hehehe.. doc asked me NOT to read & watch so much anymore. That will only trigger my nonsense curiosity. Bah ya lah.. I'll try. I would still though, recommend this book by Dr. Miriam Stoppard. A good comprehensive read for first-time mums.

These websites/blogs have been great guidelines as well.. 

..one that I find very useful in shopping for baby's stuff.. and a first-hand experience in baby care & development. Thanks Dr. Halina,


Bought this in preparation of being 'stretched out'.. turns out, alhamdulillah I don't really need it. Still applied diligently though.

Bought this for baby but the moment I applied it on my own skin; HEAVENLY! Will have to restock on this hehehe..

Alhamdulillah I'm in my 3rd trimester now.. Can't wait to hold our baby in my arms. Baby's been more active now that there's less space for him to wriggle in & make mummy geli-geli hehehe..

Anyway, that's the announcement cum the explanation for my long silence. No, am not going to stop baking.. I love it too much to just abandon what I had first started with love. But for the greatest love in our lives, we just have to prioritize now. 

InsyaAllah when I've completed my confinement, I will resume. Thank you so much for all the enquiries, emails especially from my regular customers & friends.. I really appreciate it. Please pray for our well being & safety. I'm finally enjoying & understanding the joy of pregnancy even though semput ya Rabbi dah now. 

Sorry for the long entry, look at it as a compensation for the vacant space since October 2013. Melepas geram... hehehehe... I will also provide you with my new number once I'm ready to bake again ya! In the meantime, you can still contact me through my email add. Til then, hugs & kisses. Happy Mother's Day to all the supermoms out there!

*Note: I'll solemnly resume with my updates on the previous orders as my appreciation for my customers. Please ignore the 'historical value' of the entries ekekeke...


  1. tahniah mami tisya. nda lama bakal bergelar ibu.
    happy for both of you :D
    akhirnya termakbul juga hajat mami menimang anak sendiri.
    take care mami.

    1. Dear Rinah,
      Tq so much for the lovely thought & do'a..
      Alhamdulillah.. tak terkata happy..
      Doakan semuanya selamat ya.
      You take care dearie. XOXO

  2. Assalamualaikum kak. Wah tahniah ada baby. Jaga kesihatan.

    1. Wsalam,
      thanks dear. You take care as well ya.

  3. Tahniah Tisya.. Happy for you..


    1. Thanks Jiza dear.. oh my.. How long have I not been here on this blog??

  4. Salam, i was browsing on ur fb and was wondering if now u are already taking orders for birthday cakes? last i got to taste cake from u was in 2010..hehe, oh and congratulations on ur new baby by the way! precious gift from Allah :) hope u will get my comment & reply soon. tq -aween

    1. Wsalam, oh my Aween.. am so sorry. Just read your comment here. Been very occupied with my day job, my study (am furthering now) and of course my baby ;-)

      Please accept my sincere apology. As for the time being I'm not ready to take orders just yet as my hands are full. We are also in the process of moving away from KK. Hehehe.. please don't mind my long reply. Anyway, again, I'm sorry. Please do take care okay Aween. XOXO